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Accounts Payable Cover Letter Examples to Get You Noticed

This cover letter template gives you all the inspiration you need to write your own cover letter that stands out. Check out our cover letter examples and resume examples to get you started.

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Accounts payable cover letter example

An accounts payable job isn’t an easy occupation; it requires excellent attention to detail and accuracy. A resume will outline all your relevant skills and experience, but you need a cover letter to go the extra mile and impress recruiters. An accounts payable cover letter example can show you how to inject enthusiasm and conviction into your job application and persuade a hiring manager why it’s a good idea to hire you.

We can help you create the perfect cover letter, fit for your account payable job search. We’ll show you cover letter templates and tips on how to be as professional and persuasive as possible including:

  • Examples and templates that help you create a great cover letter
  • Expert advice on how to create the right cover letter layout
  • How to fill out your cover letter with the right information
Accounts Payable Cover Letter Example

Writing tips: Account payable cover letter

Now that you have read the cover letter example, you may be wondering what makes this cover letter good and why you should use it as a template for your own.

1. Header

Your cover letter header contains your contact information. Include your telephone number, email address and links to your LinkedIn profile, personal website or online portfolio.

2. Salutation

Address your cover letter to the recruiter or hiring manager, using their name. Avoid generic greetings like “To whom it may concern.”

3. First paragraph

Introducing oneself with a hook is particularly engaging and can persuade the hiring manager to read on to find out how the applicant can live up to this claim. For example:

“I have been a supervisor in accounts payable for a mid-sized manufacturer for over five years and have initiated procedures to ensure verification of invoice accuracy and timely payment”

This incentivizes the reader to learn more about this job candidate. By leading off with your achievements, you have already proven why you meet the job requirements. In your first paragraph, you can also convey your excitement about the job role and mention how you learned of the opportunity.

4. Second paragraph

Here is where you will quickly explain why you should be considered for this position. Use data and quantifiable metrics to show the impact of your work. Give more information about how your skills and experience align with those in the job posting. This is also where you can expand on a relevant accomplishment from your resume or an interesting job relevant training.

Consider these action verbs for your accounts payable specialist cover letter:

  • Balanced
  • Coordinated
  • Managed
  • Organized
  • Reporedt
  • Tracked
  • Recorded
  • Negotiatde
  • Rectified
  • Verified

5. Third paragraph

By now, you have mentioned your experience and given background into your skills. Your third paragraph aims to tell the recruiter how you will use the skills to benefit their team and company. For example, “I can bring years of experience, communications skills and extensive accounting software knowledge to your team.”

Consider these resume skills for your accounts payable specialist cover letter:

  • Administration
  • Bookkeeping
  • Communication
  • Compliance
  • Expense reporting
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Processing invoices
  • Quality control
  • Quality assurance

6. Fourth paragraph

Use your fourth paragraph to close your letter and formally conclude what you have said. Summarize the contents of your letter and include a call to action reiterating the value you’ll bring to the company if you are hired.

Close your letter along the lines of: “I look forward to discussing what I could bring to this role in more detail with you,” encouraging the employer to get in touch with you.

Don’t be afraid to express enthusiasm for the role and be sure to thank the reader for reviewing your credentials.

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5 format and writing tips for an accounts payable specialist cover letter

Here are five key tips to formatting and writing an effective cover letter:


Use a professional font

Select a font that can easily be converted to PDF or read by an applicant tracking system (ATS). Complicated or overly detailed font options can sometimes be turned into blank boxes or other illegible characters and misread by the system. We recommend that you choose an easy-to-read font like Times New Roman, Arial or Georgia.


Use your cover letter to explain gaps in your resume

If your resume includes noticeable gaps in your work experience, use your cover letter to explain why. The same holds true if you lack certain qualifications or required skills, but can explain how you’ve used other important skills in a professional setting. Do not reiterate your entire resume on your cover letter; instead, expand on key highlights.


Set up an easy to read layout

In addition to your cover letter’s font size, the layout and style also play a role in how the ATS reads it. Layouts featuring boxes, visual elements, small or extra large fonts will all be hard to read. Use our accounts payable specialist cover letter example along with our templates and Cover Letter Builder to help you create a cover letter that is organized and reads well.


Choose the right cover letter keywords

Look at the job description of the role that you are applying for. Tailor your cover letter and resume to match the wording used to describe the skills and experience required for the position. The presence of specific keywords will help your resume scan well for ATS and show hiring managers and recruiters that you have the skills to get the job done.


Proofread your cover letter before submitting

Before you hit the “submit” button, read your cover letter and perform a spelling and grammar check again. Even a simple mistake on your cover letter will make a hiring manager question whether you are the right candidate. Ask a family member or friend to read your cover letter and provide objective feedback.

More cover letter tips and examples

For more information about writing your professional cover letter or need some inspiration, ResumeHelp has many resources to help you create an impressive cover letter.

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FAQ: Accounts payable cover letters

Have questions? We’re here to help.

The purpose of a professional cover letter is to highlight the most important and significant details about your career that you briefly explained on your resume. The cover letter allows you to expand on those details and give a glimpse into your personality and work ethic. Cover letters give you an opportunity to say why you are excited to apply for the role and how you’ll fit in with the company culture and core values. In the closing paragraph, you can even include a call to action like, “looking forward to meeting with you.” A strong cover letter that is written effectively has the power to land you a job interview.

A cover letter is a great way to stand out from the crowd and persuade the employer that you are the right person for this job. Having a payable clerk cover letter to match your professional resume will elevate your application and thoroughly present your skills and experience to the hiring manager, making a job interview more likely. Be sure your cover letter accompanies a strong resume. ‌ResumeHelp has lots of resume samples, resume templates and tips for resume writing.

Your cover letter should feature your most current contact information so the hiring manager or recruiter can reach out to you for a job interview. You want to mention why you are applying for this specific job at this specific company. Summarize the best highlights on your resume and explain how those achievements make you the best candidate for the job. A good cover letter can initiate an invite to a job interview.

A cover letter shouldn’t be more than one page, with the ideal length being 3/4 of a page. Aim for four paragraphs consisting of a few sentences each, following the outline set forth by our Cover Letter Builder or cover letter template.

The great thing about using a cover letter is that you can adapt it to the experience you do have. So, if you have academic qualifications and other activities (e.g., accounting certifications, volunteer work or internships) rather than professional experience, go more in-depth with them.

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