Account Manager Resume Examples for 2024

Use our account manager resume examples to create a professional resume that catches hiring managers’ attention and highlights your qualifications.

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Keys for creating an account manager resume

Account managers are responsible for finding new customers and connecting them with the services or products of a company. When applying for a position as an account manager, your resume is an important part of your application package. This is the first impression that the hiring manager and interviewer will have of you. Make it count!

This resume guide will show you:

  • What exactly hiring managers and recruiters are looking for in an account manager resume
  • How to use ResumeHelp resume examples to create your resume in just minutes
  • Examples of do’s and don’ts when writing an account manager resume

What employers want in an account manager resume

When an employer looks at your resume, they want to ensure you’re the right person for the job. There are certain elements you can include on your resume that will boost your chances of getting hired for a job as an account manager.

Show hiring managers you have the skills necessary for being a successful account manager.

Skills like communication, adaptability and multitasking are extremely important to work effectively with clients and suppliers, and represent the business. Modify your resume’s job description to closely match the responsibilities of the job you are applying for.

Match the experience you highlight in your resume with the one they’re looking for.

Account manager jobs can range from entry-level to mid-level, so read the job posting carefully to see what type of employer they’re looking to hire.

Feature keywords from the job description in your resume.

These keywords are the skills and responsibilities mentioned in the job posting (e.g. excellent time management skills, “responsible for communicating with suppliers and other third party vendors”). When you include them in your resume, you improve your chances of getting past applicant tracking systems (ATS) most employers use to filter candidates.

For example, if the position is for “E-commerce Account Manager” and you have worked before as an “Online Wholesale Assistant Manager,” you may want to rephrase your job title as “E-commerce Assistant Account Manager” so that some of the keywords will match on ATS. The job description may also give you formatting instructions, such as uploading your resume as either a Microsoft Word or PDF file. Adding keywords and submitting your resume in the format specified in the job description will boost the chances of the hiring manager selecting your resume.

Only mention the qualifications that apply to you; no employer will hire someone who lies on their resume.

Tailor your resume to different job opportunities.

Not every employer will be looking for the same qualities in an account manager, so read the job description carefully to know exactly what kind of account manager that employer needs and whether you fit the bill. You can use our Resume Builder to easily create and save multiple versions of your resume.

More account manager resume samples

Use these resume examples for an account manager to create a compelling resume.

Give your account manager resume the right format

The right resume format will make a huge impact on your resume and how prospective employers read it. They’re not interchangeable, so choose wisely.

Chronological format

The chronological resume — also known as the reverse-chronological resume format — focuses on work experience and career growth. It’s best for people with more than nine years of experience, as it places at the front and center your work history section and how you’ve grown throughout the years.

Job seekers with less experience or changing careers should look into the other formats because the chronological resume might make it clear that you lack the experience for the job you’re applying for.

Functional format

On the other end of the spectrum is the functional resume format, also known as the skills-based resume. As the name suggests, this format focuses on skills rather than work experience, making it a great option for people with less than three years of experience. Unlike the chronological resume, the functional format features several skills sections and a short work history section that doesn’t have bullet points.

The functional resume is also a good option for job seekers who are changing careers and want to highlight their transferable skills.

[H3] Combination format

In between these two formats, you can find the hybrid or combination resume. This format gives equal focus to the work history section and skills section, making it ideal for job seekers who have three to eight years of experience. Resume designs following the combination resume format will typically have two columns, so the work experience and skills are featured side by side.

Career changes with relevant experience and skills should also consider using the combination resume.

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How to write an accounting manager resume

For those aiming for positions in the United States, the format closely adheres to what is commonly known as the US resume format, emphasizing concise, achievement-oriented descriptions of your work experience, educational background, and relevant skills. Use the tips below to capture your qualifications and impress hiring managers. You can also read our detailed How to Make a Resume article to learn more about crafting a professional resume.

1. Contact Information

Hiring managers will use the contact information you list to get in touch with you regarding interviews or further questions. The contact information you should list on your resume includes:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Work-friendly social media accounts such as LinkedIn

2. Resume summary or objective

If you already have experience as an account manager, you can write a short resume summary of your career and place it at the top of your resume. Be sure to include your top skills and experience relevant to the job. Here is an example of a professional summary for a resume:

Diligent account executive with six years of experience delegating tasks and managing client relationships. Dedicated to providing exceptional client service, creating strategic plans and focusing on revenue growth. Able to manage different brands and work across departments.

If you don’t have much experience in the industry, you can write a resume objective instead, which includes a statement about your goals at the job you’re applying for. Here’s an example of how to write an objective for the resume:

Strategic account executive with two years of experience. Excellent presentation and negotiation skills, proficient in client relationship management and strategic planning. Searching for account executive role with retail clients.

Key tip: Include the most desired skill and experience from the job description in the resume summary or objective statement. This section is typically the first that hiring managers or recruiters read.

3. Work experience

Account managers typically have backgrounds in sales, marketing, business or finance. If you don’t have experience as an account manager, you can use internship, volunteer work or academic experiences to show your ability to do the job. In the experience section of your resume, you may want to:

  • Start each statement with an action verb, like contacted, negotiated or strategized, and avoid personal pronouns (I, me or my)
  • Focus on accomplishments instead of mundane tasks and responsibilities
  • Highlight metrics and number when possible to better portray your achievements

When you put these tips together, your account management work experience section might look like this:

Account Manager / May 2020 – Oct 2022
Top Agency, Actiontown, TX

  • Managed over seven client accounts, including retail and pharmaceuticals.
  • Developed thorough and researched-based two-year strategies for clients, resulting in revenue growth of 45%.
  • Presented over 20 campaigns and proposals to clients.

Key tip: If your resume is too long, try identifying larger chunks of information and breaking them down into short and direct bullet points. This will ensure the hiring manager picks up on the highlights of your career.

4. Skills

In the skills section of your resume, include both hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are technical skills, like computer programs, or skills you learn through experience and training. Soft skills are interpersonal skills or the type of skills you can learn by interacting with people.

Ideal account manager skills can include:

Key tip: Include a well-balanced mix of hard and soft skills. Your bulleted list can consist of 8-10 skills but you can also mention other skills in other sections of your resume, such as the resume summary or work experience.

5. Education

In the education section of your resume, always include the highest level of school you have completed. You can also note any special courses you have completed that may be relevant to the job. For an account manager, these may be courses in business, marketing or public relations. You can also list nondegree courses, such as professional training courses or workshops.
Key tip: Don’t include your GPA, unless the job description states otherwise. You can also remove your graduation date if you graduated more than 10 years ago.

6. Additional sections

If you have relevant certifications, awards or other important achievements, you should create additional sections to showcase them, like:

Full name of the certification (common abbreviation), Organization or State that issues the certificate – date you earned the certification (June 2023)

Account manager resume example: text example

The following text sample resume for an account manager includes all the tips mentioned above.

Account Manager Resume Example text

More resume examples and tips

Use our additional resources, articles and guides to create a professional account manager resume that’s eye-catching.

Write a cover letter to accompany your account manager resume

Complete your job application with a professional cover letter that matches your resume.

  • How to Write a Cover Letter: Know what skills and achievements to include in your cover letter to complement your resume.
  • Cover Letter Builder: The step-by-step instructions in our Cover Letter Builder will help you create a great letter in just a few minutes.
  • Cover Letter Templates: Choose from dozens of professional templates to pair with your resume.
  • Cover Letter Format: Follow our expert cover letter formatting tips to accurately display your professional story.
  • Cover Letter Examples: Use our hundreds of cover letter samples as inspiration to write your own.
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FAQ: Account manager resume

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Changing your resume by incorporating keywords from the job description is a great tactic. It not only helps your resume get successfully read by an applicant tracking system (ATS) but the hiring manager will quickly see that you would be an excellent account manager because you paid attention to the type of employee they’re looking for.

Additionally, every account manager job is different. You might need to create a:

  • Strategic account manager resume
  • Insurance account manager resume
  • National account manager resume
  • Marketing account manager resume
  • Customer account manager resume

Whether you’re writing a technical account manager resume, applying for a senior account manager job or searching for a sales account manager position, an account manager resume should include the key resume sections:

  • A resume summary where you highlight your top skills and experience relevant to the job. Alternatively, if you’re applying for an entry-level position, you can write a resume objective where you clearly state your career goals and desires for the position.
  • A skills section with 8-10 technical and soft skills. Some sought-after skills for account managers include strong communication, excellent time management, organizational skills, negotiation skills and presentation skills.
  • A work history section that details up to the last 10 years of your account manager career. Include three to five bullet points per job that highlight accomplishments instead of mundane tasks.
  • An education section that includes your highest level of education. If you graduated more than 10 years ago, you don’t need to include the graduation date.

Besides the key sections, you can include additional ones if you have important certifications or completed training that relates to your career as an account manager.

The specifics of an account manager role will depend on the company and industry, as an account manager in marketing won’t necessarily do the same things as an account manager in sales. Overall, however, account managers should highlight their strong customer service skills and how good they are at maintaining client relationships. You also want to focus on any growth revenue or high customer retention during your career.

If you presented, negotiated or were successfully managing key accounts, detail them in your work experience section as well. Prospective employers want to hire someone who can represent their business and help it grow.

The right skills for the job will depend on what the prospective employer is looking for — after all, no two jobs are the same. That being said, some universal skills all account manager resumes should have include:

  1. Communication skills
  2. Leadership
  3. Multitasking
  4. Flexibility
  5. Customer relationship management
  6. Ability to work under pressure
  7. Organizational skills
  8. Collaboration
  9. Presentation skills
  10. Negotiation skills
  11. Strategic thinking
  12. Critical thinking
  13. Creative thinking
  14. Problem-solving skills

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