What Is a Resume Check, and Is It Helpful in This Year?

A resume check may be one way you can improve your resume. What do you need to know about resume checking options?



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  1. Resume Check
  2. What Is a Resume Check?
  3. Ways to Get a Resume Check
  4. How to Improve Your Resume After a Check
  5. FAQ: Resume Check

Resume Check

According to CNBC, a staggering 75% of resumes never make it into the hands of a hiring manager because they fail to rank well when passing through applicant tracking systems (ATS). ATS are used by many companies to scan resumes and weed out unsuitable candidates, streamlining the hiring process. Job seekers who perform a resume check before they submit their job application may increase their resume’s chance of actually reaching a recruiter. So, what is a resume check and how can job seekers use it to their advantage?

What Is a Resume Check?

A resume check is a method by which job seekers can have their resume assessed for weaknesses before they submit it to a potential employer. In the past, the process of checking a resume would have to be done manually by someone who had the experience to properly assess them. Today, there are technological options. A resume check website essentially uses artificial intelligence as a resume grader with a number of metrics to determine whether a resume will rank well when subjected to an ATS. This is a big deal for job seekers because until recently even qualified candidates were failing to get job offers because their resumes were not well optimized for ATS.

Ways to Get a Resume Check

If you are applying to a senior position or new career path for the first time, or you simply have concerns about your resume, there are a number of ways that you can get a resume check. Most obviously, you can ask a qualified family member or friend to consider your resume and give you feedback. This is the most accessible option, but also the least effective unless you are lucky enough to be related to someone who intimately knows the needs of your industry.

Second, you can seek out someone who has worked as a hiring manager, or who still does as long as they don’t work for the company you are applying to, and ask them to assess your resume. Third, you can purchase a professional resume check from someone who provides that service. And finally, you can use an AI resume checker online to get an idea of how an ATS will treat your resume. This option is fairly accessible and can be effective because these programs tend to also offer a resume score and improvement suggestions. There are even some websites that will offer a free resume review for newcomers.

Of course, you don’t need to wait until you get a resume check to ensure that your resume and cover letter are ATS-friendly. ResumeHelp has an excellent resume builder and many resume templates that include job-specific suggestions that can make your job application more appealing to hiring managers. Using professional resume templates can also ensure that basic design elements like font and margin size are in order. Small details like this, as well as the presence or absence of buzzwords, typos, and grammatical errors all impact the “grade” ATS will give your resume.

How to Improve Your Resume After a Check

Once you have put your resume through a resume checker it is important that you pay attention to the improvement suggestions you are provided with. These suggestions can cover a number of issues from the layout of your skills section or work history to the number of keywords and buzzwords you use. In fact, they can even concern something as simple as your grammar or the way you list previous job titles.

If there are issues in your employment or skills section
If the issues are found in your work history or skills section you should first assess if you have the right skills and experience. If you do, it’s simply a matter of adding the appropriate skills or job experiences to your resume. If you don’t, you can take steps to fill this gap in another way (for example by featuring a relevant internship), focus on important skills, or take the time to acquire the skills and experience you need.

If there are design issues

Sometimes the resume is fine, but the way it is presented leaves something to be desired, resulting in a document that ATS has difficulty “reading.” In this case, all you really need to do is switch to a more straightforward, appropriate resume layout or template.

If you lack the required certifications
If you lack the right qualifications or certifications you can either highlight equivalent experiences or skills that you have or get any needed certifications.

If you address all of the concerns that your resume check brings to light, you will have a much higher chance of a successful job application (and a brief job search). If the resume check indicates that you are not yet a good candidate for the job title you want, however, don’t give up. All you have to do is address the gaps in your experience or skills and you will be able to try again!

FAQ: Resume Check

Q: Do I need to get my resume checked?

A resume check may not be mandatory, but doing any kind of double-check is highly recommended as it will increase your chances of success. How you have your resume checked is up to you.

Q: How often should I have my resume checked?

You should have your resume checked any time that you make significant changes to the content or layout.

Q: What do I need to do to get a resume check?

If you’re submitting your resume to a checking site or system, you will simply need a copy of your resume in a readable format, such as straight text, PDF or Microsoft Word. You will then upload your document to a resume checker.


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