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Customer Service Resume Examples for for 2024

To create a resume for customer service jobs that gets employers’ attention, we’ve got the right resume examples for you. On this page you’ll get expertly prepared customer service resume examples and tips to write your own professional resume.

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Customer service resume tips

Check out our customer service resume sample and tips to help you create your own impressive resume. For more expert help, use our Resume Builder, which guides you step-by-step through the resume creation process.

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What employers want in a customer service resume

Employers are looking to see that you are the right fit for the job role that you are applying to. Consider these elements to include in your resume:

  1. Employers will be looking to see that you have skills necessary to communicate and empathize with customers to solve their problems. It requires patience and understanding to effectively resolve customer problems or complaints and ensure customer satisfaction. Look over the job description to ensure that you have the necessary skills or relevant transferable experience.
  2. Since there are several different types of customer service positions, be sure that you’re applying for the right level of your customer service experience. Positions may include: customer service specialists, call center specialists, customer support agents and customer service managers. A customer service manager resume example would include management experience, for instance.
  3. Carefully read the job description and be sure your resume matches the key qualifications that are required and necessary to efficiently perform the job duties. A customer service position may entail answering questions, resolving issues, providing pricing, answering phones, hiring, scheduling, managing and more.
  4. In your resume, feature keywords from the job description that describe the skills and experiences that the role requires to improve your chances of getting past applicant tracking systems (ATS). Busy employers use an ATS to scan for the most qualified candidates. For example, if a job ad requires “proficient Microsoft Office skills” and you can perform that skill, list it in your resume and provide a few examples of how you’ve used Office. You should only use the keywords that are accurate for you. If you don’t have a certain skill, do not list it.
  5. Customize your resume for different job opportunities. The old way of creating one “generic” resume for all job applications no longer applies to today’s job searches. You want each resume to be tailored to the specific job you are applying for. You need to read the job posting carefully and mirror the required skills, experience and education. The easiest and most effective way to create multiple versions of your resume is to use the ResumeHelp Resume Builder.

We’re here to walk you through the resume process, step-by-step so you can start or enhance your career in customer service. Your goal should be to develop an impressive customer service resume that will help you stand out from the competition. When writing your customer service resume, follow our tips on this page, including:

  • Professional resume examples for customer service to use as a foundation for your own resume.
  • Step-by-step advice from experts for writing your own customer service resume.
  • Expert tips on formatting and writing a letter to accompany your resume.


Pick the right format for your customer service resume

There are three popular resume formats to choose from: chronological, functional and combination (hybrid.) Here is a brief overview of each format to help you select the format that best fits your customer service experience level and job role.

Chronological resume

Also known as the reverse-chronological resume, this is the most popular format. If you have ample customer service experience, this chronological resume format works well because it focuses on your job history. List your most recent job first and work backward. Including your skills, shows the employer that you have the qualifications to perform this specific job. This format is ideal if you’re applying for a customer service position that’s similar to a job you’ve most recently had or currently have, or to show the trajectory of your customer service career over the course of multiple years.

Functional resume

If you have less customer service work experience, are a recent graduate or are rejoining the workforce after an absence, a functional resume is the right format for you. The functional resume allows you to emphasize your skill set, education and past training rather than job history. In addition to focusing on skills that showcase your talent, include volunteer work that requires customer service-related skills like communication, problem-solving and compassion.

This format is a good choice for a career change from a field outside of customer service as it allows you to highlight skills or experiences more relevant to a customer service job. It also helps minimize resume blemishes like “job-hopping” or unemployment.

Combination resume

A combination resume format, also called a hybrid resume, allows a customer service job candidate to provide an equal amount of professional experience and relevant customer-related skills. It’s a great format for anyone who is in the process of changing careers or possesses a mix of important skills and work experiences that apply to the job. Job candidates looking for a customer service representative position may want to use this resume format.

This format is ideal for anyone with little or no work experience as it highlights your relevant skills. Include job history, volunteer work and other relevant experiences that demonstrate you have the character and capabilities to be a good customer service professional.

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More formatting tips

Here are more things to consider when formatting your customer service resume:

  • Be sure that your margins look even on all four sides. Set them to one inch.
  • Opt for a professional and legible resume font such as Arial or Verdana so your resume reads well in an ATS scan.
  • All resume sections should have consistent line spacing to ensure an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Aim for a balance of white space on the page so it doesn’t look sparse or overcrowded.

Our Resume Builder can help you quickly create an attractive and functional resume. Just pick a customer service resume template, one of the resume formats and the builder will guide you through the resume creation process with job-specific advice for each resume section.

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How to write a customer service resume

There are many different types of customer service job roles that will require a customer service resume. Before you start writing your professional resume, read the job description and see what the employer is looking for in a candidate.

Then, think about your work experience and skills, and consider what information you want to include in the resume sections below.

Header and contact information

Your customer service resume begins with the header at the top of the page.

Include the following:

  • Full name
    Phone number
    Email address
    Social media profile links, such as LinkedIn

Key tip for customer service resume header and contact information

Confirm that your contact information is current so the hiring manager can easily contact you for a job interview if selected.

Resume summary or objective

The next section is your resume summary or resume objective. If you have ample customer service work experience, you will write a customer service resume summary; a two-to-three-sentence paragraph that provides a brief overview of your best skills and work history. In customer service, you would typically feature how you’ve performed your responsibilities, the number of customers you dealt with daily and your proven customer satisfaction in the industry.

Customer service resume summary example

Customer service professional with four years of experience combines energy and empathy with a solid history of achievement in retail. Areas of expertise include communication, problem-solving skills and reading physical and emotional cues.

If you have less work experience, are an entry-level job seeker or are changing careers, a resume objective is better suited for your resume. An objective is similar to a summary but also includes a statement on your career goals. In customer service, mention your most relevant skills used on a daily basis in handling customers (communication, empathy and dependability) and include future career goals, such as gaining a leadership position in managing customer issues quickly and patiently. For example:

Customer service resume objective example

Former retail manager with eight years of direct customer experience and technical expertise seeks opportunity to transfer well-developed communication skills to customer service position.

Resume summary example for customer service representatives resume:

Dependable customer service representative professional with five years of experience assisting customers with problem solving and issue resolution. Known as a high energy team player relied on for providing customer service to 16 clients hourly in a high volume work environment.

Resume summary example for a customer service staff resume:

Bilingual English/Spanish customer service staff professional with 10+ years of experience has a proven track record of 5-star customer experience rating. Friendly, patient and helpful team member willing to cross train to assist in all aspects of customer service from in-person communication, phones and text chat messaging.

Key tip for customer service resume summary or objective

Call out a critical skill or previous work achievement that will make you stand out from the competition and force the hiring manager to say, “Wow, this candidate is perfect for the job.”

Skills section

When hiring managers or recruiters look at your customer service resume, they’ll be looking for a few key resume skills that a customer service professional should have. Skills for customer service resume are made up of soft skills and hard skills.

Here are some top soft skills you may want to include:

Here are some hard skills and technical skills you may include:

  • Product expertise
  • Writing skills
  • Familiarity with CRM systems
  • Google Suite
  • Microsoft Office/Excel

Customer Service resume skills examples for a customer service specialist resume:

  • Fluent in English and Spanish
  • Strong organizational skills
  • High energy, friendly
  • Patient multitasker
  • Good listener

Customer Service resume skills examples for a customer service manager resume.

  • Supervising and coaching
  • Expert product knowledge
  • High level interpersonal skills
  • Sales maximization
  • Safety and compliance proficiency

Remember to include your most relevant skills that are directly tailored to the job you are applying for. The employer will be looking for the most qualified customer service job candidate so include the right skills on your resume.

Key tip for customer service resume skills section

Tailor your customer service resume skills for each job role that you’re applying for so that the skills you list will match both the employer’s job requirements (and thus match what the applicant tracking system (ATS) is looking for).

Work experience section

This resume section is where you can show off your customer service experience. Start with your most recent position and work backwards to previous jobs. Include your position title, dates of employment and a brief description of your job duties performed in that role. Whether you list experience as a customer service rep, customer service manager, customer service assistant or customer service specialist, use powerful action verbs, quantify your achievements and highlight your accomplishments rather than simply list daily job tasks. You want the employer to see that you can handle the specific responsibilities that match the new job that you are applying for.

Here are a few examples of work experience section bullet points to consider for your customer service resume:

  • Managed 50+ incoming phone calls daily to meet calls handled quota.
  • Evaluated the needs of 15 customers daily with “A” rating satisfaction scores.
  • Answered questions to provide accurate information to customers.
  • Directed customers/staff to locate wanted products.
  • Handled escalated customer complaints and provided solutions.
  • Generated 20 car sales leads weekly to the sales team.

Resume work experience example for a customer service associate resume:

  • Greeted patients, answered telephones and guided clients to exam rooms.
  • Scheduled and confirmed medical appointments.
  • Explained fees, processed payments and answered questions regarding services.

Resume work experience example for a customer service agent resume:

  • Greeted and assisted customers patiently in a prompt and courteous manner.
  • Provided accurate customer service adhering to company guidelines and policies.
  • Resolved customer concerns, issues and complaints to avoid escalation to management.

Key tip for customer service resume work experience section

Try to summarize the key accomplishments of your work experience with at least three bullet points per job (five bullet points at most).

Education section

Your education section on a customer service resume will depend on the level of the position that you are applying for. Entry level positions may not require a college degree. Customer service managers may require a bachelor degree in business administration, communications or another major. Either way, list your top academic achievement whether it is a college degree or high school diploma. Include the name of the school you attended, graduation year, academic honors, awards and licenses. Unless requested, don’t include your GPA.

Here is an example of a college graduate’s resume education section:

Rollins College
BBA – Bachelor of Business Administrations, May 2019

  • Magna cum laude
  • Dean’s list
  • Marketing Student of the Year, May 2018
  • 2nd place, Business Plan Contest, December 2019

Here is an example of a high school graduate’s resume education section:

Winter Park High School
High School Diploma, June 2019

  • Honor roll
  • Manager, Young Business Leaders Club
  • Business Achievement Award presented at graduation, June 2019

Key tip for customer service resume education section

While most job applicants will have similar academic achievements, look to emphasize any honors, scholarships or other noteworthy academic accomplishments that demonstrate special qualities.

Additional sections

If you have additional accomplishments that will make your customer service resume more impressive, you can add additional resume sections. This may include volunteer activities, additional relevant training, awards or certifications. Include the organization name, location and time of involvement. The fact that you performed these extra efforts will show that you have many skills required in the customer service field, in addition to an exemplary work ethic.

If you can speak more than one language, that is usually important to list on a customer service resume. You can list your proficiency in a number of different ways. For example: “Fluent in English; Intermediate proficiency in Spanish.”

Here are some examples of volunteer activities, training certificates and awards:

Volunteer work

  • Information Booth, St. Patrick’s Church Spring Fair, 2018 to present – 500+ attendees.
  • Raffle ticket fundraising, Wilton Animal Shelter, August 2019 – Raised $750
  • Orlando library, Children’s section, June 2019 – Shelf organization of 200+ books
  • Online Customer Service Training Certificates
  • LinkedIn: Build Your Skills In Customer Service, August 2019
  • LinkedIn: Customer Service Foundations, September 2019
  • Dale Carnegie: Attitudes for Service


  • Orlando True Value Hardware, Employee of the Month
  • Customer Satisfaction “A” rating, December 2021
  • Volunteer of the Year, St. Killian’s Church, Farmingdale, NY, December 2018
  • Grandville Community Service Award, Grandville, Ohio, June 2019

Make sure to keep your customer service resume sections concise and relevant to the job you are applying for. If you’re not sure where to start with formatting your resume, it’s helpful to look at customer service resume examples such as the samples on these page, or start with a resume template.

Key tip for customer service resume additional sections

Prospective employers and hiring managers appreciate job candidates who possess that little extra something to make them stand out. Volunteer work shows you’re motivated, a team player and willing to help in your community or for a good cause.

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More resume examples and tips

ResumeHelp is filled with expert job search resources and guides for writing a professional customer service resume to accompany your references.

Customer Service Skill Tips – Learn everything you need to know about listing your customer service skills in your resume.

Tips for a Customer Service Job Description – Gain lots of helpful tips on how you can best feature your customer service job.

More Resume Examples for Hundreds of Jobs – Looking at industry specific resume examples is the perfect way to start writing your professional customer service resume.

How to Write a Resume – Follow expert writing tips to make your customer service resume stand out among the competition.

Build your resume

Write a customer service cover letter to accompany your resume

A good customer service cover letter is an important step toward being offered a job interview. Here are some tips for writing an effective cover letter.

  • Address the letter directly to the hiring manager or recruiter.
  • Quickly grab the reader’s attention with an impressive opening.
  • Highlight your top job experience and skills.
  • Specifically state how you meet the job requirements.
  • Demonstrate your passion for the industry and the company you’re applying to.
  • Cover letter length should be somewhere between a half page and ¾ of a page.
  • Don’t reiterate word-for-word exactly what is written on your resume.
  • Provide insight into how you specifically fit the company you’re interested in.
  • Tell what value you would bring to the position.

ResumeHelp offers you lots of cover letter writing tips and cover letter examples to follow when writing a cover letter to accompany your resume. Our Cover Letter Builder will guide you through every step of the cover letter writing process.

ResumeHelp offers you lots of cover letter writing tips and customer service cover letter examples to follow when writing a cover letter to accompany your resume. Our Cover Letter Builder will guide you through every step of the cover letter writing process.

Create your cover letter

The big takeaways

  1. Based on your experience, select either a chronological, function or combination resume format.
  2. Be sure your contact information is current and that your email address sounds professional.
  3. Tailor your resume summary, work history and skills sections, to match the job description.
  4. Use action verbs to describe past work experience that highlights your customer service talents.
  5. Present your experiences in bullet points that include numbers to make accomplishments stand out.
  6. Include customer service-related skills throughout your resume to show your qualifications.
  7. Add extra sections to highlight your volunteer experience, awards and certifications.
  8. Keep your resume to one page so it’s quicker to read for busy hiring managers.
  9. Proofread resume for misspelling, typos or grammatical errors before submitting it.
  10. Use the ResumeHelp Resume Builder to create an eye-catching resume that draws attention.
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FAQ: Customer service resume

Have questions? We’re here to help.

To describe customer service on a resume, you should first define the type of customer service that you will provide. If you’re working in a grocery store, customer service would be working the front desk, interacting with customers in-person, listening to customer concerns and complaints, answering questions, problem resolution and processing product returns and exchanges. If you’re working customer service in a telecommunications role, you would be handling customer concerns through phone calls or via text chats. However, no matter what the industry, a customer service position involves being professional, courteous and a knowledgeable representative of a company. Look at customer service resume summary examples for powerful ways to summarize your qualifications. Along with your professional resume, be sure to make a cover letter to accompany the job application.

To describe your customer service experience, make a list of your career accomplishments, tasks and skills that you used for each job. Then, make a list of qualifications and requirements of the job you’re applying for. Cross reference all lists and be sure that you describe your customer service experience to match to what the hiring manager, recruiter or prospective employer is looking for in the perfect job candidate. Many customer service skills can be transferred to a new role so you need to make sure you do a thorough job including pertinent skills so the reader of your resume is quickly convinced that you are qualified to perform the new role effectively and efficiently. You can explain your experience even further if you’re invited for a job interview.

Whatever your chosen field is, there are three important qualities of customer service required of customer service professionals. Consider these qualities:

  1. Excellent communication – A customer service job candidate needs to be able to answer questions, give directions or instructions, and explain policies.
  2. Good at problem solving – A customer service job candidate must be able to evaluate a customer issue, think quickly and offer an acceptable solution.
  3. Ability to remain patient – A customer service job candidate needs to demonstrate the highest level of patience with a disgruntled customer and during high customer traffic times.

If you’re looking to get started working in customer service or want to enhance your customer service career, you want to show that you enjoy solving problems through effective communication and presentation skills. On your resume, include all relevant experience that shows your ability to work directly with customers. Highlight specific customer-related accomplishments that demonstrate your ability to work in a fast-paced work environment where negotiation and conflict resolution is expected.

For references, check out the resume samples on this page, as well as our library of resume examples. Many successful job candidates have followed customer service resumes to build their own.

On your customer service resume, you can describe your skills in your resume summary or objective, your work history section and in the skills section. Use a combination of soft skills (personality traits and attributes) and hard skills (learned on the job or through training). Use these skills to convince the potential employer that you have what it takes to handle customer issues, describe products, take orders, help navigate customers around a store, settle complaints and other customer service tasks. Even an entry level customer service resume can include relevant skills like patience, problem solving and computer knowledge.

With so much competition among job seekers, to make your customer service resume stand out, be sure to be specific. Feature customer support work experiences that show hiring managers you’ve gone above and beyond in assisting customers. Display customer satisfaction ratings, if possible. Include metrics like how many customers you help daily or the number of incoming phone calls you handle. Find sections in your resume to demonstrate how you performed excellent communication, multitasking and time management.

If you don’t have relevant customer service experience, you can mention examples of performance that could transfer to customer service jobs. Think about experiences in prior positions that highlight the hard and soft skills mentioned above. Many jobs involve customer service skills, even if the role isn’t specifically named a customer service role, so highlight those crossover skills.

Your qualifications will depend on the actual customer service rep role that you are applying to. Refer to the job description for specific role requirements and compare them to your own work history resume section. To be qualified as a customer service representative, you will have to effectively communicate with customers, evaluate the issues and quickly come up with solutions. Most importantly, a customer service rep must possess patience and interpersonal skills, especially to handle complaints and escalated situations. A customer service representative resume example is a great way to start writing your own resume.

To improve your customer service skills, it’s important to stay positive and refrain from saying things like “no”, “I can’t”, “I don’t know” or other similar statements. While working to improve customer satisfaction, practice active listening as well as other communication skills while trying to empathize with the customer. Additionally, it’s crucial to know the product you’re representing like the back of your hand. After all, if you’re not up to date on the product you’re working with, customers can become frustrated and misunderstandings may arise quickly.

Customer service is so important because many customers become easily frustrated with a company if they aren’t helpful. Your job as a customer service representative is to handle customer needs, improve customer satisfaction and retain customers. Staying positive, providing solutions and extending a genuine helping hand to customers can ensure customer loyalty, increase retention and high customer satisfaction ratings. Customer service resume experience looks good on a resume for a wide variety of job titles. Look at any sample customer service resume for inspiration.

While most skills are important, not all skills are worth including on your resume. Avoid listing skills that don’t relate to the specific job you’re applying for or basic skills that most people perform on a daily basis. Don’t include skills that you are not proficient in performing. Only include relevant skills that can set you apart from other applicants. If you never worked in customer service, feature transferable skills from previous jobs that can be utilized at the new customer service job. Perhaps you were a library assistant who organized books but also helped library patrons select a good book. You technically were performing customer service skills.

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