Store Manager Resume Examples (+ Skills & Objectives)

If you are ready to apply for an assistant manager or store manager position, then you will need a great resume that stands out from the others. Here’s how you can do that.

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Store Manager Resume Example

Retail is one of the largest and most profitable sectors in the world; if you want a steady career path with opportunities for advancement, retail is a great option. Store manager and assistant manager jobs are competitive, however, so you will need a great resume to help you impress a recruiter and land a great job.

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What Should I Highlight in a Store Manager Resume?

A retail store manager must be concerned with stock management, employee retention, profitability, and customer satisfaction, and this means that they must feature both hard and soft skills. A store manager resume should have a robust skills section and plenty of relevant work experience. Furthermore, a resume should show that the job seeker has great communication skills, can manage stress, and has strong leadership skills. If you have these qualities, then highlight them on your professional resume to catch a recruiter’s attention and get a job interview.

The Structure of a Store Manager Resume

Whether you use a chronological, functional, or combination resume format, your resume should contain these basic sections. You can also add additional sections for certifications, internships, or volunteer work if you wish.


Your resume header should contain your full name, your contact information, your phone number, and any other relevant contact information. For example, you could include your LinkedIn profile.

Resume summary or objective

If you are applying for managerial roles, then you are likely to have a strong work history. In this case, you should include a resume summary underneath your resume header. This should be a sum-up of your best skills and qualifications. If you have little work experience, however, use a resume objective; this should be a statement of your career goals and intentions.


Your manager resume skills section should include eight to twelve bullet points detailing your most relevant skills.

  • Visual merchandising
  • Time management
  • Inventory management
  • Leadership skills
  • Employee evaluations
  • Business administration
  • Stock retention
  • Sales goals
  • Retail management

Work history

Include up to ten years of experience in your work experience section, presented in reverse-chronological order. Include the job title, company name, and employment dates for each position. Give examples of your best achievements in each role and highlight how each position has improved you as a job candidate.


Your education section should include only the most advanced academic achievements you have. Therefore, if you have a bachelor’s degree, you should not list your high school GPA.

Six Do’s and Don’ts for a Store Manager Resume

  • Read the job posting carefully. The job description will give you all of the information that you need to write the perfect resume for any retail sales manager or assistant manager role (or any other job title, for that matter). Match the skills and qualifications from the description to your own abilities, feature them in your own resume, and you will create the best resume possible. 
  • Give specific examples. When you discuss your work history, discuss your successes and achievements in specific terms. Use numbers and figures where possible. For example, rather than using vague phrases like “Improved performance,” use specific metrics and details such as “Developed a system that improved staff productivity by 12% on average”. 
  • Be confident. You are your own best advocate; humility won’t land you your dream job, so be upfront about your strengths and skills.
  • Use passive language. You should strive to use action verbs in your resume as they will show the recruiter that you take direct control and ownership of your achievements. Rather than saying “Was responsible for,” say “Managed” or “Developed.” 
  • Forget to include professional certifications. If you have any professional certifications that could be useful in a store manager role, then do not fail to include them. First Aid and IT certifications can make your resume more attractive to hiring managers who are seeking multi-talented candidates. 
  • Use jargon and buzzwords. Clichés, buzzwords, and jargon (e.g., “best in class”) may make a resume sound good, but most recruiters view them as insubstantial. This means that they can actually reduce the effectiveness of your resume. Finally, if you want to get inspiration for how to make your resume pop, then consider relevant resume samples to see how other job seekers present their skills and experience. 

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FAQ: Store Manager Resumes

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Yes, you should include a cover letter for any job application, but it is especially important for managerial roles. Your store manager cover letter will be your chance to address the hiring manager directly and make your case about why you are the best candidate for the role. Consider using a cover letter builder to ensure yours is well-formatted and attractive.

Writing a retail manager resume without professional experience is hard, but it is possible. If you have no professional experience, then try to showcase your academic or unpaid experiences. For example, you could showcase coursework from your education or volunteer work that shows skills that will be useful in the job title you are applying for.

The most important thing is that you read the job description fully and properly. Once you have done so, pick out skills and experiences of your own that best fit what the job needs, and feature them in your resume. Replace or change any parts that are irrelevant to make your resume more in keeping with the needs of the new position you want to apply for.

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