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Best Sales Manager Cover Letter Example for 2024

Getting a managerial sales position is a challenge. Give yourself the best chance possible with an effective sales manager cover letter using our cover letter template.

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By Donna Wright 3 minute read

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Sales manager cover letter example

Sales manager cover letter example

Sales manager cover letter sample

Any open sales manager position is going to attract many candidates. You need to demonstrate that you fit the role in a way that sets you apart from other applicants. To do so, your job application should include a professional resume and an effective cover letter that highlights your strengths as both a salesperson and a manager.

This guide will show you:

  • Why a cover letter is a vital aspect of your job application
  • Some tips for writing your sales manager cover letter
  • An example of a fantastic cover letter sample to use


Build my cover letter

Great sales manager cover letter example

It can be overwhelming to generate your cover letter from scratch, so it’s a good idea to look for inspiration from an example. Here’s a sample for you to use.

[Header: see below]

[Today’s Date]

[XYZ Company Address]
[Phone Number]


Dear Hiring Manager (e.g., Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms.),

I am writing to apply for the sales manager role at [company name]. With my proven track record of leading sales teams that smash sales goals with innovative sales strategies, I am confident I would be a valuable asset to your organization.

In my previous role at [company name], I was proud to lead a successful sales team for more than X years. Using my well-established leadership skills, the sales department experienced significant sales growth each year. It’s my passion to support my sales staff. I have polished my communication skills to help them excel in their roles and provide the encouragement needed in a competitive yet collaborative workplace.

During my time at [company name], my team accomplished the following:

  • Sales performance is often based on certain metrics. Use this opportunity to list the figures that support your claims and give credibility to your experience as a sales manager.
  • Over 20% increase in revenue in three consecutive years
  • An employee retention rate of over 90%

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing from [University name], finishing in the top 10% of my class and graduating with honors.

With my developed sales manager skills and years of experience, I am confident of my suitability for the role and relish the opportunity to work for a company with ambitious expansion plans that match my own passion for growth.

Thank you for taking the time to review my application. Please find attached my professional resume for a more in-depth account of my work history and achievements. I look forward to speaking with you to discuss the role further.


[Your name]

Cover letter tips using this example

Use these tips in conjunction with our cover letter builder to create a strong letter you can add to your job application and land an interview.  These steps are vital to creating a great first impression for your potential employer. Here are five tips for a strong cover letter:

1. Include your contact information in the header

You should make it as easy as possible for the recruiter to contact you. Include your basic information at the top of the page in your header, so it is immediately visible. Here are the contact details you should include:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Professional profile or portfolio links, such as a LinkedIn profile

2. Always tailor your cover letter

You should tailor each cover letter to the job posting provided. Avoid being generic, and use specific keywords from the job description (e.g., skills and experiences the employer is looking for) in your cover letter.  You’re more likely to impress your potential employer and land a job interview by demonstrating that you’ve put time into your cover letter, and show you understand what the employer wants.

3. Introduce yourself with your major achievements

Get immediately to the point by outlining your career highlights in a concise paragraph. As a sales manager, you should reference your proven track record in managing successful sales teams. This quickly frames you as a viable candidate for the hiring manager.

4. Explain why you are the perfect fit

Build on your intro in the main body of your cover letter. You should give specifics to show why you will be a great fit in the company based on your skills and experience. You can also use bullet points to provide highlights from your previous roles, to keep things concise. It’s also good to comment on how your goals and objectives align with those of your potential employer.

5. End with a call to action

Sign off by thanking the recruiter for their time, but include a call to action. This could be a request for a phone call or simply stating that you look forward to discussing the opportunity in an interview. This shows you are eager to continue with the application process.

Build my cover letter

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FAQ: Sales Manager Cover Letter Example

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Yes, you should always include a cover letter with your application to accompany your sales manager resume. It is an opportunity to differentiate yourself as a candidate. If you’re struggling with ideas, use the ResumeHelp cover letter builder to get started.

As a general rule, your cover letter should be around three-quarters of a page. If you follow our cover letter guidelines, you should have no trouble keeping it to this length. Remember, a cover letter is still a prelude to an interview, so you should not be detailing every aspect of your career.

It will be a challenge to land a managerial position without managerial experience. However, this template still works. Just highlight any experiences you’ve had in other jobs or even internships and volunteer positions that display experiences and skills. It is important that you establish your managerial credibility so if you don’t have the experience, help draw the line for the hiring manager in other ways.

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Donna Wright Profile
WRITTEN BY Donna Wright

Donna is a career expert with extensive experience in the fields of Marketing, Publishing, Direct Mail and Communications. She’s witnessed firsthand the importance of a powerful resume and cover letter to a job search, so she takes great pride in helping change the lives of job seekers by sharing expert career advice and tips to help land the perfect job.

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