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Free Executive Assistant Cover Letter Example: Writing Tips

Stand out from the crowd with the perfect executive assistant cover letter example to use.

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By Maria Correa 3 minute read

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Executive assistant cover letter sample

Some may say that executives are only as strong as their executive assistants. Executive assistants are like the right hand of company executives and provide high-level administrative support. With their help, executives can function to the best of their abilities.

Executive assistant positions share many clerical duties with other positions such as administrative assistants and personal assistants, although executive assistants also have extra high-level duties.

Executive assistant duties can include:

  • Making and receiving phone calls
  • Scheduling, rescheduling and canceling meetings
  • Organizing company files
  • Creating and sending memos
  • Interacting with visitors
  • Reviewing reports
  • Managing daily schedules
  • Creating, editing and reviewing spreadsheets
  • Organize travel arrangements, such as booking flights, hotels, etc.

A well-written cover letter increases your chances of landing a job interview. This is true whether you’re looking to land a new job as an entry-level executive assistant or want to advance your career and work experience.

This article will provide an example of an executive assistant cover letter sample. It will then go over what makes the cover letter work. Regardless of your level of experience, using the following tips will help with your cover letter writing.

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Free executive assistant cover letter sample

Dear Mr. Smith,

I’d like to express my interest in the Executive Assistant role at Mashable. I am currently an Office Manager & Executive Assistant to the COO at TechCrunch. I have over seven years of experience being an executive assistant at three companies in the San Francisco area. My previous executive assistant positions were for CEOs, COOs and presidents. My organizational skills and executive expertise can bring real value to Mashable.

Having worked at TechCrunch for over a year now, I have made valuable contributions to the company. I improved the company’s attendance management process by introducing a new attendance system. This allowed self-management of employees and made sure time off and other policies were respected. I used my professional skills to get my attendance system implemented. I did this by using my excellent communication, time management, and organizational skills. Before TechCrunch, I was the executive assistant to the President of TRX Training. Here, I was part of a very fast-paced business environment. I reduced executive-requested supply costs by 35% by negotiating with suppliers. This experience, along with my career history, allowed me to improve my professional skills and achieve results.

I look forward to the chance to speak more in person about my professional experiences and how they can benefit Mashable.

Ethan Davis

Tips for writing your executive assistant cover letter

The above cover letter example from Ethan is effective for many reasons. First, it follows the perfect cover letter format and page length of 1-page and is in the perfect word count range between 250 and 400 words for a job application. Second, this cover letter demonstrates the right approach over a cover letter format of three to four paragraphs:


First paragraph

This introductory paragraph is your introduction to the recruiter and future employer. It catches their attention with a hook that convinces them to read further. In Ethan’s case, his hook is mentioning his current employer, which is a competitor of Mashable.


Second paragraph

This body paragraph is where you show your competencies as an executive assistant. Also, this is where you convince hiring managers why you’re the best candidate for the position. Ethan does this by providing specific examples where he used them to achieve positive results.


Third paragraph

Use the closing paragraph to give the prospective employer a call to action, express your excitement over the job opportunity and thank the reader for their time. Ethan shows his motivation to work for Mashable and wants to show how his professional competencies can benefit them.

For more cover letter writing tips, check our How to Write a Cover Letter article.

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Use our tools and resources to create a strong job application.

FAQ: Executive assistant cover letter examples

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Yes. Executive Assistant cover letters are important because your executive assistant resume can only go so far. A cover letter gives you the chance to leave a great first impression on potential employers.

A cover letter allows you to communicate how your executive assistant skills fit the job description. Also, a well-written cover letter shows hiring managers your written communication skills. It gives them more details about what you can bring to the team and why they will benefit by bringing you on board. Here are some other great examples of cover letters you can use as a foundation for writing your executive assistant cover letter.

Most hiring managers prefer cover letters of one-half to three-quarters of a page in length.

Yes. Ethan’s cover letter is great because it focuses on examples that show his executive assistant skills. The focus isn’t on his years of experience. Review your work history to show similar examples. Use examples where you provided executive support that resulted in positive outcomes.

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Maria Correa Profile
WRITTEN BY Maria Correa

Maria Correa is a Puerto Rico-based Content Writer with ample background in digital marketing and copywriting. She graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a B.A. in English and enjoys making information accessible to others.

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