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Cover Letter for Digital Marketing Examples

If you're looking for a job in digital marketing, your digital marketing cover letter should emphasize that you can deliver marketing campaigns with thoughtful marketing strategies to help deliver success for a business. To set yourself apart in a competitive field, you’ll want to look at cover letters for digital marketing examples to see how to best demonstrate your knowledge and skills. On this page, you’ll find digital marketing cover letters along with many cover letter writing tips.

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Digital Marketing Cover Letter Example

Digital Marketing Cover Letter Example

Cover letter: digital marketing example

On this page we will provide the tips and examples you need to create a strong digital marketing letter. Cover letter samples are a great way to get started on your cover letter.

Here’s a short cover letter example:


[Today’s Date]

[XYZ Company Address]
[Phone Number]

Dear Hiring Manager (e.g., Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms.),

I am applying for the digital marketing specialist position at [company name]. I have # years of experience as an innovative digital marketer, implementing digital marketing campaigns with a proven track record of increasing brand awareness for my clients.

My skills and areas of expertise include the following: SEO optimization, copywriting, knowledge of CSS and HTML, content marketing principles and managing social media channels. In my previous role at [company name], I developed a deep understanding of the target audience, working to grow the company’s LinkedIn account by 150% in six months, leading to increased conversions.

I am also a keen learner, continuously taking career development courses on top of my bachelor’s degree in digital marketing to keep up to date with the latest shifts in digital marketing technologies. I have been using these insights to manage and monitor website traffic, informing further marketing strategies. I believe I would be a valuable addition to your company’s marketing team with this growth mindset.

Thank you for taking the time to review my application. Please find attached my professional resume for a more in-depth account of my work history and achievements. I look forward to speaking with you to discuss the role further.

[Your name]

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Cover letter for digital marketing: 5 key tips

Here are 5 key tips you’ll want to follow when writing your cover letter for digital marketing.

1. Always tailor your cover letter

Read the job description and customize your cover letter to match the exact job that you’re applying for. This includes matching your qualifications with role responsibilities, demonstrating to the prospective employer that you’re a good fit. This also allows you to use keywords explicitly mentioned in the job description. For example, if SEO optimization is mentioned in the job posting, then focus on that. It’s to your best advantage to pinpoint what the recruiter is looking for, and explain how you fit the bill.

2. Introduce yourself with your top achievements

A cover letter is the perfect opportunity to give prospective employers a glimpse into your personality, background, passion and work ethic through impressive achievements that make you stand out from other job applicants. Start your letter by highlighting a particularly relevant skill or experience that shows you’re a good match for the job.

3. Provide details that show why you’re a good fit

Don’t just mention where you worked before, or your general duties. Focus on achievements and projects that show how you can specifically contribute to the company and meet all the job requirements. Describe a job success where you performed similar job duties and exceeded expectations, using numbers to accentuate your effectiveness (i.e., “I managed a website design revision project that led to 20% increased user engagement”).

4. Don’t just repeat your resume

Don’t just repeat the same information from your resume. Your cover letter should elaborate on your most relevant experiences and job skills in a way that shows you know how to get the job done successfully. If the job calls for project management, for example, focus on how you’ve used your project management skills in previous jobs.

5. Sign off with a call to action

End your letter as powerfully as you began by reminding the employer of your passion for the industry and your interest in the job role. Thank the reader for considering you as an applicant and mention that you look forward to further discussions with the hiring manager, encouraging the hiring manager to schedule you for a job interview.

How to write a cover letter for digital marketing jobs

Cover letters are set up with the following sections:

Cover letter header

Prominently feature your contact information in the header to make it easy for the recruiter to contact you.

Here are the contact details you should include:

  • Full name
  • Location
  • Phone number
  • Email address (Gmail or other ‘professional’ email address)
  • Professional profile or portfolio links, such as a LinkedIn profile


John Smith
123 Street Address
Cityname, ST ZipCode

Cover letter salutation

Address the hiring manager directly by name. Using the hiring manager’s name allows you to grab the reader’s attention, and is much stronger than a generic salutation like “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Hiring Manager.”


Dear Mr. Johnson,
Dear Ms. Johnson,
Dear Dr. Johnson,

Cover letter intro paragraph

In your first paragraph, start with major strengths to catch the reader’s eye. This could be your career highlights, whether it’s your years of work experience, time spent as a digital marketing manager some leading campaigns or other specific stats that are evidence of your performance as a digital marketer. This will quickly frame you as a viable candidate to the hiring manager.


With more than seven years of digital marketing experience including multiple successful marketing campaigns, I am excited to apply for the social media marketing team leader position at Brandon House Marketing. My extensive experience in digital publishing and social media marketing has given me the tools to lead your digital marketing team, and share my success in lead generation and acquisitions.

Cover letter body paragraph(s)

Use the main body of your cover letter to provide further details on why you’re the right fit for the role advertised. You should elaborate on your skills and give specifics as to how you will benefit the company. The key is to help build a picture for the recruiter of how you will easily fit into the role and what you will bring to the team.


As the project lead for five social media accounts, my marketing campaign increased followers by 100k in the first three months of implementation. To roll out the strategy across all company brands, I managed a team of 15+ employees that included marketing content writers, graphic designers, editors and marketing analysts. I am beyond elated to consider leading the social media marketing team at Brandon House Marketing to improve social media presence and exceed project goals.

Cover letter closing

Sign off with a call to action by thanking the recruiter for their time and encouraging them to take the next step. Do this by requesting a further discussion of the role at a job interview and reminding the recruiter to take a look at your digital marketing resume.


Thank you for taking the time to review my resume for the social media marketing team leader. I look forward to providing you with further details about my social media marketing accomplishments, proven success and discussing how I can help your company succeed.

Cover letter sign-off

Directly following your final cover letter paragraph, sign off formally with something like “Sincerely” or “Best Regards”.


John Smith


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Key skills for a digital marketing cover letter

There are a variety of digital marketing skills that a digital marketer will need to perform the specific job role. Relevant skills will include both hard and soft soft skills. The skills you include in your cover letter and on your resume should match required skills as noted in the job posting.

Here are skills typically required in the digital marketing field:

1. Copywriting
2. Social media
3. Search engine optimization (SEO)
4. Website development: HTML and CSS coding
5. Content management systems (CMS)
6. Email marketing
7. Understanding research tools and databases
8. Video production
9. Photo editing
10. Blog writing
11. Content Strategy
12. Brand development
13. Marketing automation
14. Google analytics
15. User experience
16. Lead generation
17. Paid social ads
18. Communication skills
19. Management skills
20. Interpersonal skills

Create your digital marketing cover letter with our help

We have the tools and cover letter templates you need to create your own letter in minutes.

Free Cover Letter Builder Examples and Tips – With our builder tool, create a cover letter in minutes that convinces a hiring manager or recruiter that you’re a top candidate.

Free Resume Cover Letter Templates – Check out our most popular free templates expertly prepared for a variety of job roles and industries.

Cover Letter Examples and Writing Tips For This Year – Our job-specific examples and writing suggestions help you build a cover letter that expresses who you are.

How to Format a Cover Letter – Outlines & Examples – Get all the formatting tips and cover letter format examples you need to create a professional cover letter to land a job interview.

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FAQ: Cover letter for digital marketing

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Your digital marketer cover letter should include your contact information, a personal greeting, an explanation about why you’re applying for the specific job role, and measurable accomplishments that highlight why you make the perfect job candidate. A strong digital marketer cover letter will convince the reader to consider inviting you for a job interview.

Your cover letter is your chance to show a glimpse into your personal brand. To show that you’re more qualified than other candidates, it’s important to express your enthusiasm for the job role while quantifying your relevant accomplishments. If possible, mention all the showstoppers that make you special with the goal of making the hiring manager stop and say, “wow” while reading your impressive achievements.

If you lack extensive full-time working experience, focus your digital marketer cover letter on your related training and soft skills that will benefit the employer. Explain what you’re looking to accomplish with the company, how this aligns with your future career plans, and the abilities (and motivation) you have that will help you advance in your career.

Yes, you should always write a cover letter as it is an integral part of your job application. The marketing specialist cover letter encourages the recruiter to look at your resume, so it’s critical to get both right. Use our Cover Letter Builder and Resume Builder to nail those documents for your digital marketing job application.

Your cover letter digital marketing should be around 3/4 of a page and certainly no longer than a page. This should allow you to detail your digital marketing experience and skill set without overloading the recruiter. Remember, it’s just a prelude to a job interview.

Yes, you can still use this cover letter digital marketing sample even if you don’t have a lot of experience as other digital marketing specialists would have. Simply swap out references to previous marketing experience and substitute them for skills you have that will help you perform the role’s responsibilities. When you begin writing your cover letter, look at a marketing cover letter example for inspiration.

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