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Digital marketing requires that you’re always on the cutting edge. How can you show that in your resume?



Table of Contents

  1. Digital Marketing Resume Example
  2. Digital Marketing Resume Samples
  3. Jobs That Can Use Digital Marketing Resumes
  4. Important Elements for Digital Marketing Resumes
  5. Digital Marketing Resume Examples You Can Use
  6. Tips for Creating Your Digital Marketing Resume
  7. FAQ: Digital Marketing Resume Example

Digital Marketing Resume Example

Digital Marketing Resume Example
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Digital Marketing Resume Samples

Digital marketing refers to any marketing endeavor that’s performed online. In fact, many marketing campaigns are entirely digital these days. With so many strategies and content management concepts to know as a digital marketing specialist, here’s how you can present your best qualifications in a digital marketing resume, using these tips and resume examples.

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Jobs That Can Use Digital Marketing Resumes

If you’re hoping to get a job in any of these areas, you could benefit from a digital marketing resume:

  • Email marketing expert
  • SEO expert
  • Online marketing specialist
  • E-commerce expert
  • Content marketing expert
  • Marketing team member
  • Digital marketing manager
  • General marketing professionals

If your job involves selling something online, you may be considered a digital marketing specialist or expert, depending on experience. 

Important Elements for Digital Marketing Resumes

So, what are recruiters looking for when you write your digital marketing manager resume? Here are some important elements to include in your resume.
Resume summary or objective
The first section that a recruiter will typically read in any resume format is the resume summary or resume objective. It showcases your absolute best achievements and metrics in a 2-3 sentence paragraph. Although it’s positioned at the very top of your resume, we suggest you write it after your resume is completed. That way, you can look through your information and highlight your best resume skills and achievements. An impressive summary or objective convinces the hiring manager to continue reading.
Work history

Even if you’re applying for an entry-level job position, the experience section is where you prove your qualification for the job. If you have little relevant work experience, include volunteer, academic and internship experience that features skills and achievements that apply to the job. Skills This section helps hiring managers determine whether you have the skills to meet the job requirements. Here are some  digital marketing skills to consider:

  • Social media
  • Google Analytics and Google Ads
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Brand awareness
  • Conversion rates
  • Content writing
  • Digital media marketing
  • Project management
  • Digital marketing campaign management
  • Automation
  • Creating email campaigns
  • Basic HTML
  • Lead generation
  • Market research
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns

Narrow down your skills to the best hard skills and soft skills you possess. You’ll generally want to Include 5-6 digital marketing skills that show off your marketing experience.

In this section, include your highest level of education completed, the year you graduated and your field of study, such as business administration or marketing communications. If you are still in school, include your expected date of graduation and your field of study.
Listing any related certifications you have like the Google Analytics IQ Certification and Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification can be an effective way for you to show off your abilities with specific tools, especially if the company you’re applying to requires the use of these tools.

Digital Marketing Resume Examples You Can Use

In your digital marketing resume, you’d want to use the right wording and structuring to best highlight your marketing skills. ResumeHelp’s digital marketing resume examples can offer you a great start in writing your resume. Find examples in a similar marketing role as yours, so you can benefit from how others have organized their resumes.

Tips for Creating Your Digital Marketing Resume

Here are a few tips for writing your digital marketing resume:

  • Don’t just focus on a single element of digital marketing. Most digital marketing jobs require a broad spectrum of skills, so it’s important that you list relevant skills on your resume.
  • Use resume templates to create a better resume. It gives you a great advantage over other candidates by using the ResumeHelp resume templates.
  • Make sure your resume includes the resume sections listed in this article. They’re the sections that hiring managers (as well as the applicant tracking systems (ATS) they use to scan resumes) are looking for.

FAQ: Digital Marketing Resume Example

Q: Do I need to submit a cover letter with digital marketing resumes?

It’s always a good idea to submit a cover letter alongside your digital marketing resume. You can use ResumeHelp to find a digital marketing cover letter example that you can use to create a better job application. Submitting both a cover letter and a resume is crucial if you want to ensure your job application is as complete as possible.

Q: Can I get a digital marketing job with no experience?

You may not necessarily need specific experience in the digital marketing field to get a job. However, if you lack direct work experience, rely on your other assets, such as your education, skills, internships, volunteer work or other work experience.

Q: Is it a good idea to change my digital marketing resume for every job posting?

Yes. You should never submit the same resume to different job postings. Personalizing your resume with keywords that match the specific job listing makes it more likely to be passed along to a hiring manager. Learn how to add resume keywords to your resume so it will effectively be read by an ATS, which is programmed to search for resume keywords that match keywords in the job posting.


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