A+ Elementary School Teacher Resume Examples

Creating a stand-out teacher resume requires more than just talking about your teaching experience. Let’s look at how to craft the perfect resume to get you started.



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  1. Elementary Teacher Resume Example
  2. A+ Elementary School Teacher Resume Examples
  3. What Is an Elementary School Teacher Resume?
  4. Structure of an Elementary School Teacher Resume
  5. Elementary Teacher Resume Sample
  6. FAQ: Elementary School Teacher Resume Examples

Elementary Teacher Resume Example

Elementary Teacher Resume Example
Elementary Teacher Resume
Elementary Teacher Resume
Elementary Teacher Resume

A+ Elementary School Teacher Resume Examples

Elementary school teachers have a passion for early childhood development, encouraging student engagement in learning new subjects, and developing bright and inviting lesson plans. Elementary education is a lot different from middle school or high school, with good teachers taking different learning styles into account and adjusting lesson plans accordingly.


What Is an Elementary School Teacher Resume?

An elementary school teacher resume focuses more on certifications and education compared to other types of resumes. Many schools depend on their teachers to have the classroom management training and licenses necessary to foster a safe and productive learning environment. This is especially true for special education classes, which will require extra training in diverse behavior management and teaching approaches.

Structure of an Elementary School Teacher Resume

The basic resume format includes a neat header with contact information, a resume summary, and sections for skills, work experience, education, and certifications.
Contact information

The header should contain all of the following contact information:

  • Your full name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • LinkedIn profile link, if required by the job description

Resume Summary

The resume summary, also known as the resume objective, tells recruiters all about your relevant teaching skills and work history in just a few brief sentences. Hiring managers review dozens of applications each day, so a resume summary can be a great way to shine as a candidate.


The skills section should be organized in a short bullet point list. This gives recruiters a glimpse into what kind of teacher you are. Placing the right skills on your resume is important because applicant tracking systems (ATS) will often scan resumes before a human sees it. By choosing relevant skills from the job description to use as keywords, you can increase your chances of your resume being noticed by the right people.

Some skills to consider for your resume include:

  • Communication skills and/or behavior management experience
  • First Aid
  • SMART board experience
  • Familiarity with Common Core standards
  • Microsoft Office (mostly PowerPoint and Excel) and/or Google Workspace
  • Time management
  • Organizational skills

Work Experience

Any teaching experience you have, including any student teacher experience, is a plus. Many education college courses contain an entry-level student teacher program. In these programs your college partners you with a public school in the area. Being a student teacher exposes you to the classroom environment and provides you with important ways to develop your own teaching methods for the future. By the time you graduate, you might already have years of experience under your belt.
Your student teacher experiences do not necessarily have to be within the elementary education field. If you taught middle school or high school, you can also add this experience to your resume.
The education section carries more weight in an education resume than resumes for other jobs. The minimum degree an elementary school teacher should hold is a bachelor’s degree in education.
Teachers of all levels will also need specific certifications and licenses before they are even considered for a teaching position. These certifications and licenses differ depending on the state you live in. Teaching certifications that are valid in one state might not apply to another, so you will want to take extra care to research licensing laws in any state you plan to move to.

Elementary Teacher Resume Sample

Hannah Smith
789 Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 12345
(210) 321-6543
Resume Summary
Energetic elementary teacher with extensive academic experience. Works with students to assess needs and creates unique lesson plans to meet diverse learning paths. Strong communicator and proven leader with classroom management skills.


  • Classroom management
  • Monitoring student progress
  • Organizing field trips, student events, and other special programs
  • Lesson planning
  • Teamwork

Work Experience


Elementary Teacher, Example High School, September 2021 – December 2021, Los Angeles, CA

  • Developed diverse learning methods
  • Administered standardized and informal tests to evaluate student progress
  • Tutored struggling students to help each understand core ideas and improve their performance

Elementary Teacher, Example Elementary, Jan 2021 – Jun 2021, Los Angeles, CA

  • Collaborated with supervising teacher to plan instructional goals and objectives, course concepts, and instructional methods
  • Documented student progress, attendance, and other records in alignment with school district standards
  • Supervised students in classrooms, cafeterias, halls, schoolyards, and on field trips


Bachelor of Arts, Education, May 2022

Example University – Los Angeles, CA

  • Member, Educators of America
  • Volunteer, After School Tutors


Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, May 2021
This is a barebones example of a resume, but can help you get started on your own resume!

FAQ: Elementary School Teacher Resume Examples

Q: What certifications and licenses are best to put on a teaching resume?

If you are applying for a teaching position, then you will need a state license. Fortunately, many undergraduate teaching preparation programs offer the opportunity to earn the certification at the same time you’re earning your degree.

Q: Should I write a cover letter?

Writing a cover letter, even if it is listed as optional, is always a good idea. The cover letter can give further information to a hiring manager about why you are the perfect fit for the role. It can also make you stand out in comparison to other candidates who did not write one.

Q: Where can I find free resume templates?

ResumeHelp offers plenty of resume examples, resume templates, and tips on resume formatting. ResumeHelp also has a handy resume builder tool that can help you build the best resume for your next job in just a few minutes!


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