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Free CNA Cover Letter Examples & How-To Guide

Write a CNA cover letter in minutes with our professional CNA cover letter samples, tips and resources.

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Writing tips and CNA cover letter examples

A certified nursing assistant, or CNA, is a job that requires hard work and attention to detail. The hiring manager will use the cover letter to screen job seekers who have these attributes before they ever even read your resume. A great cover letter will increase your chances of getting an interview. If you are ready to apply for a CNA position, then write your resume first with ResumeHelp’s Resume Builder. Then use your resume as the basis to write your cover letter in our Cover Letter Builder.

This guide will show you:

  • Why the cover letter is so important to the CNA job application process
  • Simple steps to write your own CNA cover letter in just minutes
  • CNA cover letter examples that you can use

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Free CNA cover letter example

This CNA cover letter sample can be used as a template for your own cover letter.

[Today’s Date]

[XYZ Company Address]

[Phone Number]


Dear Hiring Manager (e.g., Mr./Mrs./Ms. Smith),

I am a recent graduate of XYZ University who is dedicated to the nursing field. I am pursuing a position as a certified nursing assistant at XYZ hospital to use my skills and passion to increase the quality of care for patients. I am interested in applying for the CNA position advertised on XYZ website.

I was referred to the position by my internship coordinator [Name], who recommended me for this job based on the high level of care I provided to my patients during my internship at XYZ care facility in [Date]. I assisted in patient recovery processes by conducting the following tasks:

  • Checking and reporting vital signs of patients
  • Maintaining accurate patient records
  • Answering patient calls and escalating emergencies to the proper personnel
  • Monitoring and reporting issues in a time-sensitive environment

I am interested in XYZ hospital’s nursing assistant program because of the reputation the hospital has for providing patients with first class care. With my educational background and prior clinical experience, I believe that I would be able to greatly contribute to XYZ Company in the nursing position while honing my nursing skills further.

I believe that my medical center experience, education in healthcare, and natural strengths in patient care make me a great fit for this position. I’m looking forward to furthering my nursing skills as a certified nursing assistant at XYZ hospital. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to discussing the position further in an interview or phone call.



[Your Full Name]

Five tips for writing your CNA cover letter

1. Make sure to make a new cover letter for each job you apply to. 

This way, you can incorporate relevant keywords and connect to the details of each position. For example, look at the job description, pick out phrases that underline the primary skills and attributes needed for the position (e.g., “Active Nursing License/Certification”) and address them in your letter. This may seem like a lot of work, but it is the key to making a great first impression on the hiring manager. Follow these four simple writing tips to create the perfect cover letter in just minutes.

2. Use your introduction to highlight your achievements.

Begin with an introduction to tell the hiring manager or recruiter why you are a great candidate for the role. Provide more details on special qualities or nursing skills you have featured on your resume. Use bullet points to make statements short and impactful. You can include a description of recent experience you have had that is relevant to the role, a personal reference or your motivation for pursuing the position.

3. Tell the hiring manager more about why you’re a good fit for the job.

Let the hiring manager know why you are interested in the job and what makes you qualified to do it. Include soft skills or interpersonal skills you have that make you an excellent candidate. For an assistant nurse job, soft skills are important to working in a team environment, such as in a hospital. Some soft CNA skills you might list in this section include:

4. Close out with a call to action.

Close out your CNA cover letter with a call to action. Request a follow-up interview or phone call. The ideal closing paragraph will include:

  • Gratitude for the hiring manager’s consideration of you for the job
  • A reminder of why you are the best candidate for the role
  • A request for an interview or an opportunity to further discuss the available position

5. Put your contact information in the header of your cover letter.

Including your contact information in the header of your cover letter is the best way to make sure the hiring manager will see it. You want to make it easy for the hiring manager to reach out to you to schedule an interview. In your header, include the following information:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Professional profile or portfolio links, such as your LinkedIn profile
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More cover letter and resume resources

Use our expert resources and tools to make your CNA job application stand out.

FAQ: CNA cover letters

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Always craft a new cover letter for each position you apply to. This allows you to customize the details to align your experience and skills with the job description. It will help the hiring manager to see why you are the perfect candidate for the role. It also gives you an opportunity to fill in the gaps in your CNA resume. This is helpful if you have moved to a new area or made a career change that requires explanation. While a professional resume is key, a cover letter can provide a more personal element that helps the hiring manager get to know you.

Aim to make your cover letter about half a page to one page long. This will typically be about 250-400 words. If your cover letter is too long, then try incorporating more bullet points where you are using long paragraphs. Call attention to the highlights of your career. You can always elaborate on the details during your interview.

Use the cover letter tips above to organize your information to show your best traits for a CNA position. A cover letter for a CNA will tell the hiring manager about:

  • Who you are
  • Why you are interested in the CNA position
  • Why you are a good fit for the role
  • Your enthusiasm for discussing the position further via an interview or conversation

If you are a recent graduate without much experience, then you can still use this exact cover letter format to get a job. Following the example, use academic, volunteer, or internship experiences to showcase your skills and talents to apply for a CNA position.

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