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How to Clean Up a Messy Resume Format: Q & A

Ho Lin Profile
By Ho Lin 3 minute read

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This week, we answer a few questions from readers with a common problem: Messy Resume Disease (MDR).

Too many problems?

I’m handing my resume off to my friends and family for editing help, and they’re telling me they don’t really know where to begin. They say my resume has so many problems, they need to prioritize the problems in order to offer me meaningful help. I’m not taking this as a good sign. What should I do?

Professional Services Can Help

First, consider engaging the help of a professional resume editor or else turn to the expert tools and resources at at our site. We always know where to begin! And a professional editor will too. Your friends and family may be overwhelmed by the task, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Just be patient with them, ask them to be patient with you, and tackle this one step at a time.

If a professional editor is not possible, consider using our Resume Builder. We provide step-by-step instructions, suggested content and will help you create a resume in just a few minutes.

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Grammar issues?

I didn’t do very well in my high school English classes, and I’m afraid I don’t know very much about the rules of grammar and diction. How can I fix resume mistakes that I can’t even recognize?

Find a Language Expert

Your spell check and grammar functions can be very useful, so make sure these are activated. These functions take some ridicule, and they certainly can’t do the job alone, but they’re a good place to start. You can also turn to any writers, editors, or job search experts you may have in your social and professional networks.

Visit at our site to create your resume from the ground up, or just keep your language as simple as possible so you can apply the grammar rules you remember.

Confusing details?

Every line of my resume makes perfect sense to me, but I’ve had several interviews in which employers asked me to clarify certain confusing details about my background. I haven’t been offered any of those jobs. How can I keep this from happening again?

Enlist Help

Get some outside help. Enlist readers, use at our site, and take notes. Whatever specifics these interviewers are asking for, the same questions will likely surface over and over until you get these issues straightened out. Try our simple-to-use Resume Builder to get started building a successful and professional resume.

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Ho Lin Profile

Ho Lin is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and editor with two decades of experience in content strategy, creation, and development. He holds a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from Johns Hopkins University and his background includes experience aiding military veterans as they transition to civilian careers.

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