Modern Resume Template & Design Tips for Cutting Edge Candidates

Modern resume templates make you look sleek and up to date. Here’s how you can make the most of a modern resume template this year.



Table of Contents

  1. What Are Modern Resume Templates?
    1. Elements of a Modern Resume Template
    2. When to Use a Modern Resume Template
  2. FAQ: Modern Resume Templates
Modern resume template
Modern resume template
Modern resume template

Modern Resume Templates

When you write a resume, you typically want to start with some idea of the layout and design. If you use a resume builder, for example, then the design is typically going to be the first thing you will be asked to choose.

Having the right resume template for your resume will show off your style to hiring managers and make it easier for them to read through your resume. For the best resume layout in these modern times, you might want to go with a modern resume template. Here’s what you need to know about choosing creative resume templates.

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What Are Modern Resume Templates?

Modern resume templates are resume templates that give your resume more of a cutting-edge design. You may see modern resume templates described with the words “minimalist”, streamlined”, “clean”, and “functional”. However, there’s also a significant amount of variation between modern resume templates.

Some templates may incorporate a bit of complexity or graphic design talent to make it more interesting to look at than a more traditional resume. All in all, a modern resume template is a way to create a clean resume that a hiring manager will actually enjoy looking at.

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Elements of a Modern Resume Template

Because the term “modern resume design” is a fairly wide term, it can be difficult to fully know what a modern resume template includes. In general, this resume style typically includes these elements:

  • Streamlined and organized with bullet points
  • Effective headings that separate resume sections
  • Simple but striking color and design elements
  • Modern, legible fonts
  • Interesting but readable layouts

Modern resume templates may use more white space than other resumes on average. This can make your resume design look more minimalist, and it works well for both entry-level jobs and higher-level jobs.

When to Use a Modern Resume Template

Different resume styles will work best for different needs. Depending on your job search, the job seekers you’re competing against, and the job application you’re filling out, you’ll want to try different resume styles. People often decide to use professional templates with a modern resume template because they want their resume to come off as more cutting-edge.

If you’re applying, for example, to a startup company, then it’s very likely that you’ll want a professional resume template that shows recruiters you’re just as modern and into the startup culture as they are. You can also just take a look at the company’s website – if the website tends to use a lot of white space and subtle headings, then you probably want to reflect that in your job application.

Oftentimes, the best resume templates are templates that reflect the company that you’re applying for. When you’re applying to your dream job, you need to make sure that your template is reflecting your job search. You can get some extra help with resume writing and resume style by using the ResumeHelp resume builder, which comes with 15 professional resume designs for every situation.

FAQ: Modern Resume Templates

Q: Are modern resume templates ATS-friendly?

One of the big concerns that people have when using free resume templates is whether or not the template will work with applicant tracking systems (ATS). In general, these tracking systems are looking for specific keywords in your resume’s summary, skills section, and work history that match up with what the recruiter is expecting. Resume templates that are very infographic-heavy may not be well-suited to ATS because they rely on design elements that a human can understand but that tracking systems cannot. However, there are many modern resume templates that allow you to incorporate keywords effectively. Just make sure you’re actually using keywords in your resume, and not substituting for them using resume icons.

Q: Can I match my modern resume to a cover letter?

It’s often just as important to look into cover letter templates as it is to look into resume templates. If your cover letter is all black and white and looks like you just typed it into MS Word or Google Docs without any thought for the design, then a recruiter isn’t going to care as much about what your resume looked like, because it seems like you didn’t put any thought into the cover letter. This is why the ResumeHelp cover letter builder is so important – you can make sure that your cover letter looks just as good as your resume.

Q: Do employers care about whether your resume is modern?

It depends on the employer and the job. The most important thing, of course, is that your resume is easy to scan and gives a complete overview of your most important skills and work history. However, modern resume templates can be helpful for company cultures that pride themselves on modernity. It’s important to incorporate elements of a modern resume when it seems like the company itself cares a lot about being modern.


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