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Write a marketing cover letter that lands your dream marketing job. Our marketing cover letter examples and tips make writing a cover letter quick and easy.

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Marketing cover letter: 5 key tips

Here are five key tips to make your next marketing cover letter the one that impresses the hiring manager and lands you a job interview for your dream job in marketing.


Pack a punch in your intro

A busy hiring manager may be tasked to read dozens and dozens of marketing cover letters during the hiring process for each open job role. The standard cover letter will typically just state obvious information. To stand out, grab the reader’s attention with a strong opening paragraph that details your greatest skill, experience or accomplishment. As a marketing professional, this is your chance to show your creativity and marketing skills, and demonstrate why you’re a qualified candidate.


Discuss what excites you about the company and the job

Oftentimes, a desperate job candidate performing a job search simply does a “quick apply” to every job opening without delving into what makes each individual company tick. As a job seeker, it always pays off to research the potential employer before submitting a marketing cover letter, marketing resume and job application. Do your research and find some commonalities between your passion for the industry and the company’s culture, mission or goals. By demonstrating your enthusiasm for (and knowledge of) the job role and the company, you’ll show why you’re a good fit.


Highlight important projects using metrics

Rather than simply state that you were successful at relevant job tasks, mention quantifiable highlights. In the field of marketing, explain how you made a difference in the form of dollar values, percentages or test results. You could highlight the number of clients you worked with in a specific time period, or give numbers for how you increased social media followers or even a customer star rating. For example: “My lead generation initiative yielded 25 new clients in one month, totaling service calls in the amount of $3,800.00.” Increased social media followers? State “My holiday meme with a humorous angle attracted 15,000 new followers.”


Present a mix of hard and soft skills

When you read the job description, you’ll see job requirements and qualifications written in the form of skills needed to perform the job effectively. Those skills may be of a technical nature or part of your work ethic and personality. Your hard skills are learned technical skills such as computer skills like Microsoft Office, Adobe and Google, or specifically associated with the type of marketing specialty like social media, SEO or sales. Your soft skills are directly related to your personality, the skills you will exhibit in the work environment with your marketing team, clients, management and customers, like teamwork, compassion, communication and attention to detail.


Use a strong, compelling layout

Regardless of your marketing field, potential employers will expect marketing professionals like yourself to know how to present your cover letter with a strong layout and design. When you use one of our ResumeHelp cover letter templates, you will see precisely where to position each section effectively. From a cover letter header that prominently features your contact information to a strong call to action in your closing paragraph, a compelling, organized  layout can get you noticed and increase the opportunity to land a job interview.

Write a marketing cover letter in 5 steps

Writing your cover letter for marketing can be done quicker and easier by following five key steps to writing a marketing cover letter. If you’re new at writing cover letters, consider using our Cover Letter Builder, and you’ll be guided from start to finish.

1. Cover letter header

First, write a cover letter header that spells out your key contact information clearly. You’ll typically include your first name, physical and email address, phone number and relevant links, such as an online portfolio or Linkedin. Address the letter with the hiring manager’s name. From there, you can move on to writing a full cover letter to ensure the hiring manager sees you as the best candidate for the job.


Susan Valentine
City Name, ST 00000


2. Salutation

How to start a cover letter greeting? While it may be easier to direct your marketing cover letter salutation to “Dear Hiring Manager,” we strongly suggest that you address your letter to the specific recruiter’s name or hiring manager’s name. This shows that you tried to write a cover letter for the specific job and not just submitted a generic letter that you recycled from a previous job application. Don’t use “To Whom It May Concern” if you can avoid it, as it comes off as generic and old-fashioned, and may hurt your chances of making a good first impression.

Cover letter salutation example:

Dear Mr. Johnson,
Dear Ms. Johnson:
Dear Dr. Johnson,

3. Cover letter introductory paragraph

In the first paragraph of your cover letter for marketing, introduce yourself with a quick, catchy hook featuring the name of the job role, your years in the industry and a noteworthy career highlight. Come up with something more memorable than “I am excited to apply to the marketing position at [Company Name].” Mention one of your biggest marketing successes that will resonate with the prospective employer, or talk about a specific marketing project that captures the attention of hiring managers. Get noticed and give a reason for the reader to want to keep reading your cover letter for marketing.


As a marketing professional with more than four years of digital marketing experience for the largest furniture company in the south, I am excitedly applying for the marketing coordinator position at Wayfair. I believe that my experiences at Rooms to Go furniture store, as well as my expertise coordinating successful marketing campaigns for six simultaneous sales projects each season, I am confident I could make an immediate and positive impact in this role.

4. Body paragraph(s)

If your catchy opening is built to catch the reader’s attention, the second paragraph of your cover letter should elaborate further on how your marketing experience and marketing skills make you a top candidate. Dig down deep and try to focus on what makes you unique in the workplace. If you’ve had experience strategizing multiple promotions simultaneously, give quantifiable results of those promotions. For example, “All six sales projects yielded +10% sales growth for each new product line-up.” Make sure you tailor your cover letter wording to match the job description for the position you’re applying for. You need to mimic the skills and other attributes the employer will expect from the hired employee.


In my current role working for Rooms to Go, I was hand-selected by the Marketing Vice President to spearhead marketing strategies for the spring and fall sales seasons. This involved continuous collaborations with design, creative, product sourcing, legal and purchasing team’s to ensure that we meet budget, deadlines, brand guidelines and creative production. The strategies were a success and sales improved by 15% in spring and 18% in the fall. I would love the opportunity to achieve a similar level of results for Wayfair marketing initiatives. My skills in budgeting, analytics, reporting and branding are my strongest assets.

5. Cover letter closing

Close your cover letter just as strong as you started it.Thank the reader for their consideration and reminding them about your passion for the job role. Then finish up with a professional call to action, openly asking for a job interview so you can provide further information about your qualifications or for the potential employer to discuss the job role further. Persuasion is a key skill to have in marketing and a skill that could land you a job interview. Use a professional closing such as “Best Regards” or “Sincerely Yours.”


Thank you for your time and for considering me for the Wayfair’s marketing coordinator role. I look forward to speaking with you to hear more about the responsibilities of this position and how I can contribute to Wayfair’s impressive marketing success. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Best regards,

Susan Valentine

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20 key skills for a marketing cover letter

A career in marketing encompasses many different specialties and job roles. A marketer may work in social media marketing, publishing, advertising, sales, brand management, product management and business development, which means that the skill set you should feature in your letter will vary based on job requirements. Always look at the job description to pick out the keywords outlining the specific required skills for the job you’re applying for.

Here are 20 skills, a combination of in-demand hard skills (technical related) and soft skills (personality traits) that you can use in your marketing cover letter and marketing resume.

  1. Communication skills
  2. Computer skills
  3. Business knowledge
  4. Presentation skills
  5. Decision-making skills
  6. Detail-oriented
  7. Customer service skills
  8. Creativity
  9. Teamwork
  10. Delegation
  11. Interpersonal skills
  12. Problem-solving skills
  13. Active listening
  14. Conflict-resolution skills
  15. Project management
  16. Strategic thinking
  17. Analytical thinking
  18. Time management 
  19. Adaptability
  20. Research

Create your marketing cover letter (and resume) with our help

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FAQ: Marketing cover letter

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A marketing cover letter should include:

  • A prominent header that features your contact information
  • In your cover letter opening paragraph, show your passion for the marketing role that you’re applying for through a catchy, elevator pitch approach.
  • Your body paragraphs will expand on your “elevator pitch” by cleverly demonstrating your most impressive work experience, skills and accomplishments through measurable achievements.

In addition to the marketing cover letter examples on this page, ResumeHelp offers lots of career-related resources to help you land a job in the marketing industry.

The purpose of your cover letter for marketing is to make a great first impression, convince the hiring manager that you’re a qualified candidate and, most importantly, persuade the prospective employer to invite you for a job interview. Without the job interview, you have no chance at landing the job. To achieve all these aims, craft a compelling cover letter following these four elements:

  1. Show your enthusiasm for the marketing position while highlighting your most impressive qualifications and accomplishments that match the job description in the job ad.
  2. In your cover letter body paragraphs, further explain your background through your best and most relevant skills and achievements. Use numerical results to show a greater impact on your successes.
  3. Ensure the employer understands that you did your research and know the company’s mission, culture and goals. Say something that aligns your values with the company values.
  4. In your cover letter closing, say thank you and present a call to action for a job interview in a subtle way such as, “I look forward to hearing more about the marketing manager position.”

If marketing is the business of “promoting or selling products or services,” the first chance you get to show your own marketing skills is through your cover letter. When you introduce yourself as a marketer, describe the skills, experience and qualifications you have that fit the job description. You want the hiring manager to read each cover letter sentence and see point by point that you’re qualified to get the job done effectively. If you show you can market your best attributes, you’re essentially showing that you have what it takes to market a product or service.

It’s always best to submit a cover letter alongside your resume. Even for an entry-level job, a cover letter increases your chances for a successful job application because it presents who you are and what you’re bringing to a new company in an easy-to-digest fashion. It also demonstrates your communication skills, so if you’re in a field that cares about communication, a cover letter is a must.

Your cover letter should typically be between half a page and 3/4 of a page long – long enough to discuss your skills, but short enough that a recruiter can scan it easily. Our cover letter builder provides templates and text suggestions to help you create a marketing cover letter in minutes. Using a marketing cover letter template ensures that your cover letter has the right amount of information.

Even with no experience, you can still follow all of the tips and marketing cover letter examples on this page. Simply adapt your cover letter to the relevant experience you have, whether it be professional or extracurricular. You may have volunteer, academic or internship experiences that relate to the position you want. Any experience that utilizes relevant skills and traits can be helpful for a cover letter.

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