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Top 5 Writing Tips and Examples for a Baker Resume

Use this resume example along with five easy-to follow-tips to create your own winning baker resume to get hired at bakeries, hotels, and restaurants.

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Baker Resume Example

Baker Resume Example

Baker Resume Example and Tips

Bakers use their knowledge of ingredients and experience to create all kinds of baked items, from tarts to donuts. Aside from just making baked products, a baker has to know food safety and safety standards for kitchen work areas, special baking equipment, and industry trends. They can work in a variety of industries and even be self-employed.

To get a baker job, you’ll need a resume that shows hiring managers that you have the skills needed to produce high-quality baked goods and the dedication to work as a baker on a daily basis.

This resume guide will show you:

  1. Jobs you can use a baker resume for
  2. What to include on a perfect resume
  3. Resume tips to get any baking job, from entry-level to head baker

Other Professional Titles for Baker Jobs

Titles for bakers may change depending on rank or specialty. During your job search you may see other titles for a baker job:

  • Bakery manager
  • Pastry chef
  • Head of cake decorating
  • Chocolatier
  • Bench hand
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Top 5 Tips When Writing a Baker Resume

When writing your baker resume, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Include a visual element by placing a link to your work with your contact information.

You should always include certain basic elements in the header of your resume, including:

  • Full name
  • Job title (use the same title as the job posting)
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number

Consider including a link to a visual portfolio of your culinary arts work. This can be a personal website or even an Instagram account focusing on baked goods. Including a link to a more visual element adds a personal aspect to your job application. This can help the hiring manager remember you and be more likely to call you for an interview.

2. Write a strong resume summary or objective

Along with your baker cover letter, a resume objective or resume summary can provide a more personal touch to your job application. Whether you choose a resume objective or resume summary will depend on the amount of your work experience. 

If you are new to baking, consider using an objective:

  • Tells the hiring manager about your goals
  • Provides a summary of your skills
  • Features abilities that speak directly to what the employer needs

Here is an example of a baker resume objective:

Culinary arts school-educated pastry chef specializing in decorating cakes and cupcakes as edible art. Knowledge of commercial baking equipment and convection ovens. Seeking a head baker assistant job to add professional experience in a bakery to my skills and education.

In contrast, a resume summary may be more useful if you are applying for a more advanced position or a high-volume location that needs someone who doesn’t require much training. A resume summary:

  • Highlights your top experiences
  • Tells the recruiters about the hard skills you already have
  • Uses your work experience to show your current capabilities

Here is an example of a baker resume summary:

Experienced pastry chef with 5 years of creating cult-favorite croissants and sweet rolls with unique fillings. Produced pastry items for three-star restaurant serving 200+ patrons daily. Featured in Food Magazine three times from 2019 to 2020.

3. Advertise your specialties with your skills section.

For any baker job, hiring managers like to see both hard skills and soft skills. There are many specialties in baking that may be required for a baker job. Use the keywords from the job description to guide the way you describe your skills in your resume. Also, take into consideration whether the job is customer-facing or more labor-oriented. Skills for a baker job could include:

  • Working with specific kitchen equipment
  • Decorating cakes
  • Time management
  • Attention to detail
  • Team management
  • Creating new recipes for special orders
  • Techniques to make baked bread
  • Communication skills

4. Take advantage of the education section of your resume.

Education can be important for a baker job. Culinary arts skills can be self-taught or even learned in high school but a further education or certification program can give you valuable knowledge you need for the job, such as food safety and food preparation. In your education section, include:

  • The name of your school, university, or culinary program
  • The subject of study, degree, or certification
  • Relevant course work

5. Stand out from the crowd with achievements and awards

Achievements and awards are exciting to read for hiring managers. They show that you have talents as a baker that stand out. If you are lacking experience, consider applying to contests or competitions to get more recognition. Even if you don’t win, placing in a competition or including your participation as a runner-up can show your dedication to the baking craft. You can use bullet points for this section. Achievements for a baker could be:

  • Awards, such as employee of the month
  • Publications you have been mentioned in
  • Conventions you were a speaker or host
  • Food industry awards or recognition

When it comes to putting all of this information together, use the ResumeHelp resume builder to create your baker resume. Our resume examples, tips, and templates can help you write a strong resume, letting you focus on your skills while we take care of the details like the resume structure.

FAQ: Baker Resume Example

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Hiring managers will look for a professional resume and a cover letter. A resume and cover letter signal that you are a professional who is serious about the job. Including a cover letter with your resume will greatly increase your chance of getting an interview, as it allows you to further explain why you’re the right person for the job. You can use the ResumeHelp cover letter builder to easily assemble your cover letter.

Yes. Some positions, such as a head baker, call for more experience. However, there are many baking jobs that you can get as long as you have the right skills and qualifications listed in your resume. Just focus on addressing as many of the skills and job requirements listed in the job description as you can.

Hiring managers like to see work experience that matches the job description. Always include your most relevant experience. If the job description focuses on a specific type of baked product, use that product as a keyword in your own resume, whether it’s in your summary, skills or work experience section. If you do not have past professional experience, you can feature relevant internships or volunteer work. Resume templates and examples can help you structure your resume even if you don’t have many years of experience.

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