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Free office manager cover letter example

Copy this free office manager cover letter to a new template and edit it with your information!

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Dear [Employer’s Name],

I am writing to express my interest in the Office Manager position at [Company Name]. With nine years of experience in office management and a proven track record of achieving and exceeding performance metrics, I am confident in my ability to contribute effectively to your team.

In my previous role as an Office Manager at [Previous Company], I successfully implemented streamlined processes that resulted in a 20% increase in overall efficiency. I established and monitored key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate and enhance the team’s productivity. My ability to analyze metrics and develop strategic plans allowed me to consistently meet and exceed organizational goals.

Some highlights of my achievements include:

Implemented a digital document management system, reducing paper consumption by 30% and enhancing document retrieval efficiency by 25%.
Led a cross-functional team in the successful implementation of project management software, resulting in a 15% reduction in project completion times.
Developed and implemented a comprehensive training program for new employees, resulting in a 40% reduction in onboarding time and an increase in employee satisfaction.

My strong organizational and leadership skills, coupled with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, have allowed me to consistently deliver results. I am adept at managing administrative functions, overseeing day-to-day operations, and fostering a positive work environment.

I am excited about the opportunity to bring my skills and expertise to [Company Name]. I am confident that my dedication to driving operational excellence and my ability to exceed performance metrics will make a significant contribution to your team’s success. I look forward to discussing how my experience aligns with the needs of [Company Name]. Please find my resume attached for your review.

Thank you for considering my application.

[Your Name]

Cover letter for office manager: office administrator

Take a look at this office administrator sample cover letter and how the information is organized. Even if you’re applying for a different role, you can find inspiration in the narrative, format and skills mentioned.

Office manager cover letter: 5 key tips

Stand out from other candidates by following these tips:


Start your letter with a good “hook.”

Grab the employer’s attention by starting with a hook that motivates them to keep reading. This can come in the form of expressing that you have always wanted to work for that company or how being an office manager has positively impacted the lives of many, including your own.


Explain how you can excel in the job.

There will be dozens of other office managers applying for that same job, what will you include in your cover letter to set you apart? Do your research and align your office management style with the company’s culture, goals and vision. The more you tailor your cover letter to the organization and the job, the higher your chances of getting called for an interview.


Use metrics to show your value.

Don’t just say you’re a great office manager, show hiring managers how much impact you’ve had at previous employers by highlighting accomplishments with metrics. For example, instead of saying, “Reduced office supplies costs,” show them how much you reduced them by writing, “Reduced office supplies and consumables expenses by 15%.”


Present a mix of hard and soft skills.

Show you’re a well-rounded candidate by mixing the type of skills featured in your office manager cover letter. You can highlight hard skills like budgeting, data entry and computer skills, as well as soft skills like organizational skills, multitasking and written and verbal communication.


Use a neat, organized layout.

How your cover letter looks is just as important as its content. Show the prospective employer that your letters’ “look” reflects your professionalism as an office manager. Not sure where to start? You can check our professional cover letter templatesand find one that fits your industry.

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Write an office manager cover letter in 5 steps

Create a compelling and strong office manager cover letter following these steps:



Start your office manager cover letter with a header that includes your full name, contact information and phone number. Follow this with the hiring manager’s contact information aligned to the left, similar to a business letter. Include their job title, work email address, phone number and the company’s physical address.



Search for the hiring manager’s full name and address the cover letter to them. It’s best to avoid using generic salutations like “Dear Hiring Manager”or “To Whom It May Concern”because they can come across as unprofessional and outdated. If finding the hiring manager’s name proves difficult, you can address the letter to human resources (“Dear Human Resources”).


Opening paragraph

The first paragraph of your cover letter for an office manager position should be a brief summary that includes your name, experience level and how you would be a good fit for the job. It should only be a few sentences but it should cover all of these points. Start by introducing yourself, the experience in the field you have and any achievements that will impress the hiring manager right off the bat. Note how in the office manager cover letter example below, the applicant indicates she has five years of experience as a medical office manager. This tells the hiring manager that the applicant meets the minimum criteria for the position. Dear Ms. Smith, As a passionate office manager who encourages positive and healthy work environments among employees, I was excited to see the listing for the position of office manager at [Company Name]. With over five years of experience as a medical office manager carrying out office administration duties, such as time management, project management and office administration, I am certain I would be the right fit for your company.


Second paragraph

The next paragraph is where you will list your experiences at previous jobs, including any major accomplishments that may be relevant to this position, along with your office management skills. You can list your duties in bullet form if you’d like. The point of this paragraph is to convince the hiring manager that your experiences have prepared you for this position. Be sure to use keywords listed in the job listing to grab the reader's attention. For example, if the job requires proficiency in QuickBooks or other software, include it here. If you choose to forego the bullet points and use a standard paragraph format, that is fine, too. It is about preference and readability. In the example, the applicant provides not only specific experience that she has but also backs it up with examples of how much money she saved the company and that she took the initiative to implement software to increase productivity. Through my years of experience, I have learned to handle situations such as budgeting, event planning, ordering and conveying orders between HQ and the regional office. In my current position at [Company Name], I have excelled in my office manager duties and succeeded in boosting the office’s productivity numbers through:
  • Saving the company $10,000 during Q2 by employing a revised budget.
  • Using computer proficiency and communication skills to stay in touch with clients regularly to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Launching office-wide initiative programs to increase productivity, including the introduction of MS Office.

I am also a strong believer in work-life balance and encourage open and honest communication between employees and myself, which has resulted in understanding and trust that cannot be computed statistically.


Closing and sign-off

The third paragraph is the ending of your cover letter. The closing of your cover letter should be short and sweet. It should reiterate why you would be a great fit for the job and invite the hiring manager to get in touch with you to further discuss your qualifications. With my years of experience in similar office manager roles with positive ratings from those reporting to me, I believe I would be a great fit for your office manager position. I will ensure that the office runs efficiently and thrives with my leadership. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to discussing how I can further contribute to your team and company. Sincerely, Jane Adams For more tips, read our How to Write a Cover Letter article.

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Key skills for an office manager cover letter

Before deciding what hard skills and soft skills to highlight in your cover letter, make sure they’re tailored to the requirements listed in the job description. All office manager positions are different, so increase your chances of looking like the perfect candidate for that specific job by using the job posting as a guideline.

Here are some skills you can consider:

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FAQ: Office manager cover letter

Have questions? We’re here to help.

A good office manager cover letter, as well as a sales management cover letter or any other kind you write, should effectively communicate your qualifications in a way that lets the employer know you’ll be of value to their team and company. Focus on relevant professional experience as an office manager, highlighting achievements, responsibilities and specific tasks that demonstrate your ability to excel in the role.

You should also showcase how you use skills through metrics, as numbers can provide concrete evidence of your impact and contributions. Mention skills listed in the job description and always express clear enthusiasm for the job opportunity.

To write a professional office manager cover letter you should:

  • Begin with a strong opening paragraph that expresses your interest in the office manager position and includes a brief statement about your professional background, years of experience and passion for your job.
  • Customize the letter to align with the specific requirements and responsibilities outlined in the job description. Focus on your leadership experience, how you achieve organizational goals, manage teams and how you’ve used your skills to increase company morale.
  • Use quantifiable achievements to demonstrate your impact. Sometimes, numbers are better than words.
  • Explain why you felt compelled to apply to that company and how your management style aligns with their culture, mission and values.
  • Finish it off by reiterating your interest in the job and inviting the hiring manager or recruiter to contact you for an interview.

An experienced office manager is typically someone who can manage time, tasks and resources efficiently. They can coordinate schedules, plan meetings and oversee projects in a way that keeps the business running. To do this, they need to be excellent communicators, know how to lead others, have great attention to detail and can adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

Office managers often handle a lot of tasks at the same time, so being able to multitask without dropping the ball is a must. They focus on providing excellent customer service to both internal and external stakeholders.

Yes. You should always include a cover letter while applying for a job. A cover letter will allow a hiring manager to see more of your skills and personality, and how those skills will benefit you in this position.

A cover letter can let a potential employer know that you are a serious candidate. Someone can have a stellar resume with pages of experience, but their skills may not match the job description. A cover letter can be treated like a brief elevator pitch to let the hiring manager know you are worthy of an interview.

For any position, your cover letter should never be more than one-half to 3/4 of a page long. You should try to keep your information as detailed as possible. A cover letter is not meant to be long, but it is meant to be highly informative for the potential employer.

The reason cover letters are meant to be short is because hiring managers, recruiters and business owners can be overwhelmed with hundreds of applicants for just one position. That’s a lot of resumes and cover letters to be read. If a cover letter is short while still being informational and personable, it will stick out in the employer’s mind.

Yes, this cover letter example will work for you even if you do not have a lot of experience. Maybe becoming an office manager is a career change for you or you’re applying for an entry-level job and do not have much experience to share. You can alter your achievements and experience to reflect experiences that were not necessarily work-related but still relevant to this position.

For example, if you took a class on office management in college, you can include how that class prepared you. If you were an intern, an administrative assistant or worked in human resources, you can share how those experiences can help you perform the duties on the job listing. Your cover letter can show that you are confident and have great written communication skills.

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