Sales Manager Resume Examples to Help You Build Yours

A sales manager needs to show off their skills in their resume if they want the job. How can you showcase how you measure up to your peers?



Sales Manager Resume Example

Sales Manager Resume Example
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Sales Manager Resume Examples

When a sales team wants to hit all their sales goals and they have someone to direct their marketing strategies, they naturally look toward a sales manager. Sales managers direct the salesforce at a company, ensuring that all team members bring in sales on a regular basis. If you think this sounds like the perfect job for you, here’s how you can use a sales manager resume example and help from resume examples to build your own sales manager resume.


What to Highlight in a Sales Manager Resume

Typically, your sales manager resume needs to showcase that you understand the world of sales and that you’re able to guide your sales staff in making great decisions. This means you should highlight interpersonal skills as well as knowledge of the sales process for the particular industry you’re applying to.

The Structure of a Sales Manager Resume

Your specific resume structure will depend on the resume format you choose. There are three common resume formats: the chronological resume which prioritizes work experience, the functional resume which prioritizes skills and the combination resume which prioritizes both. Your professional resume can be any of these formats, but regardless of the format, they’ll typically include these sections.
The first element of any good resume is your header. The header includes your full name, phone number, email address and any social media profile links, such as LinkedIn. This information helps the hiring manager contact you for an interview if selected.
Resume summary
Next, you’ll write a resume summary. This is a 2-3 sentence paragraph just under the header that gives hiring managers a brief overview of your best skills and work history. A sales manager resume summary will typically feature how you’ve met your sales targets, what technical skills you use regularly and your proven track record in the sales field.

Sales manager skills need to be widespread to benefit the company you’re working for. Here are some skills to consider for your resume:

  • Customer service
  • Retail sales knowledge
  • Implementing sales strategies
  • Account management
  • Communication skills
  • Taking initiatives
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Merchandising
  • Bringing in new business
  • Pricing
  • Project management
  • Prospecting
  • Creating sales plans
  • Social media marketing

The best sales manager resume is one where your skills section balances technical skills and soft skills. Both types of skills are equally important to get the sales manager job title, and hiring managers are looking for you to showcase them both.

Work history
This is where you get to show off your professional experience, with your most recent job listed first. Whether you list experience as a salesperson, a sales representative, a sales associate or even a sales manager in another field, show off sales metrics that show you can produce results.
Last is the education section. Depending on the position you’re applying for, you may or may not need education to get the job. Oftentimes, a bachelor’s degree in business administration can be incredibly beneficial. List your top credential (whether it’s a college or high school degree) here, along with any special honors or awards earned from school.

Do’s and Don’ts for a Sales Manager Resume


  • Include your certifications, if applicable. If you have any certifications as a sales manager, including them will prove your skills.
  • Use measurable metrics when possible. This helps you really prove that you were able to help the company you were working for.
  • Use a resume example to create the basic format for your resume. You can find over 50,000 resume examples at ResumeHelp.


  • Cut corners to save time on the actual resume writing. Even if you have the greatest certifications, recruiters are more likely to pass over a lackluster, unprofessional resume that doesn’t present them well.
  • ISubmit your resume without proofreading. Typos are one of the most common problem issues that recruiters notice in resumes.
  • Include unnecessary work history. In general, you should only include work within the last 10 years that are relevant to your field.

FAQ: Sales Manager Resumes

Q: Do I need to include a cover letter for a sales manager application?

It’s always a good idea to submit a sales manager cover letter with your resume. The cover letter gives you a chance to ask for the interview, and it also provides more insight into how your qualifications would benefit the company. Use the ResumeHelp cover letter builder to make sure your cover letter looks just as good as your resume.

Q: How can I write a sales manager resume without a lot of experience?

If you don’t have a lot of experience in sales management, you can rely on certifications and any work history that showcases project management and leadership skills. Generally, a management position will require some sort of experience, but you can cite any level of your sales experience.

Q: How do I change my sales manager resume to apply to different jobs?

To apply effectively to a new sales manager position, you need to read the job description for resume keywords: the specific skills and requirements for the job. Keywords are critical in getting past applicant tracking systems (ATS) employers use to scan resumes. Match keywords with your own abilities and feature them in your resume.

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