Clean Minimalist Resume Templates for 2023

A minimalist resume template can help you create a resume that’s professional, and thoughtful. What should you know about minimalist resumes? Find out now!



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  1. Minimalist Resume Templates
  2. The Characteristics of a Minimalist Resume Template
  3. Who Should Consider a Minimalist Resume Template?
  4. FAQ: Minimalist Resume Templates
Minimalist Resume Templates
Minimalist Resume Template
Minimalist Resume Template

Minimalist Resume Templates

A minimalist resume template is a resume format that favors a clean, clear and uncluttered aesthetic. This shouldn’t be confused with minimalist resume content, which refers to a condensed form of resume writing that includes only the most crucial information. Minimalist resume designs are a very common form of modern resume templates, and have a number of strengths that make them popular among professionals. If you like the minimalist look, you can also use one of our minimalist cover letter templates to ensure your cover letter and resume complement each other.

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The Characteristics of a Minimalist Resume Template

While there is as much variation in style in minimalist templates as there are between professional resume templates, minimalist layouts tend to share the following characteristics:

1. Simple font

You should always aim to use a professional, easy-to-read font when writing your resume and cover letter. Sans serif fonts in sizes 10.5 to 12 are most desirable for resumes because they are easy for applicant tracking systems (ATS), which employers use to review resumes, to scan. These fonts also tend to be popular with recruiters because of their clean-cut appearance. Fonts like Arial and Calibri are a good choice for any curriculum vitae or resume. 

2. Limited use of graphic design flourishes

If your job search is taking place within a creative industry where your CV design can act as a showcase of your skills, a minimalist resume template may not be for you. Minimalist resumes generally do not have fancy infographic features or graphic design elements. Sections are defined by simple headers and text is formatted in bold, italics or bullet points, without special icons or graphics, which can help make your resume more ATS-friendly. 

3. Limited, muted use of color

Many modern resume templates use color and graphic design elements to provide an eye-catching result; minimalist resume templates do not do this. Any color used in the template will be subtle, muted and limited in scope. 

4. Lots of white space

As well as margins of at least one inch all around, the average minimalist CV resume template has more white space than the average creative or functional resume. The reason for this is to create a clean design that draws the headings and sections into sharp focus. 

Minimalist resumes are incredibly effective but also very accessible because even someone with a limited understanding of Microsoft Word can create one. Of course, there are many preset options if you want a minimal resume template to customize and make your own. There are times when a clean resume template will not be the best choice for you, however. 


Who Should Consider a Minimalist Resume Template?

Minimalist resume templates are an excellent option for those who have basic MS Word skills, who are applying to jobs in corporate or professional roles, and those who prefer a simple resume template design. In short, if you work in a field where form is secondary to function, a minimalist resume is the right choice for you.

If you work in a creative industry, however, and you need your one-page resume to have a little bit of character, a creative resume template may be better for your needs. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you need to reflect that when you design a resume for your job search. In contrast, if you’re seeking a legal job, for example, you can probably land your dream job without getting fancy with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. A minimalist resume template and a matching cover letter will do the job just fine.

For free minimalist resume templates you can use immediately, visit ResumeHelp’s resume template section for these top examples:

1. Cinematic

Classic, easy to read, and clean-cut in appearance, “Cinematic” is a modern resume template that nails the minimalist aesthetic perfectly. This is a functional resume that emphasizes the work experience section.

2. Hollywood

If you have a lot of work experience to highlight, the Hollywood resume template is perfect as it places the contact information, skills and education sections, to the left of the summary and experience sections, while maintaining a relatively minimalist look.

3. Bedrock

With wide margins and bold headers with simple sections that rely heavily on bullet points, the Bedrock template is simple but effective. It has plenty of space for the summary, skills, experience and education sections, making it a versatile one-page resume template.

These simple, clean-cut mockups give a good idea of what your resume will look like if you make the most of the free minimalist resume templates that are available online. Just make sure you design a matching cover letter for the perfect first impression.

FAQ: Minimalist Resume Templates

Q: Should some job seekers avoid minimalist templates?

The minimalist resume template is not the best template for those applying to roles in creative industries. In these cases, creative resume design may function as a part of the appeal of the resume. If you are applying to a traditional or corporate role, however, a minimalist resume format could be just right for you.

Q: How much information should I put in a minimalist resume?

The term “minimalist” in this case refers to the resume design rather than its content. As such, you should include all of the information you would put in any other resume template.

Q: What are some useful minimalist resume templates to consider?

ResumeHelp has a range of resume templates to choose from. Some of the best examples of minimalist resume templates in our collection include the Angora, Providence and Craftsman templates.


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