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Engineering Students Resume Examples (With Template)

If you’re an engineering student who needs a good resume, use our tips and resume examples to get the job of your dreams.

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By Ho Lin 5 minute read

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Create a strong engineering student resume with these tips

As an engineering student, you are learning important skills that you’ll use in your chosen job field. Even if you have the education and skills necessary to get a job, you need to write a resume that best reflects your qualifications. Here’s how you can craft an engineering resume that shows off everything you’ve been learning.

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What to highlight in an engineering student resume

The skills and experience you should highlight in your resume will depend on what engineering niche you’re part of. Your options may include mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering, software engineering, biomedical engineering or others. On your resume, be sure to highlight technical skills and knowledge that are related to the specific engineering job you’re applying to.

How to write an engineering student resume

The resume examples that will be most useful to you will depend on your resume format. There are typically three resume formats: chronological, functional and combination. These highlight your work history, skills, and both work history and skills, respectively. As a student with less specific work experience, you may find that the functional resume works best. Regardless of the resume format you choose, your resume will include the following sections.


A resume header includes your name, phone number, email address and any job networking profiles such as LinkedIn. In most resume templates, the header will include a bit of extra design to draw attention to your contact information.

Resume summary or objective

Your resume summary or resume objective is a short two-to-three-sentence paragraph that gives a general overview of your best work experience, certifications and achievements. For an engineering student, this may include engineering projects you’ve worked on or other achievements that would convince a recruiter to hire you.


Because there are so many engineering niches out there, the skills to include in your resume skills section will depend mainly on the particular job you’re applying to. Here are a few major skills you should consider including:

  • Software (AutoCAD, SolidWorks)
  • Extensive Microsoft Office knowledge
  • Programming languages (MATLAB, HTML, Java, Python, CSS)
  • Creating prototypes
  • Project management
  • Problem-solving skills

Note that you should include both soft skills and hard skills on your engineering student resume. Both types of skills are important, especially in engineering fields where you’ll regularly work with or lead a team.

Work history

As an engineering student, you probably don’t have many years of experience. If you’re looking for an entry-level job, you need to include any engineering internships, personal projects you’ve completed, relevant coursework and volunteer work.


In your education section, list your college education; if you haven’t graduated yet, list your expected date of completion. Do not include your GPA unless requested. Remember to add any specialized coursework you’ve had that applies to the job you want, as well as graduation honors like cum laude or making the Dean’s List.

Engineering student resume do's and don'ts

check sign Do's
  • Use action verbs to describe your skills and show what you’ve actually done with your talents.
  • Look at resume samples before you write your resume. ResumeHelp has an entire resume examples section where you can find engineering resumes for reference.
  • Highlight important accomplishments while studying engineering in school. This includes any relevant projects.
close sign Don'ts
  • Include your high school experience on your resume. If you’ve graduated from college, every recruiter will know you graduated high school.
  • Include skills just to include skills. Highlight skills that you excel at, that are featured in the job description.
  • List “basic computer skills” on your resume. Engineering students are expected to have specialized computer knowledge, so feature it in your resume.

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FAQ: Engineering student resumes

Have questions? We’re here to help.

A cover letter is a great way to add more details about your top skills and background to your application. Plus, it gives you the chance to make a direct connection with your potential employer, and request a job interview. You can find an engineering cover letter example at ResumeHelp to help you pursue the job title you’re looking for.

Engineering students aren’t expected to have extensive professional experience, but you can still have a work history section on your resume. Include relevant experiences such as internships, academic, volunteer work and personal projects to demonstrate that you can use your skills effectively.

The best way to customize your engineering student resume is to include specific resume keywords. These keywords can be found in each job posting (just look at the skills and other major attributes the employer lists) and reflect what a recruiter is expecting from a  job applicant. If you include these keywords in your resume, your resume will successfully get read by the applicant tracking systems (ATS) that employers use on every incoming resume to make sure they meet certain criteria before a hiring manager looks at it.

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