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  1. Data Scientist Resume Example
  2. Data Scientist Resume Examples
  3. What Is a Data Scientist Resume?
  4. What To Include in Data Science Resumes
  5. Data Scientist Resume Sample
  6. FAQ: Data Scientist Resume Examples

Data Scientist Resume Example

Data Scientist Resume Example

Data Scientist Resume Examples

Data scientists must be adept in many different skill sets. Not only do they need to understand data sets and algorithms, but they are required to be proficient at data visualization using tools such as Python and SQL.

Having a strong resume will help you stand out to recruiters for jobs in this field, including data analysis, data modeling, and other data scientist jobs. ResumeHelp can get you there with resume examples based on your industry!

What Is a Data Scientist Resume?

The bulk of a data scientist resume should present your accumulation of work experience, skills and certifications. Not only does it show your years of experience, but it also demonstrates to the hiring manager the metrics of your qualifications to be a data scientist.

What To Include in Data Science Resumes

Data science resumes should follow the typical professional resume format unless otherwise stated in the job description or by the recruiter. ResumeHelp has various resume templates available based on your industry of interest.

There are five key sections that you must include in your resume: your contact information, a resume summary section, an experience section, a skills section, and an education section.

1. Contact information

Your contact information should include your full name, phone number, and address. You can also include professional online profiles, such as LinkedIn.

2. Resume summary

This section should be a strong introduction to your background and skills, all within a few sentences. It can be particularly good for highlighting your biggest strengths and even listing certifications. Think of this as a sales pitch, where you are pitching your own value to recruiters.

3. Experience section

Keep this section relevant to what your recruiters are looking for in the job description. In addition to professional experiences, you can also include related activities such as research or start-up opportunities, data science projects, and certifications.

In addition to this, quantify your experiences. How long have you been working here? How many people did you work with? How many data sets have you dealt with? Have you helped tackle any business problems using your proficiency in data science? Provide details about your experience, but keep it concise.

4. Skills section

Your skills section is one of the most important items on your resume, next to your work experience. This section should be written in bullet points, not listed out as sentences.

It is good to include both soft skills and technical skills in this list. Technical skills can be practical skills, such as “analyzing data algorithms”. Soft skills are interpersonal skills that can speak to your personal qualities, such as problem-solving and critical thinking. Remember that relevance to the industry is key.

5. Education section

Your education section should include your highest education credential, whether it’s high school or college-level education. If you are currently a student, you can include an expected graduation year.

Data Scientist Resume Sample

The following is a data scientist resume example. The content may vary depending on what the hiring manager is looking for. If you are having trouble starting your resume, use this sample for inspiration. ResumeHelp can also help you craft your perfect resume with our online resume builder.

Jane Doe

(123) 456-7890

San Francisco, California

Graduate student seeking opportunities to work with large sets of data and data analytics. Aim to aid business models with data mining and interpretation, with an end goal on becoming a data engineer.

Graduate student seeking opportunities working with large sets of data and data analytics. Well-versed with business models, and usage of data mining and interpretation.


  • Data mining
  • Data analysis
  • GitHub machine learning models
  • Organizing and interpreting data sets
  • Proficient in Python, Java, SQL, and Hadoop
  • Sifting and combining big data sources for research reports
  • Problem-solving

Work Experience

Data Scientist

Microsoft, San Francisco, CA 2018-2020

  • Conducted data regression analyses of the relationship between house prices and house size
  • Managed hundreds of data sets, including competitor data and real-time changes to the house market prices
  • Utilized data regressions for predictive modeling of future house prices relative to house size
  • Routinely used Hadoop for large data computations


University of San Francisco 2017-2021

Bachelor of Computer Science


Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

San Francisco, CA. Issued 2021.

FAQ: Data Scientist Resume Examples

Q: What skills should I include in a data science resume?

The main takeaway for any skills section in a resume is relevancy. You want to ensure that you are not just showing off a bunch of skills that you have accumulated over time. Keep your skill section list narrowed to the most critical abilities that apply to the job you want.

You can look at other related data science resumes and job postings for inspiration. Try to think of what hiring managers are looking for. Some examples of relevant data science skills are:

  • Data visualization
  • Data mining algorithms
  • Programming languages (such as Python and Java)
  • SQL
  • Data modeling

Q: Should I include courses in my resume?

You can most certainly include courses in your resume if you feel it would give you a leg up on the competition. However, unless you were involved in unique studies, including your top education credentials and experiences speaks more to recruiters than a list of courses.

Most people seeking data science jobs have taken many computer sciences, data modeling, statistics, and programming classes, but it’s better off featuring them on a separate linked profile, such as your LinkedIn page.

Q: Do data scientist jobs require cover letters?

Many jobs in 2022 require cover letters as part of the application. It never hurts to include a cover letter for your job. ResumeHelp can help you get started on your cover letter with our cover letter builder and examples!


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