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Your acting resume only goes so far in showcasing your expertise. Create a good cover letter to stand out from the crowd using these excellent cover letter examples.



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  1. Acting Cover Letter Example
  2. Acting Cover Letter Sample
  3. Jobs That Can Use an Acting Cover Letter
  4. Actor Cover Letter Examples
  5. Tips for Writing Your Actor Cover Letter Using This Example
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Acting Cover Letter Example

Acting Cover Letter Example

Acting Cover Letter Sample

Creating a job application that stands out from the crowd can be difficult for actors and actresses. This is why crafting a persuasive and convincing cover letter is crucial to your job search process. 

To get hired for important roles as an actor or actress, it is important to have outstanding acting skills and professional headshots. Adding a persuasive and convincing cover letter can be just as crucial to landing that next great role.

An effective cover letter can assist actors and actresses with the following:

  • Showcase relevant acting expertise and performance background 
  • Catch the attention of casting directors or talent agencies
  • Leave a memorable first impression with potential employers 
  • Establish a shared connection or referral to increase the chances of landing an audition and acting job

Jobs That Can Use an Acting Cover Letter

There are many jobs available for actors in the performance art industry and beyond, such as:

  • Acting in a lead, supporting, or extra role in a movie or television show
  • Acting in television or online commercial 
  • Acting as a voice actor in an animated television show or movie
  • Acting in a comedic skit using unique improvisation skills

Whether you’re applying for an entry-level acting role such as an extra in a popular television show or a seasoned stage actor applying to a theater play in New York, a remarkable acting cover letter can significantly increase your chances of landing a job interview. 

Despite the vast number of roles and job opportunities available for actors, it remains a highly competitive job market. The internet has made the job search process much easier and more accessible for job seekers. Typically, hundreds of similarly-skilled actors apply for the same acting audition. However, job seekers now have additional steps and obstacles to overcome, such as getting past applicant tracking system (ATS) software and recruitment software. ATS software is used by casting directors and talent agencies to filter out only the most relevant and qualified actor resumes and cover letters for a particular role.
Thus, an actor cover letter is the actor and actress one opportunity to write a convincing cover letter that will set them apart from the crowd, get past ATS software, and convince readers to offer them an audition. The perfect cover letter showcases your acting skills and competencies but is short enough not to lose the attention of casting directors. Cover letter templates, acting cover letter samples, and cover letter builders are all great tools you should utilize to craft the perfect acting cover letter. 
This article will provide an example of an actor cover letter that you can use as a cover letter template to create your own actor cover letter.

Actor Cover Letter Examples

Dear Mr. Smith,
I was recently acting in ‘The Addams Family’ musical at Prince George County Schools when I learned from my colleague, Eric Downs, that The Musical Note Theater will be hosting a Disney musical in the coming weeks. Eric is a stagehand at your theater and recommended that I reach out to you for a possible audition for the musical.
I’m an actor with over seven years of experience in stage productions, including plays and musicals at Prince George County Schools. I recently completed work on a play as the lead role in a Madagascar Jr. production, and have performed in numerous Disney plays and musicals. My core competencies include makeup artistry, acting, singing, and solfège, among others. 
You can see me next Friday in “Something I’ll Tell You Tuesday” at Prince George High School. If you are unable to attend, I’d love the chance to discuss more in person at another time that better suits you. I can add some true authentic value to your production and hope to see you next Friday to discuss further. 
Nsriaba Wborn

Tips for Writing Your Actor Cover Letter Using This Example

Nsriaba’s acting cover letter highlights all the important criteria that comprise a professional cover letter template. First, she makes the cover letter concise: a half-page in length. Most hiring managers, recruiters and casting directors prefer a cover letter format around this length because they’re quick to read and succinct. Notice also that each paragraph focuses on one central idea:

  1. First paragraph: This paragraph introduces you to the casting director and catches their attention with a hook. Nsriaba introduces a shared connection, such as a referral. This is a great strategy to establish common ground and can significantly increase your chances of getting hired. 
  2. Second paragraph: This is the paragraph where you sell your greatest acting skills, competencies and achievements. Nsriaba does this by showcasing the productions she’s performed in that are relevant to the production she’s applying for.
  3. Third paragraph: This is the closing section that serves as the call to action. Nsriaba closes by telling the casting director where he can find her next week. She also requests a time to speak in person in case the casting director is unable to attend her play.

Actors can work in various mediums, such as film, television, and theater. Thus, to land the audition for their dream role, actors need to place as much focus on their cover letters as they do on their headshots. By following the provided acting cover letter sample and cover letter tips in this article, actors can increase their chances of getting hired!

FAQ: Acting Cover Letter Example

Q: Do I really need a cover letter to get an acting job?

Yes. Acting cover letters are crucial because they give you the chance to provide more relevant context to your acting skills, achievements and competencies as they apply to the position you’re applying for. In addition, a well-written acting cover letter demonstrates to casting directors the value that you bring to the show, play, or movie, or other activating position you are applying for. Here are some excellent examples of cover letters you can use for reference when writing your own.

Q: How long should my cover letter be to get an acting job?

Most hiring managers and casting directors prefer cover letters of one-half to three-quarters of a page in length. Any shorter than this and it will appear that your letter doesn’t include enough information about yourself. Any longer than 3/4 of a page, and you risk losing the reader’s attention.

Q: Does this cover letter example work if I don't have a lot of experience?

Yes. If you are inexperienced, focus on classes and training you have had in acting, as well as your involvement in volunteer work or school activities that involved acting.


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