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Table of Contents

  1. What is a Resume Template?
  2. What Makes These Resume Templates Unique?
  3. Five Resume Template Mistakes To Avoid
  4. FAQ: Unique Resume Templates

What is a Resume Template?

If you are actively looking for a job and need to craft a thoughtful resume that highlights your top work experience and skills, consider using a modern Resume Template.
A basic Resume Template is a great starting point for creating a resume. But if you need something with a bit more personality, a unique resume template provides a framework for you to produce a more creative resume.
Well-designed resume templates are attractive, professional-looking and allow you to showcase your content at its best. Similarly, templates provide a quick and easy way to fill in your job experiences and work skills.
Next, we’ll go over what makes our resume templates unique.

What Makes These Resume Templates Unique?

Creating a functional resume from scratch in Google Docs, Microsoft Word or other applications can be difficult. However, using a modern resume design from a template can help you capture your thoughts effectively and professionally.
There are many templates to choose from. You will no doubt find a layout that properly showcases your skills to potential employers with a professional Resume Template. With many of our templates, you’ll find outstanding formatting options that allow you to customize your resume.
Our unique templates will enable you to choose a color scheme and graphic design that works for your resume information. Most employers look for a well-designed one-page resume with a fair amount of content and adequate white space.
For each resume you write, you should streamline your information to make it easier for the reader. That said, it’s important to note that your resume shouldn’t be jam-packed with useless information. Instead, only include the most relevant details, job experiences and skills.
Our resume templates are perfect for anyone looking to score a new position. Whether you’re looking for entry-level jobs or advanced positions, our unique fonts and styles can capture the attention of any recruiter.

Five Resume Template Mistakes To Avoid

Although using a Resume Template makes it easier to create a cohesive resume, there is still room for error. Let’s go over five of the most common Resume Template mistakes you’ll want to avoid during your job search.
1. Misspellings and grammatical errors
One of the biggest mistakes you can make on your resume is misspelled words and grammar mistakes. After all, if you’re looking for a professional job, it’s crucial to write professionally. Correct spelling and use of proper grammar tell hiring managers that you can communicate well and pay attention to detail.
2. Using outdated experiences or skills
When you craft your resume, avoid using outdated experiences and skills. For example, it’s not necessary to add every job you’ve had or skills you’ve acquired throughout the years. Instead, only include the most relevant skills and work history.
3. Including too much information
Along the same lines, most employers don’t want to look through a long list of information that isn’t necessarily relevant. Keep your resume simple and easy to digest by using a minimalist resume template. On the other hand, if you’re using a CV template, the document will be a bit longer and should include complete details of all your work experiences.
4. Overcrowding the page with designs and fonts
Another common mistake made by applicants is using busy designs and fonts that overwhelm the reader. When using a template, aim for a clean resume format with a simple color scheme and easy-to-read fonts. Additionally, consider making a matching cover letter template to go along with your resume.
5. Missing contact information
If you don’t include your contact information on your resume or cover letter, it’s going to be difficult for a potential employer to contact you. Make sure your contact information is up-to-date and written correctly on both your resume and cover letter.

How To Use Our Unique Resume Templates to Get a Job

Finding creative resume templates is only the first step in capturing a recruiter’s attention. When crafting your resume, come up with a captivating resume summary that accurately illustrates your best skills and explains why you’re right for the job. One good way to do this is by thoroughly reading the job description and tailoring your job application to the description.
An eye-catching summary will prompt recruiters or hiring managers to keep reading your resume to learn about your job experience. Visit our resume summary tips page on how to craft a summary that gets attention.
Make your resume stand out by featuring your name and professional title in the header. The header is one of the most important parts of your resume since it’s the first thing hiring managers will notice.
Finally, to create the best resume for potential employers to view, use professional fonts and streamlined layouts that won’t be too overwhelming.

FAQ: Unique Resume Templates

Q: How does a unique Resume Template help me get a job?

While there are no guarantees, using a unique template can give your resume a fresh creative look, and taking any advantage to give hiring managers a resume that stands out from other job candidates is always a good idea.

Q: Are unique resume templates worth using?

Resume templates offer a ton of helpful, professional resume-writing tips for job seekers. Additionally, resume builders that use templates are a great way to save time while tailoring your resume to a specific job. 

Q: What information does a Resume Template include?

A Resume Template will contain all the major sections needed for a strong resume; all you have to do is fill in each section with information relevant to the industry to which you are applying. While your resume format may change depending on your strengths, finding the right one-page Resume Template will give you the foundation  you need to succeed.

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