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Updated : 03/29/2022

Recruiters and hiring managers both head out into the world in search of essentially the same thing: smart, ambitious candidates who possess specific credentials and are easy to work with. But as it happens, managers and recruiters tend to rely on different definitions of a successful candidate, especially during the earliest stages of the resume review process. Here are a few of the traits and qualities that recruiters typically use to narrow down a huge pool of potential candidates. If you have these qualities (and your resume makes this clear), you’ll be more likely to stay in the running.

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1. Geographic Alignment

Do you live within a 30-minute drive or train ride from the location of this position? Recruiters will usually narrow their search boundaries by using keywords that can identify candidates within commuting distance. Your exact address can make this clear, but if you’re posting a public profile and don’t want to share this information, use searchable terms like metro Detroit, Lincoln Park, Northeast Philadelphia, or Brooklyn.

2. Title Alignment

Be very clear about your intended job title. Don’t use cute or catchy phrases like Cybersecurity Wizard or Photoshop Guru, since these terms aren’t usually used in recruiter keyword searches. When discussing or describing your intended job title, be precise and straightforward with your wording.

3. Industry Alignment

You’re an accountant, a sales manager, a personal assistant, a marketing expert, or a product development pro, but what kinds of products and business models have you worked within the past? Which one would you like to work within your next position? If you clearly state your industry (consumer electronics, manufacturing, fashion, etc.), recruiters in this industry will find you as they conduct their targeted keyword searches.

4. Experience and Degree Alignment

Sometimes experience and education can be literally summarized in one word, and this word will be used by recruiters as they search the web for the right candidates. These words might include bachelor’s, PhD, five years, 10 years, or junior management level. If terms like these apply to your search, make sure they show up in your resume. When you use our Resume Builder, you can make sure to include these four aspects in your professional document.

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