Write the Perfect Teacher Cover Letter with These Examples

Writing a solid cover letter is a crucial part of your job application for a teacher position. Follow our examples and tips to write the perfect teacher cover letter.



Table of Contents

  1. Teacher Cover Letter Example
  2. Teacher Cover Letter Sample
  3. Why Is a Teacher Cover Letter Important?
  4. How Long Should a Teacher Cover Letter Be?
  5. Elements of an Ideal Teacher Cover Letter
  6. FAQ: Teacher Cover Letter

Teacher Cover Letter Example

Teacher Cover Letter Example
Teacher Cover Letter Example
Teacher Cover Letter Example
Teacher Cover Letter Example

Teacher Cover Letter Sample

When applying for a teaching position, your cover letter can be every bit as important as your resume. A recruiter will consider both documents before deciding whether or not to invite you to a job interview and will expect your cover letter to help fill in any gaps in your resume. In short, your teaching cover letter is a great opportunity to clearly state why you are the best candidate for any teaching role you apply for. 

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Why Is a Teacher Cover Letter Important?

While your resume is a key part of any job application, it only provides a snapshot of who you are. A great cover letter lets you provide important context and expand upon important information while displaying your communication skills. You can also use this document as an opportunity to clearly show the value that you would bring to the school and teaching staff. Of course, how persuasive hiring managers find your cover letter will depend partly on your writing skills. Using some cover letter tips can help you to really make an impression.

How Long Should a Teacher Cover Letter Be?

As with a resume, brevity is important for a cover letter. The average cover letter should be between 250 and 400 words in length and be made up of three to four paragraphs. This should take up between half a page and one full page. Unless you have a lot of relevant and important information to discuss, you should make your cover letter concise. For more inspiration, see ResumeHelp cover letter samples that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

Elements of an Ideal Teacher Cover Letter

An example cover letter is a specimen or exemplar of a cover letter that was previously successful in securing a job posting. ResumeHelp has cover letter samples and examples for most fields; considering both cover letter and resume examples can be very beneficial. The standard teacher cover letter example will consist of:
This should contain the full name of the job seeker and their contact information.
The ideal salutation addresses a specific person rather than a generic opening like “To whom it may concern” or “Dear hiring manager”.
Two or three body paragraphs
The body of a good cover letter should cover years of experience, key achievements, and an acknowledgment of the specific job posting in question. There should also explain why you want to work for the school or organization, and a persuasive argument about how you can be the right person for that teaching job.
Closing paragraph
This should include a short closing statement reiterating your enthusiasm for the position and a call to action such as “I look forward to hearing from you,” to invite follow-up contact.
A professional sign-off such as “Yours sincerely” should be used. When you look at example cover letters for your job search, you should consider the type of position you want to apply for and the seniority of the position. For example, do you want to work as an elementary school teacher or a high school teacher? Try to find a teacher cover letter sample that matches the teaching job you want to apply for as closely as possible; if you specialize in elementary education, then a high school teacher cover letter probably won’t be as useful to you. Once you have one or two examples, read them thoroughly to see what kind of achievements they talk about and what they highlight in a job seeker’s skill-set. Do they focus on lesson plans, years of teaching experience, certifications, special education, the values of the school, or the wider concerns of the school district? These are all things that you should consider mentioning in your letter.
When it comes to writing your cover letter, remember to make it unique; do not just repeat information from your resume, and don’t copy and paste from example cover letters. Instead, tweak the information you have to suit the job posting that you are applying for. You can ensure that the body of your cover letter is coherent and persuasive by centering each paragraph on one idea. Once you do this, all that’s left is formatting; keep your font choice professional, your margins at around one inch, and make use of formatting tools like bullet points to create adequate white space. Combining good cover letter examples with high-quality cover letter templates can make the process of creating your teacher cover letter much easier. ResumeHelp has a free cover letter builder which comes with a range of eye-catching templates.

FAQ: Teacher Cover Letter

Q: How should I format my teacher cover letter?

Choose a standard professional font like Calibri or Arial, and keep the font size between 10.5 and 12 to ensure readability. Use the same font for both your cover letter and your resume, and ensure that there is enough white space as well as appropriate margins of, ideally, one inch all around. 

Q: What are some common mistakes to avoid when writing a teacher cover letter?

Some of the most common mistakes made by those writing a school teacher cover letter are failing to proofread and simply repeating information from their resume. These simple mistakes can ruin even the most professional cover letter.

Q: How can I make my teacher cover letter stand out?

In order to stand out from the crowd, provide more details about your skills in your cover letter. Highlight successes with your teaching methods or achievements from previous positions. If you have a particularly good reference from a previous school, then you can also mention this. 

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