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Physician Cover Letter Examples and Tips

Use ResumeHelp physician cover letter examples along with writing tips from career experts to create a professional cover letter for your physician job search.

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Physician cover letter example: text version

Use this physician cover letter example to create your own professional cover letter for any medical job.

[Sender Name]
[Sender Address and email]

[Today’s Date]

[Company Address]
[Phone Number]

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms.Name,

I’m writing to express interest in the orthopedic physician assistant position at [medical center]. I am currently completing my postgraduate program at [university]. I am searching for a PA position to fill my CME credits. In my most recent position at XYZ Hospital in [city], I was responsible for:

  • Inpatient and outpatient care
  • Prescribing medications
  • Ordering lab tests and x-rays
  • Assisting in surgery

I am eager to find a position where I can broaden my skill set in this medical discipline. I was referred to the position by my [referral source] as he knows I have a special interest in orthopedics.

[Discuss skills and background.]
I am committed to healthcare, furthering my training and skills, and improving the lives of patients. I take pride in my attention to detail and personal connection to patients. I am a team player who values helping others. I would be honored to be a part of the work at [medical center].

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to discussing the position further via phone [phone number] or email [email address].


[Your Full Name]

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Physician cover letter: 5 key tips

Here are five key tips you need to know to highlight your medical credentials in your cover letter.


Start with background and skill highlights

Depending on the medical doctor job you’re applying for, you will begin your cover letter with a brief background of your career history. This may include your best, most relevant skills from your career, or your top experiences. Did your recent rotation working in the emergency department, diagnosing and treating 37+ patients during a 12-hour shift, land you recognition for efficiency, accurate diagnoses and a favorable patient rating? State your most impressive accomplishments right away to get the reader’s attention and quickly stand out from other job candidates.


Spell out your credentials and achievements

In addition to your education, grades and licenses, be sure to highlight your relevant work-related accolades. Were you presented with puzzling symptoms of a patient and your medical research skills led you to find an accurate diagnosis of a rare medical ailment? Did you recommend a patient immediately see a specialist, thereby saving the person’s life and getting you recognized in the medical group’s annual newsletter? Your medical degree puts you in line with all other physician applicants but your notable achievements is what will make you stand out during the hiring process.


Focus on how you can make a positive impact in the job

If you’re applying to a specific medical facility whether a clinic, hospital or office setting, do your research to learn as much as possible about the prospective employer. Browse their website or social media to read up on the latest press releases, customer testimonials or posts. What caught your attention that makes you believe that you will fit in the culture and mission and contribute to the organization's success? In your cover letter, emphasizing these points shows that you’re not just sending the same cover letter with every job application, but instead have taken the time to learn about the specific medical institution.


Present a mix of hard and soft skills

While a physician’s education and experience is a must-have requirement, prospective employers will also be looking for a mixture of hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills (technical) like medical knowledge, research, diagnosis, treatment and medical reporting are necessary to perform the job of a physician but soft skills like good communication, problem-solving and resilience are just as important. A physician needs to be a confident, quick thinker and display solid interpersonal skills with patients and their families, as well as with medical staff and administrative team members.


Proofread for grammar and accuracy

You already know that attention to detail is crucial for a physician. Don’t forget to proofread your cover letter for typos before you submit it along with your physician resume and job application. Writing about excellent "patent care" rather than "patient care," or noting that you’ve been named in “medical journals” when you’ve actually been named in medical email newsletters can reflect poorly on you. Accuracy counts during a job search. If you’re short on time, ask a friend or colleague to review your letter. Better yet, use our Cover Letter Builder and its built-in spell check tools.

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Write a physician cover letter in 5 steps

As a practicing physician, you already demonstrated the intelligence, diligence and motivation to complete medical school, so with a little time and effort, you can demonstrate your outstanding medical knowledge and hands-on experience to a potential employer through a strong cover letter. Reference our physician cover letter examples on this page and then write your letter following these five steps:

1. Cover letter header/contact information

Your header is important for a few reasons. First, it prominently provides your name in a larger more bolded font so the reader knows who the job candidate is. Secondly, including your phone number and email address allows the hiring manager, recruiter or prospective employer to quickly get the information needed to contact you for a job interview. It also helps to include any professional networking links such as Linkedin. As you would typically see in a business letter, also list the hiring manager’s contact information, company, job title and address below your information.


Your Name
Your address
City, State Zip code
Your email address
Your phone number


Hiring manager’s name
Company name
Company address
City, State Zip code

2. Cover letter salutation/greeting

When addressing your cover letter speak directly to the hiring manager’s name. It’s better to personalize the letter to a specific person, rather than using a generic salutation like “Dear Hiring Manager” or “To Whom It May Concern.” If finding their name proves difficult, you can address the letter to the department or human resources. For example:

Dear Ms. Davis,
Dear Mr. Davis,
Dear Dr. Davis,

3. Opening paragraph/introduction

Use the first paragraph to quickly introduce yourself and your achievements with a “hook.” What inspired your genuine interest in the medical profession? Dig deep and say what makes you right for the specific physician position you’re applying for. Be specific and concise. Use bullet points to highlight your biggest achievements in the medical field or key factors that make you the best physician candidate for the role.

From the time I witnessed my seven year-old twin sister get hit by an automobile in 2005 and was mesmerized by the process of her diagnosis, surgery, recovery and successful rehab, I was sure I would become an emergency room physician. Throughout my medical school rotations at Harper General Hospital in Cleveland, I was focused on specializing in ER work. Seeing your open role as an emergency room physician at St. Frances would be an extra exciting career opportunity for me, in addition to the fact that it was the hospital that my twin sister and I were born at, with each of us spending three weeks in the NICU.

4. Cover letter body paragraph(s)

Use the second paragraph to provide more information about how you’re the best fit for the physician job. Let the hiring manager know why you are interested in this job and what value you can bring to the hospital or other medical facility. Mention the specific required skills that you see in the job description so that your job application is flagged by the applicant tracking system (ATS) that is set up to select qualified physician job candidates through skills and experience in the form of skills and job requirements. In this section of your cover letter, it’s also a good place to include:

  • How did you learn about the physician position or your reference if you have one?
  • How do you plan to use your medical skills and background to not only meet but exceed the job requirements?

In my seven years of experience working in the medical field, I’ve been awarded Physician of the Month seven times at the Pinehurst Hospital for my effort with diagnosing, treating and offering compassionate care to cardiac patients and their families. Those skills plus my ability to work well with medical teams throughout the hospital makes me confident to say that I can achieve great results in the CCU at Winthrop Hospital as well. My diligence and research skills to find a diagnosis and accurately make a treatment plan are attributes I know are important to your medical establishment.

5. Cover letter closing

Use the third paragraph to include a call to action. This is where you can request a follow-up interview with the hiring manager or recruiter. Start by expressing your gratitude for their time and consideration. Then, remind them you are a good fit for the role. Finally, close out your cover letter with an invitation for the hiring manager to discuss the opportunity further with you via an interview or phone call. At the end, confirm that your contact information is accurate so the hiring manager can contact you.


Thank you for taking the time to consider my application. I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you further regarding how I can contribute my cardiac care skills to the continued success of Winthrop Hospital. I welcome the opportunity to offer my medical expertise within this field, through diagnosing and treating cardiac patients, and offering expertise in patient education. 

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Key skills for a physician cover letter

It’s an obvious fact that graduating from an accredited medical school gaining a medical license is mandatory for a physician; however, performing effective physician duties require an important set of skills to provide patients with care, compassion and an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Hard skills, such as identifying symptoms, diagnosing patients, creating treatment plans and performing medical procedures, are learned through education and on the job training. Soft skills like patience and the ability to work well with others are personality traits that each physician should possess to provide well rounded medical care.

Here are some physician skills you can mention in your own physician cover letter:

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Create your physician cover letter (and resume) with our help

If you want to build the most powerful physician cover letter and matching physician resume, try our builder tools, templates and examples to create your own letter in minutes. Here are some popular pages that you should look at:

Cover Letter Builder: Write your physician cover letter in minutes by using this amazing cover letter building tool.

Cover Letter Templates: Look through our library of industry-specific cover letter templates to use as base for your physician cover letter.

Cover Letter Examples: No need to write your physician cover letter from scratch when you can look at our huge selection of cover letter examples for different job roles and industries.

How to Format a Cover Letter: Learn how to professionally format your physician cover letter so it stands out and matches your resume design.

Physician Assistant Cover Letter Examples: If you’re applying as a physician assistant, these examples will show you how to make your cover letter stand out from the competition.

Medical Cover Letter Example and Template: If you’re not sure where to start to write a strong medical cover letter, take a look at the cover letter example on this page.

Doctor Resume Examples and Tips: Use this doctor resume example to write a medical doctor resume that helps you get the job.

Healthcare Resume Examples: This health care resume sample can be used as a foundation for a variety of health care jobs.

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FAQ: Physician cover letter

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Besides the obvious educational requirements needed to become a doctor, a powerful cover letter should include information that demonstrates your passion for the field, a glimpse into your personality and an explanation of makes you a great job candidate. Make the hiring manager see what you can offer the medical facility that other candidates won’t be able to offer. Align your career goals with that of the employer and specifically state how you can help the medical organization achieve its goals. Since most physician candidates will have acquired similar medical degrees, focus on your specific physician work experience and most impressive qualifications.

The most important items to include in your cover letter writing are:

  1. Opening paragraph: Catch attention quickly by hooking the reader with a clever statement summarizing your background, years of work experience and passion for the medical field.
  2. One or two body paragraphs: Boldly emphasize how your experience can help you exceed the requirements with show stopping medical experience, top-notch skills and major accomplishments.
  3. Closing paragraph: Thank the reader, reiterate the specific physician role, and most importantly, make a strong call to action for landing a job interview.

To learn how to effectively feature these items, read the cover letter physician examples on this page.

Yes. A cover letter shows the hiring manager or recruiter that you are excited about the new job opportunity. Picture twenty applicants who attended the same medical school. How do you decide who to call for an interview? What you explain to hiring managers in your cover letter about your skills and how you think you can fit in can give you a boost over the competition. Think of your physician cover letters as a more in-depth exploration of some of your resume highlights, after you write your resume.

The best cover letter will fill about 75 percent of the page. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but it also ensures that it is easy for the hiring manager to read and absorb information. You want your medical doctor cover letter to showcase your communication skills and convey your best attributes in short and sweet fashion. Look at the cover letter physician examples on this page to see how to write the ideal cover letter length.

While cover letters can have different design elements and aesthetics, it is important not to distract from the message. To create your own unique medical doctor cover letter while ensuring you have the best format and design to get the job, use the ResumeHelp Cover Letter Builder. Our builder comes with cover letter templates you can use to easily create a new cover letter for each specific job you apply to.

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