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Harvard Resume Template + Resume Examples and Tips

Whether you’re applying for a Master’s program or internship, or you’re beginning a job search, a solid resume template can help you polish your own resume. Our experts have assembled templates from the best collegiate sources to use, including Harvard University.

On this page, you will find:

  • Resume templates from Harvard and other top-notch resources
  • Key tips on how to use these templates
  • Links to more resources to help you create your resume
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Harvard resume template

This template is straight from the experts at Harvard University’s Extension School. Note that on this Harvard resume template, the education section is prominently featured up front and center. This highlights the job candidate’s academic credentials, including a Master of Liberal Arts degree from Harvard University, a stellar 4.0 GPA, a Class Marshall Award, and Dean’s List recognition. The resume also lists impressive achievements such as a Data Science Project and a Capstone Project.

This resume template also excels because it features a large list of technical skills that show this candidate is ideal for a company that needs web development skills such as Python/Scikit-learn, Spark, Quantitative Analysis, Java/C#, Oracle/SQL Server, Agile and DevOps.

Harvard Resume Example

7 key tips for using this Harvard resume

Here are a few key tips based on this Harvard resume:

  1. Tailor your resume to be specific to the job description rather than be vague.
  2. Use action verbs to describe your experience rather than just list routine tasks.
  3. Use quantifiable measurements to describe your best accomplishments.
  4. Use consistent margins, spacing and white space throughout your resume.
  5. Feature resume sections in order of importance based on your strengths.
  6. In your work experience section, list jobs in reverse chronological order starting with your most recent job first and continuing back in history.
  7. A powerful resume is your ticket to a job interview so feature specific, unique achievements to make you stand out from other student applicants.

Stanford resume template

This template is supplied by Stanford’s Career Center. This template shows how a student can word a resume to combine research and experiences other than job experience.

Note at the top of this resume, the job candidate features a Bachelor of Arts degree in progress; rather than showing a completed degree, relevant coursework is emphasized.

Since this job candidate is still a student, the resume combines a powerful mix of work, internships and research experience. Capping the experience is an eye-popping section highlighting the job seeker’s health and leadership experience and closing the resume with a myriad of impressive technical skills and honors and interests.

Stanford resume template

6 key tips for using this Stanford resume

Here are some major tips for using this Stanford resume.

  1. Select a resume format that presents your strengths clearly, whether education, skills, research or experience.
  2. If you lack relevant work experience, highlight your education, research, internships and honors.
  3. Stick to a one-page resume to accommodate a busy hiring manager’s time.
  4. Proofread your resume for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and ask others to read it for an objective critique.
  5. If you’re submitting your resume through an email, attach the resume file to the email.
  6. Even if it’s not requested, write a cover letter to accompany your resume.

Princeton resume template

This template is from the experts at Princeton University’s Center for Career Development. This resume can help you build a resume that focuses on academic accomplishments.

Note that the job candidate’s education and skills are featured at the top of the resume. The Academic Projects section stands out, as well as an Engineering Experience section that features an impressive internship along with leadership and research experience. The Campus Activities section showcases the candidate’s eagerness to get involved, lead and make the most of community work.

Princeton resume template

6 key tips for using this Princeton resume

Here are some key tips for using this Princeton resume:

  1. Be sure your resume includes keywords from the job posting, especially in the skills and experience sections.
  2. Feature your most impressive skills that can be transferred to the job role.
  3. When lacking work experience, highlight your internship experience and any research projects.
  4. Use your campus involvement to show your leadership and passion to get involved.
  5. Refer to resume samples from your chosen industry to see how those resumes are worded.
  6. Keep your resume factual and do not include a photo or personal information.

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The next step: your cover letter

A good resume should always be paired with a strong cover letter. A cover letter serves as your introduction to a prospective employer and is your opportunity to make a positive first impression. Although a job posting may not request a cover letter, we recommend you take the time and effort to write one and submit it along with your professional resume and job application.

Harvard Cover Letter Example

Here are a few tips to writing a strong cover letter:

Grab the reader’s attention

The opening line of your cover letter should be like an elevator pitch; a powerful two-sentence introduction to who you are and your strengths. Aim to immediately capture the reader’s interest and show a glimpse of your personality.

Pack a punch right away

Get to the point. Highlight your most impressive accomplishments through measurable numbers to make the hiring manager or recruiter say, “wow.” Use a cover letter template to help structure your paragraphs.

Show your enthusiasm for the job

Your excitement for the job role, the industry and the company can make a huge impact on getting a job interview.

Consider expectations of the employer

What will a hiring manager look for in your cover letter to convince them you’re a strong candidate? Elaborate on your key skills, experience and how you can benefit the employer.

Before you begin writing, look at the Harvard cover letter sample above as a guide. The fastest way to write a cover letter is using our ResumeHelp Cover Letter Builder that leads you through the writing process. We provide you with a huge amount of cover letter writing tips to help you land your dream job.

More resume templates and tips

In addition to the templates featured on this page, we have many valuable resources to help you create your resume, from our Resume Builder and templates to our job-specific resume examples.
Check out these resources to enhance building your professional resume:

Resume Builder – Our builder tool allows you to create an effective resume in minutes, allowing you to create multiple versions of your resume, tailored to specific jobs you apply to.

Resume examples – Following resume examples for your specific industry not only provides you with inspiration but also gives you wording suggestions that match your job role.

Resume templates – A professional template is the key to setting up your resume accurately and knowing how and where to place your most important and relevant information.

Resume formatsResume formats – There are 3 resume formats: chronological, functional and combination. Which resume format is right for you?

Resume design – Featuring a pleasing resume design is the best way to make a great first impression even before the hiring manager reads a single word on your resume.

How to make a resume – Learn how to turn your good resume into a great resume so you can stand out from the competition and land your dream job.

ResumeHelp’s career blog: resume basics – Our resume experts give you all the tools and tips necessary to create a resume from start to finish.

FAQ: Harvard resume template

Have questions? We’re here to help.

While both a curriculum vitae (CV) and a resume are critical to the job application process, the two documents have similarities and differences. Each summarizes a job candidate’s experience, qualifications, education and skills. However, a resume is typically on a single page and is more of a condensed overview of an applicant’s most relevant skills and achievements. A CV targets specific career fields like academia, the sciences, the arts and government work, focusing strongly on academic achievements and related research, fellowships and grants, A CV can also be an unlimited number of pages.

The “best” resume template depends on your specific resume needs. A first-time job seeker will be looking at templates that emphasize skills, education and training rather than work experience, while a senior employee will seek a template that focuses on work history achievements. We offer dozens of expertly-designed resume and CV templates for every field and career level. Our templates are also compliant with applicant tracking systems (ATS), easy to edit and format, and designed with a professional presentation in mind. If you lack employment history, a template can help you beef up your resume with other resume sections to emphasize internships, academic accomplishments, research, publications, organizations and projects.

As with most educational institutions, Harvard will require applicants to submit a resume for entry into many of its graduate degree programs. We recommend you use a resume template as a base, following the Harvard resume template and other collegiate resume examples on this page for inspiration and guidance. To meet the high standards of Harvard excellence, highlight your most exciting and impressive experiences and accomplishments. Also, include important information demonstrating your leadership abilities, plus noteworthy honors, awards and academic achievements.

The best way to improve your Harvard resume is by tailoring it to the position that you’re applying to. First read the description for the role and determine keywords mentioned in the requirements and job qualifications sections (i.e., specific skills and experiences that will help you excel at the job). As you’re writing your Harvard resume, include those keywords in the description of your experience and skills. You should also tailor your resume summary or resume objective to address the position you want and demonstrate that you have the right attributes and passion to perform the job. Your work experience should include measurable results to show exactly how you’ve succeeded at previous activities or jobs. Make sure your skills are relevant to the intended job. Lastly, proofread your resume carefully to ensure that it is error free.

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Donna Wright Profile
WRITTEN BY Donna Wright

Donna is a career expert with extensive experience in the fields of Marketing, Publishing, Direct Mail and Communications. She’s witnessed firsthand the importance of a powerful resume and cover letter to a job search, so she takes great pride in helping change the lives of job seekers by sharing expert career advice and tips to help land the perfect job.

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