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Secretary Resume Examples + How-To Writing Guide

Administrative professionals are the glue of every organization. Use our secretary resume samples and writing advice to accurately capture your skills and experience.

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Secretary resume example

Impress hiring managers with an office secretary resume that properly shows your professionalism, skills and experience. Use the example of a secretary resume below as a guide or edit it in our Resume Builder to make it your own.

Secretary resume example

Four keys for a successful secretary resume

Make sure your administrative secretary resume looks and reads professionally following these tips:


Match your skills and qualifications to the job.

Every employer will need something different from the secretary they want to hire, so it’s crucial you tailor your resume to the job. Use the job description as a guide on what to include in your resume, pinpointing keywords like the required skills and qualifications. When you include them in your secretary resume, you increase your chances of making it through the applicant tracking systems (ATS) most employers use to filter candidates.


Emphasize results and achievements.

We know that you do a lot of things on a daily basis, but it’s important you steer away from talking about daily administrative duties, like stocking office supplies or handling incoming and outgoing mail. Instead, focus on big accomplishmentsand attach a number (e.g. dollar amount, percentages, etc.) to it. Numeric results will help hiring managers know just how efficient you are as a secretary.


Show you have the right combination of hard and soft skills.

A well-rounded secretary will know how to use software like Microsoft Word but also be a great written and verbal communicator. Be sure to show a mix of hard skills and soft skills in your secretary resume to assure hiring managers you have the right set of skills.


List any related certifications or credentials you have.

It might not be a job requirement to have additional training or certifications, but if you have relevant certifications (e.g. certification in Microsoft Office) be sure to include it in your resume! It will position you as an expert in your field.

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Action words for your secretary resume

Action words, also known as action verbs, are an important part of crafting a strong secretary resume. These words help you convey specific skills and achievements and make your statements more powerful. Here are some you can consider to catch the attention of a hiring manager:

  • Scheduled
  • Organized
  • Coordinated
  • Managed
  • Prioritized
  • Communicated
  • Arranged
  • Processed
  • Filed
  • Drafted
  • Screened
  • Prepared
  • Collaborated
  • Updated
  • Distributed
  • Implemented
  • Facilitated
  • Researched
  • Supported
  • Compiled

For a more detailed list, check our action words article.


Choose the right format for your resume

Organize your resume with one of these three formats:

  • The chronological resume format focuses on career progression and professional growth. If you’re a secretary with over nine years of experience, consider using this resume format to organize your information.
  • The functional resume format highlights skills instead of work experience. It’s best for people with less than two years of experience and starting out as secretaries.
  • The combination resume format is ideal for mid-level secretaries with three to eight years of experience. It combines the best of both worlds by emphasizing your professional growth thus far and relevant skills.
Pro tip:If you’re changing careers, see whether the functional or combination format is better for you. Learn more about them on our resume formats page.
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20 secretary resume skills

Secretaries require a wide range of hard skills and soft skills to handle the job. Be sure to read the job description to tailor the skills you feature to the job, but there are some skills you might want to consider including in your resume.

How to write a secretary resume

Contact information

In the header section of your resume, include your full name, professional title, email address, phone number and city and state. This section of your resume should look clean and professional, without large or obnoxious fonts. Within your contact information, you can also link your LinkedIn profile or other social media platforms you would like to showcase.

Resume summary or objective

Also known as a professional summary, the resume summary is a brief overview of your top strengths and experience relevant to the secretary position. Use it if you have more than three years of experience.
For example:

Dedicated secretary with six years of comprehensive experience in administrative roles. Adept at managing office operations, coordinating schedules and providing efficient support to executives. Proven track record of implementing streamlined processes, improving organizational efficiency and maintaining a high level of professionalism.

A resume objective, on the other hand, includes your career goals. People with less than two years of experience should consider writing one. Here’s an example of how to write an objective for a resume:

Motivated and detail-oriented individual with a passion for organizational efficiency and administrative tasks. Recently completed [relevant educational program or certifications] and eager to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. Possess strong communication skills, a keen eye for detail and a proactive approach to learning. Seeking an entry-level secretary position where I can contribute my enthusiasm, learn from experienced professionals and grow within a supportive work environment.


List 8-10 hard and soft skills in your secretary resume. Include only the most relevant ones to the job, so you can impress hiring managers with your abilities.

  • File management
  • Meeting coordination
  • Basic IT troubleshooting skills
  • Excellent communication
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Data entry
  • Time management skills

Work history

For the work history section of your resume, include your previous job positions and list major achievements and responsibilities you performed for those jobs. Start with your most recent job and work backward. Here’s an example of a secretary resume work history section that shows growth through the years:

Senior Executive Secretary | XYZ Corporation, Everett, MA | [Month Year] – Present

  • Manage day-to-day administrative tasks for the executive team, ensuring seamless operations and efficient workflow.
  • Coordinate complex schedules, including arranging meetings, conferences and travel arrangements for executives, resulting in a 15% improvement in time management.
  • Oversee the implementation of a new digital filing system, reducing document retrieval time by 20% and enhancing overall organizational efficiency.
  • Spearhead the preparation and distribution of weekly reports, contributing to improved communication and decision-making processes.

Executive Secretary | ABC Company, Everett, MA | [Month Year] – [Month Year]

  • Provided high-level administrative support to the CEO, handling correspondence, scheduling and project coordination.
  • Successfully managed the onboarding process for new hires, streamlining the procedure and reducing onboarding time by 25%.
  • Implemented an updated office supply tracking system, resulting in a 30% reduction in unnecessary expenditures.
  • Drafted and edited executive-level documents, ensuring accuracy and adherence to company standards.

Administrative Assistant | LMN Inc., Everett, MA | [Month Year] – [Month Year]

  • Assisted in managing office operations, including document preparation, data entry and record-keeping.
  • Coordinated logistics for company events, resulting in a 40% increase in employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Implemented an efficient calendar management system, reducing scheduling conflicts by 15%.


The education portion is simple but still crucial to a professional resume. In this section, list where you obtained your college education, if you have it. Otherwise, if you have a high school diploma, list your high school name.

If you have any certifications, licenses or other accomplishments, you can add them here or create a new section to feature them.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
University Name, City, State | Month Year – Month Year

Certification in Office Management

  • Earned: November 2019
Pro tip:Don’t include your graduation date if you graduated more than 10 years ago.

For more resume-writing tips, check our How to Make a Resume article.

Do’s and don’ts for a secretary resume

  • Use an updated and professional email address. Employers might raise an eyebrow if they see an email address that’s not appropriate for work.
  • Proofread and make sure your secretary resume is correct. Nothing worse than saying you have strong attention to detail and then having a typo.
  • Include only relevant information in your resume. Hiring managers spend less than a minute reading job applications, keep it relevant.
  • Pack your resume wall to wall with text. Use bullet points and short phrases, leaving some white space so your resume is easier for hiring managers and recruiters to read.
  • Make your resume too long! Typically, a resume should only be one page long unless you have more than 10 years of relevant experience.
  • Forget about writing a cover letter for your resume! A cover letter will help you further market yourself to potential employers, especially if you don’t have much experience.
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FAQ: Secretary resume

Have questions? We’re here to help.

When describing your job in a professional secretary resume, it’s essential to highlight your key responsibilities and achievements and the impact you’ve had on previous employers. Use action verbs, quantify your achievements where possible and tailor your description to the job description to show that you’re the perfect secretary for that office. For example:

  • Provided comprehensive administrative support to the executive team, managing day-to-day tasks and ensuring seamless operations.
  • Efficiently coordinated complex schedules, including meetings, conferences and travel arrangements, resulting in a 15% improvement in time management.
  • Coordinated logistics for company events, resulting in a 40% increase in employee engagement and satisfaction.

“Highly organized and detail-oriented professional with a proven track record of providing efficient administrative support. Seeking a secretary position where my strong organizational and communication skills can contribute to the smooth operations of the office. Eager to apply my [X years of experience] and proficiency in [relevant skills] to enhance efficiency and contribute to the success of [Company Name].”

A good secretary resume objective will be concise and align with the job’s specific needs. It should highlight relevant skills and experiences and also convey a level of enthusiasm for the opportunity to work at that specific company.

What is the most important skill a secretary must possess?
The most important skill a secretary must have depends on the job, so it’s important to read the job posting well to determine what the employer needs. That being said, one of the most crucial abilities a secretary should have is organizational skills.

  • Secretaries are often responsible for managing various tasks simultaneously, from scheduling appointments to handling paperwork. Strong organizational skills help in prioritizing and completing tasks efficiently.
  • Organizational skills also contribute to effective time management. As a secretary, you must allocate time wisely to meet deadlines and ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • A well-organized filing system is everything for a quick and accurate information retrieval. Whether physical copies or digital files, an organized secretary will know where everything is.

Yes, you should textinclude a cover letter with your secretary application. While not all jobs require a cover letter, it doesn’t hurt to submit one with your resume. When you add a cover letter to your resume, you can provide more details on your qualifications and stand out to recruiters and hiring managers more than candidates who don’t write a cover letter.

If you lack experience, you can modify your resume to focus more on your skills and other accomplishments. Highlight education and any relevant experience in your entry-level secretary resume, even if it comes from volunteering, internships or resume extracurricular activities. Relevant experience is better than no experience.

This is also the perfect opportunity to write a cover letter that clearly expresses your desire to grow as a secretary and thrive in the company’s work environment.

Switching up your resume a bit is crucial when you apply to different jobs. While writing your resume, look through the job application for keywords and try to implement them into your resume to grab the reader’s attention.

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