Guide to Writing a Perfect Writer Resume, with Examples

Writers are expected to have well-written resumes that display great grammar. Follow these examples to write a convincing writer resume and land your dream job.

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Writer resume example

Writer resume example

Writer resume samples

A writer’s resume is a key tool in their job search process. Writers are expected to have well-written resumes. Follow our examples and tips to write the perfect writer’s resume.

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Elements to include in a writer resume

The quality of your resume is absolutely crucial when you are applying for a writing position. Potential employers will consider your resume and cover letter as evidence of your grasp of the English language, or other languages you write your resume in, as well as your communication skills. The ideal writer resume should include:

Attractive header with contact information

Your resume header should include your full name, email and phone contact info, and links to any professional social media or online portfolios you may have. For example, you could add your LinkedIn or Medium profile.

Persuasive resume summary or objective statement

You will need to include either a resume summary or a resume objective statement. A resume summary should be a sum-up of your most important and notable skills and achievements, while an objective statement should be a statement of your career goals and intent. The first is best for those who have many years of experience while the second is ideal for those who have a short work history. If you are a freelance writer, aim for a resume summary that presents your most successful projects along with your strongest skills.

Tailored skills section

A good resume features your strongest and most relevant skills. If you have any specializations, for example writing about healthcare, this is the place to mention them. Read the job description carefully and choose between 8 to 12 skills that most closely match what the employer needs.

Detailed work experience

Your work history should be listed in reverse-chronological order with your most recent position placed at the top of this section. Include up to 10 years of work experience. Remember that your resume should be one page in length at most. So if you find yourself short on space, you should prioritize the most recent work and focus on highlighting your accomplishments.


While there is no formal education necessarily needed to be a writer, you should list any academic achievements that you may have. If you have a bachelor’s degree in English or a masters’ degree in creative writing, listing these achievements will be very beneficial.

Relevant projects and certifications

If you have relevant professional certifications (in for proofreading or editing for example) then highlight them on your resume. Likewise, if you have taken on any stand-alone projects that are relevant, you should present them on your resume as well.

Professional memberships and affiliations

If you are a member of any professional associations and bodies (e.g., the Screen Writers Guild), listing this information in a separate section of your resume can be helpful.

Remember, all of the information you include in these sections should be tailored to the job description that you are applying for. A high-quality, freelance writer resume, in particular, could look completely different each time a job seeker submits a new application. If you want to make this process easier, use the resume templates via the ResumeHelp resume builder. This free online tool will create an editable resume that meets all U.S. formatting requirements.

Essential skills and achievements to highlight on a writer resume

If you want to stand out in this competitive market and land a copywriting job, listing high-quality skills and achievements will help your professional resume to rank well in applicant tracking systems (ATS) that employers use to scan resumes. Here are some examples of skills, competencies, and achievements that are highly desirable on a writing resume:

Skills and competencies

  • Social media content creation
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Time-management
  • Copywriting
  • Copy editing
  • Writing press releases
  • Project management
  • Technical communication
  • Technical writing
  • Knowledge of social media platforms
  • Developing story ideas
  • Developing creative content ideas
  • Blog posts
  • Proofreading
  • HTML
  • WordPress proficiency
  • Microsoft Office competency
  • PowerPoint competency
  • Grammarly proficiency
  • Creative writing skills
  • Content management systems


  • Published articles
  • Consistent traffic and engagement on blog posts
  • Published fiction
  • Placing in or winning writing competitions

If you combine these kinds of skills and achievements with an attractive resume layout, you will create a resume that stands out and catches a hiring manager’s attention. Remember to read each job description carefully and only highlight the competencies and achievements that best meet its requirements.

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Top writer resume examples you can use

If you want to make the most of your writer’s resume template from ResumeHelp you should consider resume samples. A relevant writer resume sample will provide inspiration for your own resume writing process.

These writer resume examples are particularly effective:

  • Service writer resume example
  • Writer resume example
  • Senior technical writer resume example
  • Freelance writer
  • Freelance staff writer resume example
  • Technical writer resume example
  • Content writer resume example

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FAQ: Writer Resume Examples

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Be professional when creating a writing resume. Don’t list hobbies, personal projects, or non-relevant experience and skills.

Yes, submitting a good cover letter with your resume is an excellent way to provide additional information and make up for resume gaps. A great cover letter will increase your chance of impressing a hiring manager or recruiter. Consider relevant cover letter examples for inspiration.

A professional writers’ resume should be no more than one page in length in most cases. The main exception to this is where a writer has many notable positions or achievements to discuss. In this case, a resume of up to two pages might be acceptable as long as all the work history included is relevant and valuable to the application. You should include no more than 10 years of experience on your writing resume. If you have more than a decade of experience, you can offer a link to your LinkedIn profile so that hiring managers can review it at their discretion

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