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Business managers improve company business operations and profitability. Use our resume examples and tips to write the best business manager resume.



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  1. Business Manager Resume Example
  2. Craft a Business Manager Resume That Stands Out From the Rest
  3. A Business Manager Resume
  4. Business Manager Resume Format
  5. Business Manager Resume
  6. FAQ: Business Manager Resume

Business Manager Resume Example

Business Manager Resume Example

Craft a Business Manager Resume That Stands Out From the Rest

Business managers play a key role for any company, and are expected to excel in a number of tasks and skills, including:

  • Looking over everyday business operations, including dealing with customer satisfaction
  • Creating new business strategies to keep the company running smoothly
  • Focusing on business development, strategic planning, and forecasting revenue and markets
  • Creating business plans
  • Handing out daily tasks to junior team members
  • Ensuring the company has enough resources for every project they want to complete

If you want to become a business manager, office manager, or land any other senior management position, then you need to write the best resume you can.

A Business Manager Resume

A business manager resume will focus more on your professional experience. Resumes shouldn’t be longer than one page total. However, business manager resumes can sometimes be two pages, reflecting their years of experience in the field.
A professional resume for this position should summarize your project management and interpersonal skills that prove that you can handle a senior management role. Let’s take a look at some writing tips so you can create the perfect resume for a business manager position.

Business Manager Resume Format

The resume format for a business manager resume is similar to that of other resumes. However, the work experience section should be longer. Here are the sections you should include in your resume:
Contact information

The header is where you need to put your contact information, such as:

  • Your full name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • A link to your portfolio or LinkedIn profile

Resume summary

The resume summary tells recruiters a little about who you are. It should go over your most valuable skills and work experience in just a few sentences. Target skills and requirements listed in the employer’s job posting that match your own, and feature them here.

The skills section can be written as a bullet point list to save space. These are some specific skills to include on a business manager resume:

  • Project management
  • Microsoft Office or Google Suite
  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Human resources tasks
  • Social media

Work experience

The business manager is a senior office job. You will need years of experience to even be considered for the role, so this section should be robust. List your work history in reverse-chronological order to display your most recent accomplishments first. Years-old internships or other lower-level positions will not tell recruiters much about your current expertise.
Any experience working in an office is always good to add to your resume. This shows that you are familiar with different office procedures. If you have the right skills and experience, you can easily be promoted to a senior role.
Business managers usually have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, so don’t forget to list your degrees in the education section, but there’s no need to list your GPA or specific college courses you’ve taken. Recruiters are more interested in your years of experience in business administration. If you have any relevant certifications, you will also want to add them here. Certifications can easily set you apart from other candidates.

Business Manager Resume

Amy Smith
(456) 789-1234
789 Main St. Los Angeles, CA 12345
Resume Summary
Organized and efficient business manager with eight years of office manager experience. Oversees multiple departments’ projects and assignments with ease. Well-versed in mentoring and leading staff to successful outcomes for all projects.


  • Scheduling and project management
  • Budgeting
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Experienced with budgeting and forecasting department expenses

Work Experience


Office Manager, Example Company Inc., Los Angeles, CA, June 2018 – Present

  • Directed sales team, marketing team, and other junior staff
  • Managed budgeting of various projects
  • Conducted interviews and training protocols for new hires
  • Maintained steady inventory of office supplies, equipment, and resources for ongoing projects

Office Assistant, Example Company, Inc., Los Angeles, CA March 2014 – June 2018

  • Sorted and filed mail for senior staff members
  • Organized, ordered, and restocked office supplies and furniture to keep staff productive
  • Managed master calendar, smoothly balancing customer and workload demands
  • Updated accounting systems to keep accurate records of invoices, bills, and checks


Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute

FAQ: Business Manager Resume

Q: What is the difference between a business manager and a business owner?

These two roles are not quite the same. Sometimes, they can overlap. Start-up or other small business owners manage their businesses themselves. Business owners of larger corporations won’t be able to look after every part of the company. This is when they will need to hire business managers to manage specific departments, projects, or other important tasks for them.

Q: What is the difference between a resume and a CV?

A resume acts as a quick summary of your work history. Most resumes don’t extend past one or two pages. A CV (or curriculum vitae), on the other hand, is more focused on education. It is used for grants, postdoctoral positions, and teaching or research jobs.

In other words, a resume is more targeted for standard job applications and a CV is used for more education or research-based positions.

Q: Where can I find free resume templates?

If you need more resume samples or resume templates to use, ResumeHelp has a great resume builder tool to help you out. Construct the perfect resume for your next business manager position in just a few minutes!


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