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Dental Assistant Cover Letter Examples and Tips

Want your dental assistant cover letter to stand out against other competitive applicants? Check out our cover letter examples and tips, and secure your next job today.

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Dental assistant cover letter example: text version

Here is another example of a dental assistant cover letter that will provide key wording and inspiration to help you write your own cover letter.

Dear Mr. Jones,

As someone with a passion for dental care and over 10 years of dental practice, I feel as though I would be an excellent fit for your certified dental assistant position. I have a talent for creating a welcoming patient environment and going above and beyond to make dental procedures as comfortable as possible.

During my previous dental assisting experience at Bayside Dental Clinic, I was responsible for scheduling appointments, sterilizing equipment, analyzing X-rays and providing top-notch patient care. I feel incredibly confident that I can do the same for your dental facility.

Should you consider me for this position, you’ll find that I meet all of the requirements and criteria necessary to fulfill this job. I’m looking forward to speaking with you and further discussing this position.


Joe Johnson

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Dentist cover letter: 5 key tips

Writing your cover letter can be made easier by following the following five key tips to writing a dental assistant cover letter. If you’re new at writing cover letters, consider using a cover letter template and simply customizing it to fit the job description. Whatever template you choose, here is some key information you’ll want to include.


Begin with a strong “hook”

What you say in the opening paragraph of your cover letter for dental assistant will steer the hiring manager to want to continue reading your cover letter to learn more about you, or simply stop reading. Create a powerful opening statement that will grab the hiring manager’s attention and make a great first impression. Be sure to include your years of experience in the field whether you’ve held one or more dental assistant jobs.


Mention your top experiences and skills

The paragraph (or paragraphs) that follow should highlight your best skills. As a dental assistant, you could mention your natural ability to create a welcoming patient environment, for example, or your expertise with specific equipment, or your ability to make anxiety-inducing dental procedures as comfortable as possible.


Give specific examples of how well you can handle the job’s tasks

Read the job description and tailor your cover letter to match the expected job responsibilities in the specific dental assistant role. To do so, provide detailed, in-depth information about your past experiences you’ve had in the dental field to demonstrate your qualifications. Look at the cover letter examples for dental assistants on this page to see how to include examples effectively.


Feature both soft and hard skills

Since every experienced dental assistant applicant will have a different skill set, consider what hard skills and soft skills set you apart from others. Hard skills are technical abilities learned from education, training or on-the-job experience like sterilizing instruments, processing dental x-rays and removing sutures. Soft skills are those you possess as personality traits and attributes. All of your relevant skills demonstrate how you can contribute to the company’s success.


End with a summation and call to action

Close your cover letter for dental assistant with a strong call to action. Remind the prospective employer about your excited interest in the dental assistant position and how you’d like to discuss the opportunity further. By telling a hiring manager that you would like to be contacted, they’re more likely to do so.

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Write a dental assistant cover letter in five steps

While the specific information in cover letters for the dental field will vary based on experience and job role, all letters will benefit from the following five formatting steps.

1. Cover letter heading

Before you write the first paragraph of your cover letter for dental assistant, list your name and contact information in the header section. Make sure your information is up-to-date and you have a professional-sounding email address.

Contact information to include:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Location
  • Email address
  • Relevant links such as a LinkedIn profile

Cover letter heading example:

Joseph Wright
(123) 456-7890
Sanford, Fl

2. Cover letter salutation

Be sure to address the hiring manager’s name so the letter sounds direct and not a generic copy of a cover letter. This shows that you made the effort to find a name rather than simply saying, “Dear Hiring Manager” or even worse, “To Whom It May Concern.”

Cover letter salutation example:

Dear Mr. Jones,
Dear Ms. Jones:
Dear Dr. Jones,

3. Cover letter introductory paragraph

Quickly introduce yourself and specify the job role that you’re applying for, along with a memorable hook that incorporates your best and most impressive achievement or story about why you became a dental assistant.

Cover letter introductory paragraph example:

From my earliest dental checkups as a child to now, with more than five years of experience as a dental assistant, my passion for the dental industry continues to grow deeper. I believe that I would be an excellent fit for your certified dental assistant position. I have a talent for creating a welcoming patient environment, putting anxious patients at ease, and going above and beyond to make dental procedures as comfortable as possible.

4. Cover letter body paragraph(s)

In the body paragraphs of your cover letter, provide more specific information to convince the hiring manager that you’re the best fit for the job. Avoid the temptation to simply repeat the same work experience and skills that you list in your dental assistant resume. Instead, elaborate on one or two relevant achievements that will impress the prospective employer. Try to show measurable results like how you assist with eight dental patients in one day or how you prep three dental rooms simultaneously to handle 24 patients daily.

Cover letter body paragraph example:

During my current dental assisting experience at Mineola Dental Clinic, I was responsible for scheduling appointments, sterilizing equipment in three exam rooms, analyzing full-mouth and panoramic dental x-rays and providing top-notch patient care to sixteen patients daily. I am well versed in dental health best practices. With my interpersonal skills and extensive hands-on experience, I look forward to sharing my talents with your well-renowned dental team.

5. Cover letter closing and sign-off

Your closing is where you’ll thank the potential employer for their time and add a call to action insinuating that a job interview is expected. It’s a good idea to briefly reiterate your immense interest in the job role and company and the value you can bring to the team.

Cover letter closing example:

Thank you for your time and for considering me for the dental assistant position. As you can see on my resume, I meet all of the requirements and certifications necessary to fulfill this job role at your high volume dental practice. I look forward to speaking with you and further discussing this position.

Now that you’ve written the strongest cover letter for a dental assistant, you want to sign off the letter formally with a closing like “Yours Sincerely” or “Best Regards.”

Cover letter sign-off example:

Best Regards,
Joseph Wright

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Key skills for a dental assistant cover letter

To be successful in the dental field, you need to possess a well-rounded combination of skills. This will help you be an integral part of the dental staff while providing dental patients with effective services, compassion and customer care.

Here are some important dental assistant hard skills you might consider adding to your cover letter for dental assistant:

  • Dental office patient care
  • Dental hygienist preparation
  • Sterilizing dental equipment
  • Digital X-ray skills
  • Applying sealant
  • Educating patients on oral hygiene
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Patient records
  • Dental equipment operation
  • Dental procedure documentation and record-keeping
  • Regulation compliance

Here are some soft skills you should consider incorporating into your cover letter include:

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Create your dentist cover letter (and resume) with our help

ResumeHelp provides job seekers, like yourself, with the tools, templates and examples to create an impressive cover letter and resume in minutes. Here are some expertly prepared resources that will give you a great start:

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Cover Letter Formats – Learn the correct cover letter format to ensure that your cover letter reads great and catches the eye of a potential employer.

Best Dentist Resume Examples to Use in 2024 – Follow the wording and the format found in this dentist resume sample as inspiration to write your own professional dentist resume.

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FAQ: Dental assistant cover letter examples

Have questions? We’re here to help.

In short, a good cover letter for a dental assistant should inspire a hiring manager, recruiter or potential employer to want to learn more about you. A cover letter that sounds professional and highlights a candidate’s most impressive qualities can lead to a job interview. Here are the key elements of a good dental assistant cover letter:

  • Header: Your contact information
  • Salutation: Address your cover letter to the hiring manager
  • Opening paragraph: Introduce yourself with a catchy opening to make a great first impression.
  • Second paragraph: Tailor your previous experience to the required qualifications in the job post. Mention the company’s mission and culture and explain why you want to work for the particular company.
  • Closing paragraph: Close your letter by thanking the reader along with a call to action that requests a job interview.

In order to stand out from the competition applying for the same dental assistant job role, provide more specific details about your skills in your cover letter. Highlight successes with special dental methods you have learned or accomplishments from previous positions. This could include the number of dental patients that you assisted with, in a given day or week or that you have special training in endodontic treatments. Also, include any references from a previous job role that will speak of your achievements.

Yes, it’s always a good idea to include a cover letter along with your dental assistant resume for every job search. In the dentistry field, companies are looking for qualified applicants. So writing a good cover letter that highlights your health care skills and shows why you qualify for the position is one way to stand out from other competition. Be sure to tailor your cover letter to match the job ad and look at dental assistant cover letter examples to see how to word your own cover letter.

Most cover letters should be around half a page to three-quarters of a page. If it’s too short, it’ll indicate that you didn’t put much effort into it. However, if it’s longer than a page, most hiring managers or recruiters will lose interest or become overwhelmed with the amount of writing. Keep it short and simple, and include only the most relevant information.

If you don’t have any or a lot of work experience, you can still use this dental assistant cover letter. To write a good entry-level cover letter in the dental industry, make sure to put emphasis on your soft skills and any education that shows you have the right training for the position. You can also include transferable skills gained from education, training, volunteer work or internships. For more information, look at dental assistant cover letter examples.

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