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Get Results with a Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter

While mechanical engineers are very sought after, you will still need an eye-catching cover letter if you want to get the job of your dreams.

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By Donna Wright 3 minute read

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Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter Example

Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter Example

Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter

When preparing for a job search and applying for a mechanical engineer position, submitting your cover letter along with your resume is a must. In this document, you will have a chance to explain why you are interested in that job position and elaborate on your qualifications more thoroughly. A professional mechanical engineer cover letter will help your prospective employer understand better how your skills and educational background can be of service to their company.

The mechanical engineering job market is quickly expanding, and tech companies will seek more professionals in the following decade. Unfortunately, this also means that you will have some fierce competition when searching for a new job. With a strong cover letter that emphasizes your skills and work experiences, draws attention to your accomplishments, and hints at what you can achieve in the future, you can make your application stand out and raise the odds of getting the job.

In this article, we will provide you with a mechanical engineer cover letter example and writing tips for creating your own perfect cover letter.

Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter Sample

Here is a professional sample to follow for your own cover letter:

Michael Goodman
(123) 538-3859
April 2, 2022

Dear Mr. Roberts,

It is with great excitement that I am applying for the Mechanical Engineer position at Robotics Plus. Between my education at East Tech University and internship experience, I believe I have developed a skill set that makes me a perfect candidate for this job. I am highly detail-oriented and grasp information very quickly, which results in shorter training periods and increased productivity. I can handle several projects at once and always aim to ask the right questions to make sure that the client is utterly satisfied with the final product.

At my previous job as an engineering intern at Yellow Tech, I was in charge of developing a new filtration system that managed to remove almost 100% pollutants from the most hazardous liquids. Since I lead a team of various professionals, I had to be acquainted with their respective expertise and know when to trust their judgment. Working as an individual is also a strength of mine.

Thank you for your time. I am very looking forward to meeting you, learning more about the Mechanical Engineer position, and discussing how your company can best employ my skill set.


Michael Goodman

Tips for Writing Your Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter Using This Example

Cover letter introduction

Your mechanical engineer cover letter must be concise and include several important components. First of all, you will need an introduction where you will grab the hiring manager’s attention by listing your best achievements and qualities. In the given example, Michael has listed not only his resume skills but also the way they can benefit his company and clients. Furthermore, he mentions the position he is applying for as well as his education. Also note that he uses the hiring manager’s name instead of just “dear hiring manager” – this is always preferable, if possible.

Cover letter paragraph 2

In the second paragraph, mention specific important experiences that make you the right candidate for the job position. In the cover letter example, Michael mentions his time spent at Yellow Tech and how he was in charge of a successful group project. He not only lists one of his more significant accomplishments but also draws attention to his leadership, technical knowledge, project management, teamwork and problem-solving skills. Since your cover letter should not be too long, you have to find a way to briefly yet effectively explain why you are the best fit for the job. Reading the job description several times can help you with that. See what the company is looking for, and then address those qualities through relevant job experiences. This part of your letter will also help your hiring manager see that you are familiar with the company’s requirements and that you have fully understood what the mechanical engineer position is about.

Cover letter final paragraph

As you can see, the final paragraph is the “call to action” part of your letter. Thank your hiring manager for the opportunity and time they took to read your job application, and let them know that you look forward to hearing from them and what you plan to discuss during your meeting. Of course, if you need any cover letter help, you can always use a mechanical engineer cover letter template.

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FAQ: Mechanical Engineer Cover Letters

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Yes, without a good cover letter, your chances of getting a job drastically decrease. In a professional cover letter, you will get to elaborate on your qualifications and accomplishments and explain why you would be the best person for the job description. Remember that you should write a new, personalized cover letter for each job position you are applying for since companies check for specific keywords. Need help? Don’t miss our general cover letter examples.

Your cover letter should never be more than one page long because the recruiter won’t spend a lot of time on it. Ideally, stick to 3/4 of a page cover letter format. Divide your letter into three sections, where each of them can be read in 10 seconds or less. Using a cover letter builder or reading a mechanical engineer cover letter sample can help you better understand what your letter should look like.

If you haven’t worked before or do not have a lot of experience in your field, you can still write a compelling resume. Instead of your work achievements, mention your academic background, internship projects, or volunteer work where you demonstrate the skills needed for the job.

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