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Question: I just don’t know what to do with my cover letter. I’ve been working on it for weeks, but my overthinking and my miniscule edits just seem to be making it worse. I’m not sure employers will understand what I’m trying to say, and I really don’t know what my letter has to offer that others don’t. Meanwhile, open positions are passing me by and I still haven’t submitted a single application yet. I guess I’m just embarrassed. Do you have any tips on how to start a cover letter the right way? Answer: Here are a few simple steps that can help you overcome the mental obstacles holding you back.

1. Start Submitting Your Application

If an ideal position becomes available, it’s better to submit an imperfect cover letter and resume than to let the moment pass altogether.

2. Remember That This Is Not an All-or-Nothing Proposition

After you send your resume and cover letter to a given employer, you can still keep editing and rewriting. With each submission, your application will get a little stronger.

3. Get Help

Sometimes when you’re alone with a piece of writing even a cover letter you can get so absorbed that you lose perspective. Break out of the bubble, reach out to someone else, and benefit from a fresh pair of eyes. Start by visiting at our site.

4. You DO Have Something to Offer That Others Don’t

As an experiment, try deleting every phrase, claim, and sentence in your resume that doesn’t directly address that special talent. See what’s left over at the end.

5. Stay Focused on the Goal

You need a job that YOU want. You’re not just going through this exercise to please random strangers who happen to be looking for employees. Sometimes the job search is like the dating process when the right match comes along, that person will know it. And so will you. Free Cover Letter Builder is here to help you craft the perfect cover letter. Be sure to check out our simple cover letter builder and soon you will be on your way to a professional cover letter that can help you get results.

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