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Cover Letter for Marketing Manager (Examples, Templates & Tips)

The ability to write a great professional resume is key, but your marketing manager cover letter can also make or break your job application. Here are our expert tips and examples to help you get started.

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Marketing cover letter example: marketing coordinator

Marketing covers a wide range of occupations -- here's a marketing cover letter sample that you can use as a foundation to build a marketing coordinator cover letter, which can be useful for a marketing manager role or for social media team positions.

Marketing Coordinator Cover Letter Example

Marketing manager cover letter: 5 key tips

Make sure your cover letter for a marketing manager position, hits the right spot by following these tips:

  • Address the job’s needs. Read the job description carefully to see what qualifications the prospective employer is looking for. Do they want someone with a background in retail marketing or someone with experience in B2B models? Whatever the case, make sure your cover letter reflects their ideal candidate.
  • Grab the employer’s attention with a strong first paragraph. Instead of plainly introducing yourself like, “My name is…and I’m applying to…”, write a more engaging opening that attracts the hiring manager’s attention. For example: “Throughout my career, I’ve learned that good marketing can make a huge difference.”
  • Provide specifics on why you’re a good fit. Part of tailoring your cover letter to the job is to highlight specific marketing manager skills and experience that directly answer the job opening. By focusing on these aspects, you’ll show prospective employers you’re the best candidate for the job.
  • Don’t regurgitate your resume, expand on it. A good marketing manager cover letter should work as an extension of your resume, not a copy. Choose a few skills, work accomplishments or a relevant anecdote to talk about in your letter instead of repeating information that’s already written in your resume. Remember, the hiring manager will read both, so make good use of their time.
  • Sign off with a call to action. Once you’re done telling the employer about yourself, invite them to get in touch with you to learn more about your background and how you can help them.

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Write a marketing manager cover letter in 5 steps

Use these tips and example of a cover letter for marketing manager positions to capture your qualifications:



Follow the same format as a business letter and include your contact information — full name, phone number and email address — at the top of the page. Aligned to the left of the document, list the hiring manager’s name followed by their job title, the company’s physical address, their email address and phone number.



Instead of starting your cover letter with a generic “Dear Hiring Manager” or “To Whom It May Concern,” search for the hiring manager’s last name on the company’s website or LinkedIn. Addressing the letter to the specific hiring manager (e.g. Dear Mr. Smith, Dear Ms. Smith or Dear Dr. Smith) makes it more personal and professional.

If you really can’t find their name anywhere, then address the letter to the department or human resources (e.g. Dear Marketing Department or Dear HR Department).


Opening paragraph

The first paragraph of this marketing manager cover letter sample gives a clear and effective introduction that addresses the needs of the job posting by providing details of the job seeker’s qualifications. Your own first paragraph should address the job description in the same way. Name the job title that you are applying for and give the main reason why you want to fill that role. Once you have done this, present the most important qualifications and experiences that make you the perfect fit to join the marketing team at that company.

Dear Mr. Smith,

I would like to state my interest in the marketing manager position at Smith & Friends. I have had an intense interest in and passion for marketing strategy and brand design for as long as I can remember. This passion prompted me to seek out a professional marketing certification and enter my first marketing position with Johnson & Crane. Through three years of experience with them, I honed traditional and digital marketing skills.


Second paragraph

Your second paragraph should expand on the information given in the first paragraph. This is your chance to give additional information that proves your marketing expertise. In the example given, the focus is on a specific marketing project in the job seeker’s career and how she went about implementing her marketing plan.

Most recently, I have spent five years with White Sail Marketing in the position of assistant marketing manager. In this role, I have collaborated with graphic designers, writers and editors on a range of projects. The most notable project I have worked on in this regard was for a start-up company called Hemp-Happy.

As a company focusing on CBD-infused feminine hygiene products, they wanted a marketing campaign that suited their natural, sustainable personality and environmental values. I used color theory and basic design principles to create an organic color palette and considered market trends to create a marketing plan that addressed their self-professed values and their customers' pain points. That first marketing campaign resulted in a 40% ROI for the brand in terms of sales post-launch.


Closing and sign off

To wrap up your marketing manager cover letter, thank the hiring manager for their time and consideration, and invite them to contact you. Be polite and professional in your approach. Close your cover letter with a “Kind regards” or “Sincerely.”

I look forward to discussing how my past experience might be of use to Smith & Friends at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Jane Dawson

If you need additional help creating a well-written cover letter, you can always read our How to Write a Cover Letter article.

Key skills for a marketing manager cover letter

As a marketing professional, you might sometimes wear a lot of hats. The job — and industry — may require a wide range of hard skills and soft skills. To help you narrow some down, here’s our list of some of the most sought-after marketing manager skills:

  • Communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Multitasking
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Budget planning
  • Strategic thinking
  • Content management
  • Content curation
  • Adaptability
  • Collaboration
  • Brand recognition
  • Data analysis
  • Writing skills
  • Editing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Google Analytics
  • Microsoft Office
  • Digital strategy
  • Campaign management

Create your marketing cover letter (and resume) with our help

Create a professional resume and marketing manager cover letter with our tools, templates and examples.

Build my cover letter

FAQ: Cover letter for marketing manager

To write a good marketing cover letter, you should:

  1. Talk about how you’ve used your marketing manager skills to bring more clients, increase revenue or better client satisfaction for your company. Keep the details you provide focused on what the prospective employer wants to read.
  2. Mention additional or expand on work accomplishments. Were you assigned an important client or a national marketing campaign because your employer knew you would do a good job? How did you go above and beyond for this client? What were the results of your marketing strategies or marketing campaigns?
  3. Avoid repeating the same information written on your resume. The hiring manager will read both documents, so don’t waste their time — and your chances — by copying and pasting the same list of skills and work responsibilities.

Writing a marketing cover letter with no experience is a lot easier than you think. Focus on talking about the relevant skills you have. Are you a good communicator? Do you have great strategic thinking? Show them different ways you’ve used these skills, even if it wasn’t in a professional setting.

Relevant experience can come from different places. Did you volunteer at an animal shelter during the summer? Did you use marketing skills to elevate your club’s social media presence? Were you part of an internship program where you learned important skills and gained some experience? These can all be mentioned in your marketing cover letter! Just keep it relevant to the job.

A good marketing manager will have a perfect balance of objectivity and creative thinking. Marketing managers should be able to analyze data, strategize based on what was found and solve problems, but they also need to approach certain situations with creative solutions. Working with others is also a huge part of being a marketing manager, as not only will you have people who directly answer to you but you might also have to contact suppliers, third-party vendors and colleagues from other departments.

Communication skills, collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving are a few of the key skills every marketing manager should have.

Yes. Marketing is hugely competitive, so you need to take time to distinguish yourself from the other qualified candidates that apply for the job. A cover letter offers a unique chance to speak directly to hiring managers and provide additional information to support your job application. Consider the ResumeHelp Cover Letter Builder to ensure your cover letter is properly formatted.

Your cover letter should be no more than one page in length, but 3/4 of a page is ideal. If your cover letter is too short, it gives the impression that you don’t have much experience. If it’s too long, the hiring manager won’t read it. About 250-350 words is the sweet spot.

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