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How to Write a Post Office Cover Letter (With Examples)

USPS helps deliver a significant amount of the mail in the United States. How can you write a great cover letter that will help you get hired with USPS?

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By Donna Wright 3 minute read

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USPS Cover Letter Example

USPS Cover Letter Example

USPS cover letter examples

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the largest letter delivery service in the United States, and it’s always looking for workers. Whether you’re trying to apply as a mail carrier, a mail processing clerk, or another USPS job, you need a great USPS worker cover letter to tell a hiring manager why you’re the right choice for the job. Here’s what you need to know about writing a USPS cover letter.

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USPS cover letter sample

What makes a perfect cover letter? This USPS cover letter sample is a great start to writing your professional cover letter.

Dear Mr. Smith,

When I previously worked at USPS as a postal worker in Kentucky, I quickly grew to love the job more than any job I’d held before. This love for the field eventually grew into a desire to do the job better and better, and by the time I moved after eight years of experience, I was regularly functioning at a 24% higher efficiency than the average among my coworkers. I want to bring that drive to your USPS position here in Tucson.

My driving record as a postal worker is very strong, and I use my interpersonal skills to ensure everyone on my route is happy with my deliveries. I take personal pride in being able to deliver letters and packages to many different kinds of people.

My knowledge of the routine of a USPS job is my strongest benefit in this field, and I can bring that knowledge to your office. Let me know when we could sit down and talk about my job application.


Cecil Mathis

Tips for writing your USPS cover letter using this example

The first step for your USPS cover letter is your cover letter heading. This will include your full name and your contact information with your phone number and any professional links, such as your LinkedIn profile. Additionally, address the letter to the hiring manager directly, rather than using a phrase like “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Sir or Madam.” From there, you can move on to the full cover letter.

First paragraph: Introduce yourself with a hook and list your best achievements.

In the first paragraph, you need a hook to convince the recruiter to keep reading. In this case, the applicant starts by talking about his previous work experience as a postal worker and discussing how he worked at 24% higher efficiency than average. He sets the stage for a strong performance in the job using this first paragraph. Note that at the end of the paragraph, the candidate mentions the job posting he’s applying for.

Second paragraph: Give more information about how you’re the best fit for the job.

In the second paragraph, you need to go over how your skills and professional resume experience makes you the perfect person for the job. Relate your best skills to the skills listed in the job posting. This post office cover letter does a great job of showcasing the applicant’s skills because he describes how he uses customer service skills and a love of the USPS job title in general to maintain balance in his job. If you have more work experience and qualifications to showcase here, use bullet points under this paragraph.

Third paragraph: Call to action

The final paragraph is the call to action. This is where you directly ask for the job interview and also reemphasize your enthusiasm for the opportunity. This call to action is one of the reasons you have an application cover letter, so don’t skip it.

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FAQ: USPS Cover Letter Example

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Yes. It’s always a good idea to write a cover letter, no matter what job you’re trying to get. One of the biggest reasons that you should write a cover letter is because it shows that you care for the job itself. The US Postal Service knows how expensive it can be to hire new people, so they want someone who will be at their post for years to come. By showing your passion for the USPS job opportunity, you’ll be more likely to get the job. Use the ResumeHelp cover letter builder to create your cover letter quickly and easily.

Cover letters overall should be between half a page and 3/4 of a page long or between 250-350 words. A cover letter needs to be long enough that it shows off your skills and qualifications, but short enough that the hiring manager doesn’t decide to discard it out of hand. This length is the perfect length for any cover letter.

Yes. You don’t need experience to work in many USPS jobs, and if you have no experience specifically as a mail worker, you can instead emphasize your skills and other similar qualifications. You may be able to list experience in other fields. For example, if you’re looking to work in an entry-level post office job, you might mention customer service and retail jobs that depend on organization and good customer relations. This cover letter template can be effective for anyone, regardless of how much experience you have.

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