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A simple resume template helps showcase your information cleanly. What do you need to know about using these templates for your resume? Read our expert tips!



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  1. Simple Resume Templates
    1. What Are Simple Resume Templates?
    2. The Elements of Simple Resume Templates
    3. Best Uses for Simple Resume Templates

Simple Resume Templates

When you’re first writing and creating your resume, there are a number of elements you’re going to need to consider. One of those elements is the design and style of your resume. A professional Resume Template is a great way to show recruiters that you care about how your resume looks.

Specifically, a simple Resume Template is one of the easiest and most effective options. Here’s what you need to know about using a simple resume template to show your skills to recruiters.

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What Are Simple Resume Templates?

A simple Resume Template is a resume template that focuses less on stylization and more on the ability to present your resume information in a clean, straightforward manner. It will typically have a minimalist design, with enough space for all the necessary elements a job application is looking for. You can also have a simple cover letter template, which will give your cover letter the same simplistic overhaul.

The Elements of Simple Resume Templates

So what does a simple Resume Template really look like? Although there are many differences in the ways that different resumes will look, here are a few things you’ll typically see in a simple Resume Template:

  • Limited colors
  • Consistent, streamlined style
  • Simple font that prioritizes readability, often only a single font
  • One or two columns

Remember that as you look for the right resume template to check for these essential elements:

  • Header which includes contact information
  • Headings for each resume section
  • Resume summary/objective section
  • Work experience or work history section that features information on past jobs 
  • Bullet points to showcase key achievements and responsibilities
  • Skill section
  • Education history

Templates should also have the ability to be saved in a file format like PDF or MS Word formats like .docx.

If you’re looking for these kinds of basic resume templates, check out the ResumeHelp resume builder. Not only can you get help with creating the perfect resume, but you can also learn how to make your resume ATS-friendly and get help with your job search from start to finish.

Best Uses for Simple Resume Templates

When should you use a simple Resume Template, and when should you be looking into a more creative resume template? Most of the time, if you’re applying for a straightforward job, you should consider a simple template. If you’re applying for a job that rewards creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, a creative resume design might be a good option. A simple Resume Template is also perfect for an entry-level job, as hiring managers are likely looking for workers who can get the job done with a minimum of fuss, and an overly flowery resume might them turn you away.

Lastly, although you can use many different resume templates with every resume format, a minimalist resume style will often be best for people who have lots of work history and skills to showcase. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using the combination resume format, the chronological resume format, or the functional resume format: a mix of solid information and white space contributes to an organized, attractive appearance, and a simple template can help you accomplish that.

FAQ: Simple Resume Templates

Q: Why do I need a template if my resume is simple?

Every resume can benefit from a template, from entry-level resumes to the resume for a managerial position. A template gives your resume structure, helping you lay it out more effectively, and sets you apart from other job seekers whose resumes may look more simplistic and self-made. An elegant Resume Template doesn’t need a lot of flair to make your resume look more put-together.

Q: Can a simple resume template still match my personal style?

Absolutely. The term “simple” doesn’t necessarily mean anything about the style of the resume. Instead, it has more to do with using fewer design-based flourishes. You can still get your personal style across, even if your personal style isn’t necessarily minimalist. Look at a variety of resume examples from your field to see how you can match your resume template to your personal style.

Q: Can I use a simple resume template for any job?

Any job can benefit from a simple Resume Template. However, it’s still best to personalize the Resume Template for the job industry you’re looking to go into. To do this, you can look into resume examples for your particular field, and take note of keywords in those examples (e.g., particular skills or experiences that relate to the position). You should also check out the resume writing tips on this site to help you meet all the requirements you need for your own resume.

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