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Dental Assistant Cover Letter Example

Writing a solid cover letter is a crucial part of securing the dental assistant job you want. When you write your cover letter, whether you use a cover letter template or write it from scratch, you’ll want to make sure you first read the job description. Then you can tailor your cover letter to address the requirements and needs of the company and show why you’re the best candidate for the job. 
When you write your cover letter, focus on highlighting your best skills and abilities to the hiring manager or recruiter. Here’s a dental assistant cover letter sample to get you started. 

Great Dental Assistant Cover Letter Example

Dear Mr. Jones,
As someone with a passion for dental care and over 10 years of dental practice, I feel as though I would be an excellent fit for your certified dental assistant position. I have a talent for creating a welcoming patient environment and going above and beyond to make dental procedures as comfortable as possible. 
During my previous dental assisting experience at Bayside Dental Clinic, I was responsible for scheduling appointments, sterilizing equipment, analyzing X-rays and providing top-notch patient care. I feel incredibly confident that I can do the same for your dental facility. 
Should you consider me for this position, you’ll find that I meet all of the requirements and criteria necessary to fulfill this job. I’m looking forward to speaking with you and further discussing this position.
Joe Johnson

Tips for Writing Your Dental Assistant Cover Letter Using This Example

Writing your cover letter doesn’t have to be complicated. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider using a cover letter template and customizing it to fit the job description. 
Once you’ve found a template that suits your job application, here is some key information you’ll want to include. 
First paragraph: Introduce yourself with a hook and list your best achievements
Before you write the first paragraph of your cover letter, you should have your name and contact information in the header section. Make sure you list your full name, a phone number and an appropriate email address. 
Once you’re ready to write the bulk of your cover letter, start by addressing the hiring manager’s name. In this example, you’ll see that the applicant wrote, “Dear Mr. Jones.” Always strive to address a cover letter to a person rather than a company. 
Once you’ve addressed the hiring manager, the first paragraph of your letter should list your best skills. In this example, the applicant states that he has a talent for creating a welcoming patient environment and going above and beyond to make dental procedures as comfortable as possible. In this section, you can also include your years of experience in the field. 
Second paragraph: Give more information about how you’re the best fit for the job
In the second paragraph, include more in-depth information about your past experiences and the skills you’ve acquired. Since every applicant will have a different skill set, consider what hard skills and soft skills set you apart from others. 
Some important dental assistant hard skills you might consider adding to your resume and cover letter include:

  • Dental office patient care
  • Dental hygienist preparation
  • Sterilizing dental equipment
  • Digital X-ray skills
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Dental equipment operation
  • Dental procedure documentation and record-keeping
  • Regulation compliance

Some soft skills you should consider incorporating into your cover letter include: 

  • Teamwork 
  • Compassion 
  • Great customer service
  • Communication skills
  • Organization skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Motivated
  • Detail-oriented

Third paragraph: Call to action

Finally, in the third paragraph of your cover letter, you want to include a call to action. Let the hiring manager know that you are interested in the position and would like to discuss the opportunity further. Not only will they recognize your interest, but the next step is also left up to them. So by telling a hiring manager that you would like to be contacted, they’re more likely to do so. 

FAQ: Dental Assistant Cover Letters

Q: Do I really need a cover letter to get a dental assistant job?

Yes, it’s always a good idea to include a cover letter along with your dental assistant resume. In the dentistry field, companies are looking for qualified applicants. So writing a good cover letter that highlights your health care skills and shows why you qualify for the position is one way to stand out. 

Q: How long should my cover letter be to get a dental assistant job?

Most cover letters should be around half a page to three-quarters of a page. If it’s too short, it’ll indicate that you didn’t put much effort into it. However, if it’s longer than a page, most hiring managers or recruiters will lose interest or become overwhelmed with the amount of writing. Keep it short and simple and make sure to include only the more relevant information.

Q: Does this cover letter example work if I don’t have a lot of experience?

If you don’t have a lot of work experience, you can still write a good entry-level cover letter. Make sure to put emphasis on your soft skills and any education that shows you have the right training for the position.

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