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Assistant Manager Resume Examples for 2024

An assistant manager resume should showcase your managerial skills. How do you do this in the most effective way possible?

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By Ho Lin 4 minute read

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Assistant Manager Resume Example

Assistant Manager Resume Example

Assistant Manager Resume Examples

An assistant manager is an important role in any company. Managers oversee company functions and projects, while assistant managers provide much-needed support and backup.  When you write an assistant manager resume, here are some tips to know.

What to highlight in an Assistant Manager Resume?

When you’re writing your assistant manager resume, it’s important to highlight your skills and related certifications in addition to previous work experience. Your work history should demonstrate your capabilities in leading and organizing teams, and highlight your interpersonal skills.

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The Structure of an Assistant Manager Resume

Your resume structure depends partially on your resume format. There are three resume formats: chronological which emphasizes your work history, functional which emphasizes your skills, and combination which allows space to emphasize both. Regardless of the format, you will still use the same sections.

Contact information

The first section is the header with your contact information. The header normally includes your full name, phone number, address, and any job networking profile links such as LinkedIn.

Resume summary

Your resume summary highlights your key achievements and skills, in a 2-3 sentence paragraph. This paragraph should be snappy and expressive, and target specific skills and requirements the employer mentions in the job description.


Your skills section can include as few as five skills or as many as a dozen. You can check out assistant manager resume examples to see what skills your industry peers have included on their resumes. Here are some skills to consider including on your resume:

  • Inventory management
  • Merchandising
  • Strong leadership abilities
  • Communication skills
  • Store operations
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Microsoft Office suite
  • Training for new employees
  • Retail management
  • Working with team members
  • Problem solving

Your skills should include both hard skills (technical skills and knowledge gained through training) and soft skills (intangible skills that tell employers how you organize and lead). Although soft skills tend to be predominant in assistant management, hard skills are also important. Be sure to include both in your professional resume.

Work history/Work experience

The experience section is where you include your previous professional experience. You’ll use this section to show that if chosen for the assistant manager position, you can provide effective support to a general manager in many capacities. Give specific examples of how you’ve used your diverse skills to benefit previous employers.

Education Section

List your top academic achievement, such as your college or high school diploma. If you have extra training in related areas such as business administration, make sure to include them in the education section. Refer to the specific job title and posting for requirements.

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Do’s and Don’ts for an Assistant Manager Resume

Here are a few additional resume writing tips to help you craft your assistant manager resume:


  • Include only relevant skills you excel at. There are many skills that you probably could include on your resume, but only feature those that have a direct bearing on the specific job you want.
  • Use metrics to give past experiences and achievements more detail. “Ensured 95% of employees consistently met sales goals” looks much better than “Increased employee sales”.
  • Be specific when highlighting your talents and achievements. Hiring managers want to hear exactly how you can help the company, so don’t skimp on providing examples of major accomplishments and responsibilities.


  • Include descriptions of previous jobs that don’t apply to an assistant manager role. You can include previous jobs like a food service employee job, as long as you can connect your job responsibilities to an assistant manager position.
  • Rely entirely on your resume without looking into references. A reference can vouch for your skills and serve as extra proof to a hiring manager that you can handle the position.
  • Showcase failures in your resume. Only talk about successful, high-yield projects and achievements.
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FAQ: Assistant Manager Resume Examples

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Yes. A cover letter allows you to get more in-depth about your background and what you can do for a company, and it also gives you an opportunity to ask for a job interview. You can use the ResumeHelp cover letter builder if you need assistance writing a powerful professional cover letter.

If you don’t have much experience in an assistant manager job, you can rely on your other experience. This includes internships, volunteer work and academic experience. Take a  look at an assistant manager resume sample to see what other industry peers have included on their resumes.  ResumeHelp’s resume builder can also help you create an effective resume in minutes.

The perfect resume will always include elements from the job description itself. Resume keywords are extremely important because they reflect what keywords the recruiter is looking for. You can discover the resume keywords in each specific job posting.

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