Production Supervisor Resume Examples for This Year

A production supervisor needs to know how to handle many different production schedules. How do you show your skills off in a resume for an application?



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  1. Production Supervisor Resume Example
  2. What to Highlight in a Production Supervisor Resume
  3. The Structure of a Production Supervisor Resume
  4. Do’s and Don’ts for a Production Supervisor Resume
  5. FAQ: Production Supervisor Resumes
Production Supervisor Resume Example
Production Supervisor Resume Example
Production Supervisor Resume Example

Production Supervisor Resume Example

A production supervisor is responsible for managing an entire production floor. Whether it’s overseeing specific processes, ensuring that the production line is moving appropriately, or keeping workers to quality standards, the production supervisor is an important part of a production floor. If you’re planning to apply as a production supervisor, here’s a production supervisor resume example that can help you craft your own.


What to Highlight in a Production Supervisor Resume

Understanding what to emphasize in your resume is key to making the most of the small amount of space you have to list everything in your resume. It’s most important that you show off an eye for detail and any previous experiences that show off skills related to the job you want. You should also show that you have a detailed understanding of production manager duties, as well as how production for a specific industry works.

The Structure of a Production Supervisor Resume

Your resume structure will partially depend on your resume format. Because a production supervisor needs to have plenty of experience, you’ll probably want to use the chronological format. After you’ve worked out your resume format, you can include these sections to lay out your skills and experience.
The resume header is part of your resume design. This is where you include your full name, contact information, including your phone number, and professional social media links, such as your LinkedIn profile.
Resume s or objective
At the very top of your resume should be your resume summary or resume objective. This is a two to three-sentence paragraph that quickly goes over all your years of experience and competencies; it should give a hiring manager the key information about why you’re the right person for the role. A resume objective emphasizes skills and career goals, which makes it better suited for first-time job seekers.

Production supervisors need a wide array of skills to help the businesses they work for. Here are just a few of those skills. For your skills section, feature abilities that match up with what the specific job is looking for:

  • Maintaining production schedules
  • Understanding process improvement initiatives
  • Handling quality assurance audits
  • General inventory management
  • ISO certification and compliance
  • Problem-solving 
  • Meeting production goals
  • Doing root cause analysis
  • Teamwork and team-building exercises
  • Communication 
  • Knowledge of company policies and operating procedures
  • Taking corrective action when there’s an issue
  • Managing daily production quotients
  • Decision-making 
  • Disciplining workers as needed
  • Preparing for downtime
  • Working with human resources
  • Kaizen business philosophy
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Production software (Kronos, Microsoft Office Suite, SAP, Oracle)
  • Working with manufacturing operations
  • Onboarding new employees
  • Handling high product flow
  • Production planning and project management
  • Avoiding quality issues and handling quality control

Work history

Your work experience section needs to show that you have experience within this sector. List up to the last ten years of work experience, including supervisory positions and positions focusing on product quality. List your experiences in reverse-chronological order, with the most relevant and recent positions first.
You’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in a field like business administration to succeed as a production supervisor. You can also list certifications like Six Sigma certification to showcase that you’re invested in continuous improvement in your skills.

Do’s and Don’ts for a Production Supervisor Resume


  • Emphasize specific skills that are in the job description. This can help you show off elements of yourself that a company is actively looking for.
  • List skills that you’re specifically proud of. You should never pad your resume with skills that you’re not extremely good at.
  • Check out other resume examples to get a general understanding of what hiring managers want to see in a production supervisor resume. This can help with wording, structure, and certifications.


  • Overuse jargon in your resume. The hiring manager who reads your resume might not have an in-depth understanding of production supervisor terms.
  • Talk poorly about previous employers or their products. In your resume, you should only mention experiences that you personally took pride in.
  • Mention previous employers’ actions that might be a violation of OSHA or related laws. It’s your duty to make sure the production area is safe, so you should never imply that you might make a workplace unsafe.

FAQ: Production Supervisor Resumes

Q: Do I need to include a cover letter for a production supervisor application?

Yes. A cover letter is an incredibly important part of any job application, especially jobs that are more high-level, such as a production supervisor. Cover letters let you talk directly to a hiring manager, request a job interview, and show that you really care about getting the job. For expert templates and guidance to create your cover letter, use the ResumeHelp cover letter builder to create it.

Q: Can I write a production supervisor resume without a lot of experience?

A production supervisor needs to have experience, typically at least two to five years’ worth. However, this can mean relevant experience in a work environment similar to the one that you’ll be supervising. This can include internship experience, work as a production assistant or production worker, and academic experience. Utilizing any experience that shows off the right achievements and skills can help strengthen your production manager resume.

Q: How do I change my production supervisor resume to apply to different jobs?

The best way to apply to multiple jobs with the same basic production supervisor resume sample is to keep resume keywords in mind. These are in the job description (e.g., skills and requirements the employer lists for the job), and they show what the recruiter is looking for. If you’re able to address these keywords in your resume, you’ll be more likely to get an interview.


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